When it was almost the end of October, Yang Chen called the Park clan and brought Lin Ruoxi with him to Seoul. He also brought the Moon Ivory necklace along.

For a Korean drama lover like Lin Ruoxi, it was going to be an eventful trip. Besides, Korea was the shooting site for most drama so that naturally aroused her interest. She had decided to stay in Seoul for a few weeks and she even planned out an itinerary!

Yang Chen wasn’t interested in the small country. He was quite familiar with the place having traveled here several times in the past. However, because of the elder superiority in Korea, it seemed like an exhausting tradition for a lazy man like Yang Chen.

Due to Korea’s location, the temperature in Seoul was much lower than in Zhonghai. The breeze was cold and they could even see some snowfall.

Their airplane arrived at Incheon International Airport in the evening.

Park Jonghyun came to pick them up and he was overjoyed upon seeing them. He shook their hands passionately and motioned his subordinates to take over their suitcases.

“Sis has missed you both greatly. She even wanted to come here together but her private tutor, Teacher Vivian, had a class with her so she couldn’t make it.”

“Teacher Vivian? Is she a Westerner?” Lin Ruoxi asked curiously. 

Park Jonghyun led them to his car and explained to them while shaking his head. “She’s not a Westerner but a Chinese woman who’s fluent in English and Korean. My grandfather’s professor from the states recommended his best student.”

Yang Chen teased Lin Ruoxi. “Why, you still want to check on her studies even when she’s back in Korea?”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him. She couldn't be bothered to reply to him since she was just trying to be caring.

When they reached the Park mansion that was located in the Gangnam district, a few fancy-looking cars were already parked outside. People had been waiting for their arrival.

Under Park Jonghyun’s lead, they walked into the living hall together and the crowd stood up to welcome them.

The only person who remained seated was an elder who was holding a walking stick. 

He was Park Cheon, the one they had seen on their video. He was smiling at them with a gentle gaze.

Yang Chen was more interested in the young man who was standing behind the sofa where Park Cheon was seated. His face was expressionless as if he saw nothing and all his attention was focused on the three steel balls on his hand.

Based on his experience, Yang Chen could tell that he was a dangerous person even if he didn’t have any internal energy. He was probably Park Cheon’s bodyguard.

Next to him was a middle-aged couple, Yoo Homyeong and Park Jiyeon. Yoo Homyeong was rather short which made him look odd standing next to his wife.

The other person who surprised Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi was the young and gorgeous lady, Yoo Yeonhee! 

Her makeup was eye-catching with her pink lipstick glistening under the light. She was wearing a black deep V top with a fluffy scarf around her neck which covered her busty chest. A pair of tight fitted jeans wrapped her legs, showcasing her slender figure.

“Welcome, are you surprised to see me here?” Yoo Yeonhee smiled proudly.

Yoo Yeonhee interacted with Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi before during the audition and the concert in Zhonghai but it wasn’t a pleasant experience so Yoo Yeonhee’s fake smile was the best response.

“Yeonhee, be polite.” Park Cheon said flatly.

Yoo Yeonhee averted her gaze and nodded at him, “Yes, Grandfather.”

Park Jiyeon smiled at Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi, “Mr Yang and Miss Lin, nice to meet you. I’m Zhenxiu’s aunt, Park Jiyeon and this is my husband Yoo Homyeong. Yeonhee is our daughter, thanks for taking care of her in Zhonghai.”

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi finally understood. It turned out Yoo Yeonhee and Zhenxiu were both Park Cheon’s granddaughters.

The difference between them was that even though Zhenxiu was younger, her mother was the eldest daughter of Park Cheon whereas Yoo Yeonhee’s mother was the second daughter. Although they shared the same bloodline, there was still a difference in seniority in a Korean clan.

Yang Chen was reminded of something. Yoo Yeonhee had a fight with Park Jonghyun before and she seemed to be in love with him. But weren’t they siblings? The thought of this aroused Yang Chen’s curiosity.

Park Cheon was gesturing for them to have a seat when a familiar voice was heard from upstairs.

“Brother Yang! Sister Ruoxi!”

Zhenxiu ran out of the study and made her way downstairs quickly.

They hadn’t seen her for a long time and she looked even more pretty now. Her face was glowing and her hair seemed especially black and silky. As she ran towards them, her busty figure and slim waist were striking under her sweater.

Yang Chen mumbled to himself, ‘Damn, she looks like those beautiful actresses in Korean dramas now that her bloodline is showing. Besides that, she didn’t have any plastic surgeries, unlike certain actresses!’

“Be careful, be careful…don’t trip…” Park Cheon sounded extremely worried as he said with a gentle expression.

Disdain flashed across Yoo Yeonhee’s eyes when she saw his gentleness towards Zhenxiu. It was the complete opposite of the treatment she was receiving.

Zhenxiu ran towards them with a grin and hugged Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi. With a giggle, she said, “You guys are finally here. I wanted to pick you guys up but my teacher forbade me. I lost the mood to study because of this.”

Lin Ruoxi missed her greatly. She was basically part of her family, having stayed together for a long time. She cupped Zhenxiu's cheeks and asked her, “You're still studying at this hour?”

“Mmh!” Zhenxiu pouted, “Teacher Vivian’s really strict and Grandfather doesn't want to help me!” 

Park Cheon chuckled, “I can let you do anything you want but you can’t neglect your studies. Thousands of people would have to suffer with you if you knew nothing when I passed the group to you, wouldn’t it?”

The love he had for his granddaughter was overflowing.

Since they were all talking in Korean, Yang Chen translated it all for Lin Ruoxi.

At this time, another silhouette showed up on the stairs. She was wearing a dress with a black coat over her shoulders. Her thighs were exposed in the air which added a sense of sexiness to her.

Park Jonghyun noticed her first and approached her, “Teacher Vivian, you’ve worked hard. Stay back and have dinner with us today.”

Vivian smiled and was about to reject his invitation when she saw the ‘guests’. Her eyes were filled with disbelief as her face turned pale.


Yang Chen almost couldn’t recognize her. The name Vivian was new to him, plus her outfit was so American style as if she was born in high society. She was completely different from the naive high school teacher from a year ago.

It took some time for Lin Ruoxi to react but she was surprised to see her. “So you're Teacher Vivian. Jingjing, long time no see!”

Li Jingjing was her first adult friend since she was the one who taught her how to cook and they also worked as volunteers together in the orphanage.

Even though they had a conflict because of Zeng Xinlin, she didn’t blame Li Jingjing. It was all Zeng Xinlin’s fault for taking advantage of her.

Past memories resurfaced in Yang Chen’s mind and he was reminded of the time when he first returned to China. He was devastated and lonely but he eventually got out of the trauma having met Li Jingjing and her family.

After all the things they had been through and being separated for a year, it felt as if a century had passed now that they had met again.

She was still the same person but a prettier, more mature, and charismatic version of her.

Li Jingjing got over the initial shock and a bitter smile formed on her lips. Her eyes were moist as she said, “Brother Yang, Sister Ruoxi, it’s been a long time.”

The Park clan members were surprised and confused to see that they were acquaintances. From the looks of it, they seemed to share a complicated relationship.