After Xiao Zhiqing tried on the boots, she had spent more than half an hour in Wang Ma’s bedroom trying on shoes. It took a while for her to finish trying on all of those that fitted her. 

No one had the heart to cut short the heart-warming display of the mother-daughter pair. Guo Xuehua and Lin Ruoxi even joined them to comment on the shoes. 

It all came to a halt when Lanlan started to tug on Guo Xuehua’s arm pleadingly. With her childish voice, she whined, “Grandma, Lanlan is very hungry…” 

Now that Lanlan had mentioned it, everyone came to an abrupt realization that they hadn’t touched dinner yet. 

Since the reunion was rather fresh, it was only natural for Wang Ma and Xiao Zhiqing to catch up on lost time. It was perfect timing for dinner as the two could sit down comfortably and resume their exchange over food. 

After dinner, everyone gathered around the living room to touch on Wang Ma’s sorrowful past. The older woman had carried so much resentment and anger towards Xiao Mozheng. 

It was not easy to explain Xiao Zhiqing’s background and the long-winding history of her experiences in one go. A lot of information had turned out to be particularly surprising for Wang Ma. 

Xiao Zhiqing had speculated that Xiao Mozheng, like many disciples of the Hidden clan, had ventured to the mundane world to train. 

Most of the disciples would do so around the initial phases of their Xiantian stage. Plus, there was still a relatively significant gap before reaching their Soul Forming stage, it was easier for them to experience human life. 

“No boundaries were posed on the disciples of the great ancient clan when they came to the mundane world for training. As long as they don’t step out of China, they could do as they pleased. Some chose to be kind while some chose to be criminals, some got involved in trading and some in the military.

There are no rules to marriage as well. If they were lucky enough to have a child with their human partners, the child must be returned to the ancient family because the reproduction of cultivators is frankly difficult. The higher their cultivation, the more difficult it is for them to have children. Therefore, many of the ancient family descendants got married earlier. 

The population of the dreamscape was tallied to be only around tens of thousands. There was the continuous addition of many cultivators that had passed the Soul Forming stage, some were able to settle down and find life partners in the realm and later bore many offspring together. However, not everyone could find a suitable partner. So they often turned to mortals to have children.”

“That’s too cruel! How could they claim the child just like that? Had they ever considered what mothers will go through?” fumed Guo Xuehua. 

Xiao Zhiqing returned her a bitter smile. “To betray the family’s will is equivalent to choosing to be a mortal. Plus, they most often don’t see their human partners as equals. How could anyone wish to be with them for the rest of their lives?” 

“Not to mention, you have the Nine Yin Meridian. That’s probably why your father was in such a rush to return to the family. After all, your physical constitute would be of great use to the Xiao family,” said Yang Chen with a cold smirk.

Wang Ma was confused. “What’s a Nine Yin Meridian?” 

Xiao Zhiqing hesitated briefly. She wasn’t keen on her mother learning about her mistreatment back at the Xiao’s family home. But after much thought, the past could not be kept under wrap for so long. The truth was bound to reveal itself. 

Before she could even finish, Wang Ma’s eyes were already reddening from frustration. The older woman gritted her teeth, letting something akin to a beast to glimmer in her eyes. “Xiao Mozheng… you filthy animal…”

Xiao Zhiqing quickly hugged Wang Ma around her shoulders. She comforted, “It’s alright Mom. Yang Chen has already helped me suppress the poison. My body is all well now. There haven’t been any repeated poisoning episodes anymore.” 

“This must be destiny. The gods have helped my daughter.” Wang Ma turned around and stared at Yang Chen gratefully. “Sir, I don’t know how to thank you. You came to this family and helped Miss and later helped me reunite with my daughter. I don’t know how to repay you…” 

“Hehe.” Yang Chen snickered. “Wang Ma, you’re going to become one of my mothers-in-law. There’s no need to be so courteous. Though we’re technically family, it seems that we’ll be closer than ever soon!” 

“Shameless bastard! How can you be so carefree about this?! You must’ve thought about this for a while!” Guo Xuehua slapped the back of his head with a laugh. 

Before that took place, Lin Ruoxi was carrying Lanlan. Initially, her hands were caressing Lanlan’s pudgy cheeks but Yang Chen’s words had triggered her greatly. The woman almost pinched LalLan’s cheeks off in a daze! 

Lanlan felt wronged but could only silently pout. 

No matter what, Wang Ma and Xiao Zhiqing’s reunion filled Lin Ruoxi with joy. Lin Ruoxi had witnessed Wang Ma’s tormented soul over the years. She was also the only one who understood Wang Ma well. Seeing Wang Ma so relieved and happy, Lin Ruoxi soon found Xiao Zhiqing more likable. 

“Zhiqing, I heard you live in a condominium near Zhonghai University, right? How about you move your things here? Now that Zhenxiu has returned home to Korea, her room is vacant,” suggested Lin Ruoxi. 

This behavior puzzled both Guo Xuehua and Yang Chen. It seemed that Xiao Zhiqing’s identity as Wang Ma’s daughter was very important to Lin Ruoxi, so much that the woman was willing to put down her guard and allow the younger woman to move in! 

Despite this, this had much to do with Xiao Zhiqing’s circumstances. She ran away from her family and had spent most of her time alone. Now that she has finally found her mother, staying outside didn’t feel quite right. 

Wang Ma quickly declined the offer. “There’s no need to do that. I know you’re kind to me but this isn’t appropriate. I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.” 

Xiao Zhiqing nodded. “Sister Ruoxi, I think it’s better than living elsewhere. I’m sure the other sisters would find this troubling.” 

Finishing her words, Xiao Zhiqing sneaked a glance at Yang Chen. Yang Chen immediately rubbed his chin, pretending that he wasn’t involved in this. 

Lin Ruoxi scowled. “It doesn’t make sense for you to keep living there. I wouldn’t want Wang Ma to tire herself out by commuting.” 

Hearing that, Wang Ma responded with a smile. “Miss, isn’t there a lot of empty houses in Xijiao? I’ll just buy one for Zhiqing. I’ve been deprived of the opportunity to be a good mother. A house for Zhiqing seems like an appropriate greeting gift.” 

“Whoa, Wang Ma! You’re that rich?!” Minjuan who was beside them the whole time exclaimed in surprise. 

The woman had just recently learned that the houses in Xijiao were luxurious mansions worth at least tens of millions. Was Wang Ma serious about buying a property here? Wasn’t she just a domestic worker? 

Weirdly, Lin Ruoxi wasn’t too surprised by it. She smiled and said, “Minjuan, I’m guessing that you don’t know this but based on income alone, Wang Ma’s is much higher than mine.” 

“Seriously?” Guo Xuehua was curious. 

Lin Ruoxi nodded. “My grandma felt extremely regretful about Wang Ma since she was the one allowed this to happen. So she wrote on her will that Wang Ma shall receive a yearly pay of five million to ten million dollars. The amount will be regulated by the company’s treasury. Wang Ma’s pay is exempted from the office account so she wasn’t required to pay her income taxes. This was an agreement that Wang Ma and I were made to follow. Wang Ma’s savings over the years would make it effortless for her to afford a ten million house.” 

Wang Ma was a little sheepish. “I tried to advise the old CEO against it but she was near-death and forced me to sign the document. Over the years, I saved it up in fear that the company would be landed in trouble so I could let Miss use it as emergency funds. Unexpectedly, I could now use it to buy a house.” 

Minjuan was utterly envious. It was shocking how a domestic worker could turn into a billionaire. She had no idea Wang Ma was that rich all along! 

Lin Ruoxi replied courteously, “That sounds like a good idea. As long as Wang Ma finds it convenient, it’s a deal. How about you choose a good car from my garage as a present to Zhiqing? Since you’re Wang Ma’s daughter, you can be considered as a sister of mine.” 

Yang Chen finally understood the underlying message. Lin Ruoxi’s words had masked her real intention. She wasn’t keen on having Xiao Zhiqing move into the house. However, by suggesting it out loud proactively, it would eliminate Xiao Zhiqing’s possibility of moving in. After all, the more generous Lin Ruoxi was, the more courteous Wang Ma and Xiao Zhiqing needed to be in consideration of her feelings. 

But of course, since Wang Ma could afford to buy a property for Xiao Zhiqing alone, the results were close to ideal. 

Yang Chen spread out his fingers and began to count how many of his lovers were living nearby. Rose, Mo Qianni, An Xin, and now Xiao Zhiqing. The beds he could slither into at the dead of night had reached a total of five beds! How should he allocate the time to tend to each lover? This was such a wonderful fuss! 

It was a blessing in disguise that Cai Yan and Liu Mingyu had lived further away. Yang Chen could ravage them when he went over to oversee their training. If they had all lived nearby his place, the man would be busy as hell! 

Suddenly, Yang Chen felt that having Lanlan sleep with Lin Ruoxi was a terrific idea. It allowed him the freedom to ensure that his lovers were not lonely. 

If Lin Ruoxi had found out that this man was shamelessly devising an efficient plan to allocate time for his lovers, poor Lanlan would probably suffer from a severely swollen cheek. 

For the next few days, Wang Ma busied herself by trying to replace those lost years with Xiao Zhiqing. Yang Chen, on the other hand, visited his women diligently. While he mentored them, fiery passion was essentially inevitable, making up to them for all the enthusiasm he failed to deliver earlier.