Jane was looking at the traditional decorations around the mansion when she heard a familiar voice.

She blinked in surprise when she saw Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi. “Yang Chen? Miss Lin, why are you guys here too?”

The leather coat around her accentuated her curvy body while the long boots covered her slender legs. Others held their breaths at her alluring and elegant facial features.

Park Cheon asked curiously, “Mr. Yang, you know her?”

Everyone turned to look at Yang Chen with a puzzled expression. They couldn’t help but be intrigued by the beautiful Caucasian woman who had appeared so suddenly.

Yang Chen nodded. “She’s an old friend of mine. I wasn’t expecting to meet her here.”

Back when Jane was in London, she did tell him that she would be going overseas to perform surgery but Yang Chen wasn’t expecting this at all.

One of the bearded Caucasian men introduced Jane to everyone else. “President Park, this is our teacher, Miss Jane. We invited her over from the Royal Academy of Science. She was supposed to be here a week ago but because she had to perform surgery on a general, her arrival was delayed.”

Others were shocked by this. Their teacher was a young woman like her?!

Jane was used to being stared at weirdly. She wasn’t bothered and bowed down to Park Cheon gracefully out of respect. “Mr Park Cheon, my students Vincent and Wallen have given me your medical records and I’ve already looked through it. I can perform the surgery once I do a checkup and an analysis.”

“Surgery?!” Park Jiyeon furrowed her brows. “What surgery? Is it about my father’s sickness?”

Others had a variety of facial expressions. After all, surgery would have been pointless to him since he was already in the last stage of liver cancer. He should only have two more months left.

However, not only did the top surgeon in Korea show up, the American doctors even invited a mysterious doctor called Jane.

Park Cheon motioned for others to sit down before speaking. “I’m sure you guys are wondering why a dying old man like me asked President Gong Gyechung, Doctor Vincent, and Doctor Wallen to invite doctors over.”

Everyone kept quiet as they stayed focused on him.

Park Cheon grinned and patted Zhenxiu’s head. Zhenxiu seemed to have gotten used to it, pouting at him with a helpless expression. 

“I have to admit something. I purposely made Doctor Vincent and Doctor Wallen lie about my condition so that my baby granddaughter would return to me.”


Park Jiyeon and Yoo Homyeong looked up with a bewildered expression while a weird glint flashed across in Park Jonghyun’s eyes.

Zhenxiu’s eyes reddened. She didn’t know what to feel about this news. “Grandfather! How could you do this?!”

Park Cheon chuckled. “I don't really understand my own condition so I’ll have Doctor Vincent and Doctor Wallen to explain it on my behalf. Anyways, I did it because I really wanted Zhenxiu to come home. I couldn’t wait any longer. But it doesn’t mean that I can be cured for sure so please forgive me for wanting to meet my granddaughter so desperately.”

Yang Chen was chewing on a crab’s leg while saying, “I knew it. I knew something was off when you said your cancer can’t be treated even though you’ve just been diagnosed. It doesn’t make sense especially for someone with an identity like yours.”

“Are all Chinese people so rude? Director Park hasn’t eaten anything so how can you eat first?” Gong Woo sneered.

Yang Chen grinned. “I’m hungry so I’m eating. Why would you care when it’s not your house? Director Park didn’t even say anything. Have you heard about the ancient eunuch? You’re acting like one now.”


“Hey, Gong Woo! Don’t be rude towards a guest.” Gong Gyechung silenced him before flashing a friendly smile towards Yang Chen. “Please forgive him.”

Park Cheon ignored their conversation and told the bearded Caucasian doctor, “Doctor Vincent, thank you for traveling so far for me.”

“It’s what we should do. You’ve been funding a lot of our projects and we’re just doing our best to repay you. Unfortunately, we’re not skilled enough so we had to invite our teacher.” Vincent smiled.

“Heh, then please explain my real condition.”

Vincent nodded and explained it to everyone. “According to our diagnosis, it’s too late to remove the cancerous cells now. X-Ray shows that hepatic cirrhosis has occurred but it’s not incurable. We just need to perform a liver transplant soon and there wouldn’t be any major problems if things were to go well. If not, he will only be able to survive for another six months.”

“Liver transplant? That’s a major surgery…” Park Jonghyun sounded worried.

Zhenxiu couldn’t care about the fact her grandfather lied to her. She looked at Park Cheon with an expectant gaze when she heard that he could still be cured. “Then hurry up and get the surgery Grandfather!”

“Eh, don’t rush things, my dear. I invited two renowned doctors for this exact reason.” Park Cheon smiled warmly. “I asked them to invite doctors for me because I want it to be a hundred percent success rate! So I want to have the best doctors on the team!”

The rest understood it finally, impressed by his plan. As expected of a businessman, he even used his sickness to trick his granddaughter.

Vincent and Wallen were the best hepatologists and internists from California yet he wasn’t feeling confident in them to the point that he would invite more renowned doctors.

Yang Chen nudged Lin Ruoxi with his arm. “Dear, he’s just like you, plotting against other people constantly…”

“Eat your food and shut up.” Lin Ruoxi glared at him.

Gong Gyechung proclaimed in a confident manner. “Sir, Doctor Lee Eunjeong’s reputation in liver transplant is widely known in the States. He’s also the best doctor in our country, you can definitely rely on him! Am I right? Doctor Vincent and Doctor Wallen?”

Vincent and Wallen exchanged glances with one another before nodding together. Wallen voiced up seconds later. “I’ve heard about Doctor Lee Eunjeong from Harvard University when I was in California. I’ve seen magazine articles about you too, you did a great job on your thesis.”

“You’re flattering me. I’ve heard about you too, two youngsters with bright futures.” Lee Eunjeong was prideful and he glanced towards Jane who was looking at the Korean cuisine curiously. “I’ve heard about Miss Jane too but unfortunately she had only lectured in John Hopkins before. Our department at Harvard would be pleased to have her.”

Even though Jane was influential worldwide, she was mainly stationed in the United Kingdom. However, because of her young age, people didn’t really believe in her abilities, especially the superiors at Harvard, Columbia, and Duke University.
They were highly reputable people in their respective fields so they wouldn’t be easily impressed by anyone.

Especially since Harvard constantly ranked higher than John Hopkins in the medical field.

Therefore, Lee Eunjeong hoped to overshadow her, seizing the opportunity to compete against her. He would be able to advance forward as if he was using a giant as his stepping stone!

Even though Jane was preoccupied with the colorful Korean cuisine, she knew what he was trying to do but she was too lazy to compete against him. With a light chuckle, she said, “I’m quite lazy so I didn’t even go to class, let alone visit a campus.”

“Young lad, you shouldn’t act so smug just because you’ve earned a little fame.” Lee Eunjeong advised her like a senior before taking out a stack of documents and an X-ray film from his bag. With a smile, he said, “Sir, I’ve scrutinized your medical records and I don’t think there’s any problem in regards to your liver transplant.”