Park Cheon initiated the conversation to lighten the mood. He motioned them to have a seat while the maids served dinner.

“Teacher Vivian, you must have dinner with us now that we know you’re an old friend of Mr Yang and Miss Lin.” Park Cheon smiled.

Li Jingjing didn’t reject his invitation this time. She cast a deep glance at Yang Chen before nodding, “Thank you, sir.”

Park Jonghyun furrowed his brows. Li Jingjing’s gaze toward Yang Chen was
something that he had never wished to see.

It was filled with suppressed but genuine joy!

It was as if she had found a long lost treasure. 

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi felt it too and a sense of helplessness crept up his mind. Whether it was Hui Lin or Li Jingjing, he didn’t dare to lay his hands on them. Besides, he still had Lin Ruoxi right beside her.
Lin Ruoxi felt threatened by this. Even though she was glad to meet Li Jingjing, it didn’t mean that she was willing to let their love rekindle. She didn’t believe it even if they insisted that nothing happened between them. At the same time, Lin Ruoxi was relieved that she followed Yang Chen to Korea.

Zhenxiu glanced at them back and forth with her eyes glinting in response. She had just learned about her teacher’s Chinese name which naturally made her curious about her teacher’s past.

All of them gathered by the dining table as the maids served the royal court cuisine. It was a piece of cake for a clan like them to hire a five-star chef for their dinner.

“Mr. Yang, there are two reasons as to why we invited you and your wife over. Firstly, we would like to have you and your wife attend our inheritance ceremony. Secondly, we asked you to bring our heirloom back. Do you have it with you now?” Park Cheon asked with a grin before the dinner started.

Yang Chen rummaged his pocket and took out the Moon Ivory pendant. He still couldn’t see anything special about it.

“That’s right, this is it.” Park Cheon's gaze was heavy. “This is the Moon Ivory that I gave to my eldest daughter, Jiyeon. It has finally come home. Kim Jip, take it for me.”

The young man who had been next to Park Cheon all this time received the Moon Ivory from Yang Chen before returning to his seat. Not a single word was uttered by him in the process.

Yang Chen could feel that this young man only cared about Park Cheon. Other people were irrelevant to him, hence the cold treatment.

“Grandfather, you should give it to me since you asked for it back. That’s the only thing Mom left for me.” Zhenxiu sounded displeased.

“Heh.” Park Cheon smiled. “Don’t get anxious yet. I’ll hand the Moon Ivory and my Star Constellation to our after the ceremony. I’ll give you everything……”

Zhenxiu nodded with a bright smile. Her face was filled with contentment. It was her wish to be loved by her elders and she was finally getting it now.

On the other hand, those on the side had different expressions when they heard this.

Yoo Yeonhee asked with a sweet smile, “Grandfather, what are they used for?”

The smile on Park Cheon’s face disappeared and he grunted, “The time will come when you find out. No need for questions.”

“Oh…” Yoo Yeonhee lowered her head obediently as she squinted her eyes maliciously.

Park Jiyeon patted her daughter’s hand, signaling for her to keep quiet.

Amidst all that was Li Jingjing who sat down quietly. She snuck some glances at Yang Chen but she averted her gaze quickly. Her hands were tightly gripped, feeling kind of anxious and distracted.

Yang Chen tried to relax. He rubbed his belly and asked, “Say, Old man, are we waiting for anyone else? I haven’t eaten anything since the afternoon.”

Park Cheon’s facial muscles twitched when he heard that. Old man? Who was he calling old man?!

“That's right, I have some announcements to make so I invited a few honorable guests.” Park Cheon replied.

Just when he ended his sentence, engine sounds from a sports car could be heard. Right after that, a few more cars made their way in. Judging by the commotion, it seemed like a big group of guests.

The maids welcomed them in and the first person who entered their field of vision was a middle-aged man dressed in a suit. His hair was combed back with an ear stud on his ear.

Behind me was a handsome man with a blue trench coat. He had skinny jeans on with his hair gelled back. Dangling on his fingers was a Ferrari car key, it looked like he was the one who drove the sports car.

There was another man behind them. He was wearing a white suit and had greyish hair. The golden spectacles on his face made him look especially gentle and refined. He was even holding a briefcase. 

Everyone except for Park Cheon stood up to welcome them.

“President Gong Gyechung, you’re here with Gong Woo.” Park Jiyeon greeted them first with a smile.

Gong Gyechung chuckled and greeted them before talking to Park Cheon in a polite manner. “Uncle Park, sorry for coming in late. We just picked up Director Lee Eunjeong from the airport so that took up some of our time.”

The white-suited man was Lee Eunjeong and he smiled gently while saying, “I’ve heard about you President Park, I am Lee Eunjeong, a surgeon.”

Others were surprised to hear his self-introduction. Something felt off for today's dinner.

“You’re being too humble.” Gong Gyechung introduced him. “Everyone, Director Lee is the glory of our nation. He’s not just the honorable Director of Seoul University Hospital, he's also the advisor for the Cardiology and Hepatology departments in Harvard medicine. He’s one of the core surgeons!”

Others started to flatter him but Lee Eunjeong just replied to them with a humble wave.

Lin Ruoxi wanted to stand up but Yang Chen pulled her down. “Why would you join in when you don’t know him? I didn’t even move.”

Lin Ruoxi thought it made sense. She wasn’t here to work so she should listen to her husband’s words.

Park Cheon introduced Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi to them. “Mr Yang, Miss Lin, you might not be familiar with them since you two are from China. The Gong clan is the leading clan when it comes to tertiary education and the medicinal field. They have a close collaboration with the European Union and North America. Gong Gyechung is the current clan leader and Gong Woo is his son.”

The Gongs directed their gazes at them and their gazes lingered on Lin Ruoxi’s face for a longer time.

“Are they our friends from China?” Gong Gyechung said in a slightly arrogant manner as if he felt more superior to them.

“Let me do the introductions.” Park Jonghyun smiled. “This is Miss Lin Ruoxi, the president of Yu Lei International. Next to her is her husband, Mr Yang Chen. Zhenxiu is indebted to them.”

“Yu Lei International? The China company that sells clothes?” Gong Woo grinned, his tone filled with disdain.

For a leading clan like the Gong clan, they wouldn’t care less about a garment brand or even the luxury brands like Louis Vuitton or Hermes. People might not need luxury brands but they sure needed education and hospitals.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t understand Korean so she looked at Yang Chen with a confused expression.

After hearing Yang Chen’s translation, she replied in English with a flat tone. “That's right, the outfit that you’re wearing now came from us. Thank you for your patronage, my dear customer.”

Li Jingjing and others almost burst out laughing as they forced themselves to look away from Gong Woo’s stiff expression.

Yang Chen even translated Lin Ruoxi’s words into Korean for him.

Gong Woo snorted and was about to say something else when he was stopped by his father’s gaze. 

Park Cheon kept quiet as his eyes glistened, impressed by Lin Ruoxi’s reply.

At this time, the main door was opened by the maids again. It seemed like another batch of guests were arriving.

Fortunately, the Park clan had a vast dining hall so it didn’t feel crowded for them.

This time two tall Caucasian men walked in wearing leather boots and turtleneck sweaters as if they weren’t used to the weather in Korea.

Behind them was a tall and slender girl. She strolled into the hall and when others saw her amber hair, their eyes widened in astonishment.

Yang Chen loosened his brows and he mumbled with a dumbfounded expression.