Park Cheon’s face brightened up. “Oh? If that’s the case why don’t we have our meal while Doctor Lee explains it. I don’t really know anything about this surgery so it’s a relief to know that you are confident.”

Others nodded and started to have their meal except for Yang Chen who had already begun eating.

Lee Eunjeong continued, “The success rate for liver transplant has always been high. Some of the factors that may play a role in its success would be the compatibility of the liver, the patient’s age, and liver condition. We need to look for a compatible liver for you as soon as possible. As for your age and the liver cirrhosis that you’re experiencing, it’s not a problem for me. I’m planning to open up your abdomen and clean up your artery as quickly as possible. I’ll be careful since hemorrhage will occur if it gets damaged. Most importantly, I’ll remove the whole tumor to leave enough space between the hepatic arteries for the new liver…”
Even though other people couldn’t really understand his plan, they were stumped by his confidence.

Vincent and Wallen were getting anxious when their teacher was only fixated on playing with the octopus legs in front of her.

Their admiration for Jane was intense and even though Lee Eunjeong was a renowned doctor, he was nothing compared to Jane.

Therefore, Jane’s nonchalant attitude made them anxious.

Park Cheon Held this dinner to interact with Lee Eunjeong, to compare and see who was more reliable. After all, he was capable of hiring the best doctor so obviously he wouldn’t want anything to go wrong with the surgery.

Lee Eunjeong said, “As for the exact details, I’ll explain it once again when we get the liver.”

Park Cheon nodded with a content expression and turned to ask Jane, “You're…Doctor Jane right? Do you have any thoughts on my condition?”

Jane was chewing on an octopus’s leg with a weird expression as if she was conflicted about eating it raw.

She licked her lips before answering him with a faint smile. “I think Doctor Lee did a great job with his explanation. The surgery will definitely work if everything goes well. I don’t have anything to add on.”

Lee Eunjeong sounded proud. “It was all based on my experience as a doctor, the liver transplant surgery will definitely go on smoothly if you choose to have me as your doctor!”

Everyone else couldn’t hide their disappointment at Jane. They thought she was going to poke holes or fill in any gaps but she only supported Lee Eunjeong's viewpoint and gave zero opinions.

Vincent couldn’t stand it and he inched closer to her and whispered, “Teacher, why didn’t you say something? We’re going to lose to them.”

Jane shrugged. “Doctor Lee is doing this to save someone and he did come up with the right treatment. It’s not a competition so why would we compete as long as it’s good for the patient? Why, do you guys need money?”

“Uh…no.” Vincent flushed with shame. She was right. As long as the patient’s situation was resolved, there was no need to compete. But it seemed like a missed opportunity regardless.

The Gongs exchanged a deep glance with one another as a suggestive smile showed up on their lips.

As the dinner went on, the atmosphere became more lively when people started to chat and joke amongst themselves.

Yang Chen was quiet, burying his face in food. He didn’t even dare to look at Li Jingjing.

Li Jingjing didn’t eat much and she only smiled occasionally when Zhenxiu talked to her.

Park Jonghyun tried to please her by serving her bowl of ginseng chicken soup but Li Jingjing only took a few sips out of respect before motioning to him that she had had enough.

Yoo Yeonhee’s gaze turned darker when she saw that. A sneer formed on her lips as she looked between Li Jingjing, Yang Chen, and Park Jonghyun.

Gong Woo kept looking towards Lin Ruoxi and Jane. Even though their facial features were both striking, Gong Woo seemed to be more interested in Jane since she was a Caucasian compared to Lin Ruoxi who was an Asian. 

Park Cheon only drank a little bit of alcohol and replaced it with tea because of his condition. Nevertheless, his face was still flushed since he toasted with Lee Eunjeong repeatedly. 

Gong Gyechung voiced up when the timing seemed right. “Director Park, your surgery will definitely go on smoothly with Director Lee. Why don’t we discuss the marriage between our clans once you’ve recovered?”

Everyone held their breath. What was going on? Park Jiyeon and Yoo Homyeong seemed to be reminded of something, judging by their facial expressions.

Park Cheon put down his chopsticks and contemplated for a while before answering, “Our clan has mistreated both of you.”

“Please don't say that. I’m glad that Jiyeon’s daughter Zhenxiu has returned to the Park clan safely.” Gong Gyechung cast a loving glance towards Zhenxiu before saying, “You guys might not know this but my father and Director Park were war comrades. After their retirement, they set up an engagement between their children. Unfortunately, Jiyeon, Zhenxiu’s mother, married off to China. Now that my son has just turned legal and he and Zhenxiu look like a good match, I hope the engagement can be fulfilled. Please grant my wish, Director Park.”
Zhenxiu stood up when she heard this. With a flushed face, she yelled, “I will never marry him!!”

“Zhenxiu…you’re being rude, sit down now…” Park Cheon’s face darkened. 

“Grandfather!” Zhenxiu was indignant, “Do you really want me to marry him! He’s obviously a trust fund baby!”

Zhenxiu did not filter her words.

Gong Woo’s face darkened and his eyes glinted cold but it was quickly repressed.

“Listen to me!” Park Cheon shouted and coughed from the impact.

Zhenxiu was shocked and she quickly sat down to pat his back, regretting her earlier behavior.

Park Cheon motioned that he was fine and caressed her hand. “Why did you get so agitated? He just mentioned it, things aren’t confirmed yet.”

Gong Gyechung wasn’t insulted at all. He smiled and told her, “Zhenxiu, Gong Woo might have a bad temper but he’s actually very kind. He’s the most sensible one amongst the other clan members. He’s also quite talented in business so I’m sure he will be a good match for you.”

Zhenxiu snorted and ignored him.

Park Cheon made no comment and changed the topic instead. “Nephew Gong, why don’t we talk about this after my surgery. Zhenxiu just returned to my side and I don’t want her to leave me so quickly.”

“Oh, of course. I was just mentioning it since we were already gathered.” Gong Gyechung agreed in a calm manner.

After dinner, everyone else left except for Zhenxiu, Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi since they were their honored guests. 

They had to chat with Li Jingjing just before she left.

Lin Ruoxi felt sorry when Li Jingjing told her she had no plans to return to China nor did she ever visit her parents for the past year other than sending money back to them.

She felt bad about it, thinking that it was Yang Chen and her fault.

“Jingjing, you should go back home when you have time. I met Old Li on the streets and he still had the stall open by the roadside. He’s old now, your parents can’t live alone by themselves without having someone to take care of them.” Yang Chen felt saddened when he was reminded of the time he met Old Li with Rose.

Li Jingjing was shocked and she bit her lip out of anger. “He told me he wasn’t working anymore when we were on the phone. He lied to me!”

Lin Ruoxi was puzzled by the fact that Yang Chen didn’t tell her he met Old Li before but she still tried to persuade Li Jingjing, “You don’t have to care about us if that's stopping you from going back. We don’t blame you and I still think of you as a good friend of mine.”

Li Jingjing cast a grateful gaze toward Lin Ruoxi. “Sister Ruoxi, thank you…but I can’t forgive myself…”