The car drove past the residential area, heading towards the city that was brightly lit with neon lights.

At the back of a car, a lady in a leather coat was swirling a glass of wine while placing one leg over the other gracefully. She was Yoo Yeonhee who had just left the mansion!

Her eyes glinted coldly as she stared at Li Jingjing with a disdainful gaze.

“Hmph, she isn’t prettier than me and she keeps pretending to be innocent. Park Jonghyun fell for her tactics, what a vixen. She even has something going on with Yang Chen. Park Jonghyun really misjudged her.”

Yoo Yeonhee had a keen eye so she knew something was off between Li Jingjing and Yang Chen which blew her fuse.

The buff man at the front passenger seat turned around after answering a call and told her, “Miss, the bar’s ready.”

“Good.” Yoo Yeonhee finished the wine and licked her cherry lips. “Inform Yang Chen and do it well…”

“Yes!” A sadistic smile formed on his lips. 

Yoo Yeonhee extended her leg and rubbed her feet against Li Jingjing’s face as if she would break it!

Moments later, Yoo Yeonhee repressed the urge to do so and snorted instead. “Hmph, I’ll let you go for now since you’re still useful.”

Having said so, Yoo Yeonhee took out her phone to make a call.

It took the receiver some time to answer the call.

“What is it…” Park Jonghyun’s impatient voice rang from the other side.

The jealousy within Yoo Yeonhee intensified. “You can’t even talk to me?!”

“Make it quick, I’m working.” Park Jonghyun’s voice was chilly.

“Work? Hmph! Who are you to work, you’re doing all that for my dear cousin Zhenxiu…”


Park Jonghyun hung up the phone before she could even finish her sentence.

Yoo Yeonhee slammed the phone onto the car door as her face twitched with anger!

“Fine…if you hate me that much, I’ll ruin the life of your beloved woman! Let’s see if you’ll continue to love her and hate me…”
Back in the guest room which was located on the second floor of the Park mansion, Yang Chen stared at the busy woman in front of him with a conflicted expression.
Lin Ruoxi sat on the bed and was looking at her work files through the management software. She was wearing her cotton pajamas with her chubby toes exposed in the air.

“Say…dear, we've come to Korea for our holiday. Are you really planning to work till midnight?” Yang Chen asked carefully.

Lin Ruoxi hummed without a doubt. It was hard to tell if she actually heard him.

Yang Chen couldn’t stand it anymore, she was obviously challenging his patience!

He got down and moved behind before grabbing her feet, catching her by surprise!

“Ah! What are you doing?!” Lin Ruoxi gasped out of shock and tried to pull her leg back.

But she couldn’t move at all due to Yang Chen’s grip.

Her toes were white and chubby since she hardly did any rough work or walked at all.

Yang Chen squeezed her toes and Lin Ruoxi went limp with a flushed face due to the sensation.

“You deserved it for being disobedient to me. I said that this is our honeymoon and you only cared about your work. You’re hurting my ego as your husband.”

“You’re shameless, hmph…” Lin Ruoxi pouted.

Yang Chen feigned anger and tickled her feet with his thumbs as a response.

“Ah hey…it tickles…ah…stop…haha…I’m so ticklish…let me go hubby…let me…I‘ll stop working…I promise…haha…”
She couldn’t stand the ticklish feeling and she twisted around to get away from him. Her legs fluttered up and down, causing her laptop to drop onto the carpet.

Her loose pajamas were ridden up and her curvy body was completely exposed to Yang Chen.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t care less about it, her eyes were brimming with tears and her face was flushed.

Yang Chen was getting hard!

“This is what you get for being naughty!”

Yang Chen smirked and jumped onto her. He pulled her top up and with the other hand, he pulled her pants down.

Probably because of her upbringing and her conservative personality, Lin Ruoxi preferred wearing pajamas instead of nighties.

Even so, Yang Chen liked it more since it was different from the lace dresses that he had always seen. Being able to see her sexy body was even more precious!

The warm and soft feeling urged him to stick close to her!

They hadn’t been able to make out for a long time so Yang Chen seized the chance, feeling excited at the thought of it.

His finger went between her crotch. Soon, Lin Ruoxi started to pant and her eyes were moist from the arousal she was experiencing.

Yang Chen took off his clothes and was about to penetrate her when something interrupted him.

“Ring! Ring!”

The phone by their bed rang!

The Park clan installed a phone in every room for their guests’ convenience.

Yang Chen was agitated. Who the hell was interrupting him now?

Lin Ruoxi’s chest was moving up and down and her perky breast bounced along. She turned her head away, feeling bashful when she saw Yang Chen’s junk as he moved to pick up the phone.

When the warm wind blew into the room, she could feel a chilly sensation between her thighs. Realizing that she was aroused, Lin Ruoxi closed her legs out of anxiety.

Yang Chen repressed his frustration as he picked up the phone with an exasperated expression. He was planning on hanging up immediately but his face turned cold when he heard something.

“Mr. Yang, Teacher Vivian is with us now and if you don’t want her to be turned into a vegetable, you’d better come here…”

Yang Chen’s hand was trembling as he hung up the phone.

A bitter smile formed at his lips when he saw Lin Ruoxi closing her eyes shut while biting her lips with an anxious expression.

Lin Ruoxi opened her eyes curiously at the silence. Her mouth widened in shock when she noticed something.

“You…you can’t do it anymore?


Yang Chen looked down. She was right! He had gone flaccid!

“No! How is that possible?!”

Lin Ruoxi’s face went scarlet and she cursed at herself for overthinking things!

“What’s wrong, why do you look so upset?” Lin Ruoxi tried to keep her cool.

Yang Chen thought he shouldn’t hide it from her and he told her while getting dressed. “Someone kidnapped Jingjing and I’m going out to check if that’s real. You can rest first or wait for my return but I’m not sure how long I’ll take.”

Lin Ruoxi was shocked and she got up abruptly, no longer bothered by the fact that she was naked.

“What!? Someone kidnapped Jingjing?!”

“Mmh,” Yang Chen smiled bitterly, “I’m not sure if that’s really the case but I’m going out to check on it. Don’t worry, nothing will go wrong when I’m around.”

“I believe in you but Jingjing can’t defend herself!” Lin Ruoxi said anxiously.

Yang Chen furrowed his brows. “Ruoxi, you really don’t mind it?”

Lin Ruoxi was furious. “What are you talking about! Even if I don’t like having another woman next to you, I can’t just ignore them when they’re in danger! Besides, Jingjing is doing her best to keep her feelings in for our sake. She’s doing it for us so how can I let someone else bully her?!”