Yang Chen waved his hands in defeat when he realized that Lin Ruoxi was getting angry. “Don’t get upset, I…I was just asking.”
Shame crept up into his mind. He had been thinking of her as a cold-blooded person even though she had always been a warm-hearted person to others.

“Stop dilly-dallying! Go quickly!” Lin Ruoxi ushered him.

Yang Chen knew he couldn’t waste any more time so he jumped out of the window after getting dressed!

Even though there were a lot of patrol guards in the mansion, it was easy for him to avoid them. With one jump, Yang Chen was already gone from the yard and he reappeared at a street slightly further away from the residential area.

He walked out of the gloomy corner and took a cab.

He asked the cab driver to drive him to the designated pub. Even though he was familiar with the geographical locations in Seoul, it was impossible to remember a small pub like this.

Yang Chen wasn’t bothered to think about the culprit, more worried about Li Jingjing’s safety.

No matter how long ago it was, Yang Chen couldn’t lie to himself or cover the fact that he did fall for her once.

Minutes later, the cab stopped at a narrow street and next to him was the pub.

Yang Chen walked to the entrance and he saw two Korean men in suits blocking the entrance. It was obvious that they had cleared the place while waiting for Yang Chen’s arrival.

“Chinese?” One of the men asked with a heavily accented Mandarin.

Yang Chen nodded as a response.

The two men moved away immediately while smirking at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was unbothered by their expressions as he strolled into the pub.

The pub was gloomy and there were several Korean men were standing at each corner.

Under the dim light, Yang Chen could see the empty chairs and tables with empty glass bottles splattered across the floor.

The only eye-catching place was the bar.

A familiar-looking silhouette was sitting on a high stool, her high heels flashing red lights at him as she dangled her feet.

She smoked the cigarette and blew out white smoke before turning around to look at Yang Chen with an arrogant smile. “You came pretty quickly. I guess you really care about Vivian huh.”

“Miss Yoo Yeonhee, I don’t think there are any grudges between us.” Yang Chen sat next to her.

Yoo Yeonhee pushed a glass of whiskey to him before picking up her own glass and raising it at him.

A mocking gaze showed up in his eyes and it disappeared quickly as he raised his glass naturally before clinking her glass with his.

“Of course we don’t. I just invited you over for a drink.” Yoo Yeonhee smiled and swallowed the amber liquid.

A disdainful smile formed at her lips when Yang Chen didn’t drink the whiskey. “Why, are you afraid that I’ll spike your drink? Please, why would I do that when you’re my grandfather’s guest?”

Yang Chen shrugged and drank the whiskey with furrowed brows as if it tasted bad.

Yoo Yeonhee sneered but her expression changed within a split second as she smoked for one last time before throwing it into the ashtray. 

“I know you’re dying to meet Li Jingjing, but can you listen to my story first…”

Yang Chen could tell where Li Jingjing was even if Yoo Yeonhee wouldn’t tell him. But he didn’t mind going along with her since Li Jingjing wasn’t in danger.

“Of course, it’s my pleasure.” Yang Chen smirked.

Yoo Yeonhee cocked her head gracefully and glanced at him with an amorous gaze. “I don’t get it. How are you popular with women when you’re not even handsome.”

“Men aren’t the same as women. Looks are only advantageous when someone is looking at you. People look for other things in lovers.” Yang Chen replied.

Yoo Yeonhee nodded. “It’s different for us. If we find out that the man we like fell for someone else, we will definitely doubt ourselves.”

“A popular star like you also has troubles like this? But you’re so young and pretty though?” Yang Chen saw the timing and asked.

Yoo Yeonhee’s gaze darkened and she snorted. “Of course. At least that’s the case for Park Jonghyun.”

“Park Jonghyun?” Yang Chen saw this coming but he still feigned surprise.

Following that, Yoo Yeonhee told him about her love story with Park Jonghyun.

Probably because of the alcohol, she choked on her tears as if she was overwhelmed by the emotions.

“You might be curious to know why I can date Park Jonghyun when he’s technically my cousin. Let me tell you this, he was actually adopted by my second uncle because they couldn’t bear a child. It didn’t matter if they adopted a child since they weren’t legitimate descendants. Grandfather was the one who chose him so the clan members valued him and never dared to badmouth him. Grandfather kept him by his side and appointed him Director which showed how much he valued him. Honestly, if I was in my grandfather’s position, I’d rather have Park Jonghyun as my heir instead of Zhenxiu.”

Yang Chen nodded silently. Even though he kind of guessed it already, he was starting to believe that Park Jonghyun was not as calming as he looked.

Yoo Yeonhee continued, “I thought he dated me because he really loved me so even though my mom was against it, I chose to ignore her. Although we didn’t announce our relationship to the public, I was looking forward to the day we got married. I didn’t mind the gossip as long as he loved me. But…but he was a big fat liar! He ignored me completely when he confirmed that I didn’t have the moon ivory! I didn’t even know about the secret behind the moonstone and star constellation!”

Yoo Yeonhee was so close to crushing the glass with her bare hands. Her face was twisted from the immense hatred she had towards Park Jonghyun.

Yang Chen was surprised. “Why did he think you had it? Wasn’t it just an heirloom?”

Yoo Yeonhee snorted. “The moon ivory and star constellation are indeed the heirlooms and only the clan leader knows about the secret. But Park Jonghyun wasn’t sure if anyone else knew that. According to the information he got, the moon ivory was with one of the descendants. He thought Zhenxiu’s mother would never have it since she betrayed grandfather so he suspected me instead. Unfortunately, he made an error in judgment! He never expected grandfather to be so biased towards Aunt Jiye. Even if she betrayed him, the heirloom was still with Zhenxiu.”
“You told me so many things and it’s making me curious about the heirloom now. Why is it needed for Zhenxiu to inherit the clan?” Yang Chen was interested.

“I want to know that too but I don’t have any idea or else I could’ve told you.” Yoo Yeonhee smiled bitterly before looking at Yang Chen weirdly. “Aren’t you afraid? This place is filled with my people.”

“Why wouldn’t I be? My wife’s going to suspect me if I went home too late.” Yang Chen scratched his head sheepishly.

Yoo Yeonhee giggled. “Are Chinese men all cowards? I don't get why people fall for cowards like you. Vivian doesn’t like Park Jonghyun because of you. But it’s a good thing for me since Park Jonghyun would suffer a crushing defeat. I’ll have you let go of yourself today!”
“What do you mean?” Yang Chen seemed lost.

“Don’t you feel weird?”

“Weird?” Yang Chen sucked in a breath and touched his body. “I…feel kind of hot…”

”Hot? This is just the beginning…you won’t even feel the heat soon…”

Yang Chen sounded shocked. “You…you poisoned me?!”

Yoo Yeonhee smiled mysteriously and snapped her fingers instead of answering him.