Her subordinates got her signal and opened the door to a room that might have been the staff’s room.

The room was brightly lit and from his side. Yang Chen could see Li Jingjing being surrounded by the men. Her mouth was stuffed as she sat on a chair, looking at Yang Chen helplessly with swollen eyes!

Yang Chen could see the surprise in her eyes. It felt as if the joy of seeing Yang Chen made her forget about her surroundings.
“I said she’ll be safe before you arrive.” Yoo Yeonhee seemed pleased with herself. “But now that you’re here. What should I do to you guys?”

Yang Chen got up from the stool slowly and started to walk towards the room. “What do you want?”

Yoo Yeonhee sneered. “Can you feel your heartbeat going faster? Your head must be throbbing, filled with lust…”

Yang Chen turned around. “What, did you fall for me? Even though I don’t mind making love to a pretty woman. I’d rather not dirty my shaft with a disgusting person like you.”

“What did you say?! You moron! How dare you talk back to me when you don’t even know what you ate?”

“Oh yeah, you haven’t told me that,” Yang Chen said.

Yoo Yeonhee pointed at Li Jingjing. “You guys aren’t dating because of your status right? So I brought you something to muster up your courage. Don’t go easy on that bitch…”

While she was talking, one of the buff men pulled Li Jingjing off the chair and pushed her out of the room. 

Li Jingjing looked at Yang Chen with teary eyes as she mumbled his name. She couldn’t say anything else.

“You really have interesting tastes.” Yang Chen forced himself to look away and asked Yoo Yeonhee instead, “Do you still have the aphrodisiac?”

Yoo Yeonhee raised her eyebrows. “You know it?”

Yang Chen shrugged and chuckled. “Why wouldn’t I? Aphrodisiac from the red spider. I always fed it to other people so I can definitely recognize it.”

Yoo Yeonhee was shocked. “You…why…”

“Why do I look fine?”

“It’s impossible! You’re just resisting the effect! No one can withstand it. Your blood vessels will burst if you keep holding in! You’ll die!”

Yang Chen snorted and picked up a small table from the side before throwing it towards the glass door with one hand!


The glass broke into shards and high pitched screams were heard from the back as women dressed in revealing outfits ran out!

The strippers cursed at him in Korean.

Yang Chen scratched his ears and looked at Yoo Yeonhee who was completely dumbfounded. “Why? Were you planning to threaten me by taking photos of me? Please, don’t you know that I’m an expert in this?”

Yoo Yeonhee was completely baffled. She couldn’t understand it at all, why wasn’t he poisoned? How did he realize she hid the strippers there?!

She was planning on controlling Yang Chen whilst taking revenge on Park Jonghyun and Li Jingjing. She could then achieve her goals by manipulating Yang Chen and Zhenxiu, aware that Zhenxiu harbored special feelings towards Yang Chen.

It would be most beneficial if she could control Yang Chen!

However, things were not going according to her plan!

Who was he?!

Yoo Yeonhee panicked.

Her bodyguards were inching closer, ready to fight Yang Chen when they sensed that something was off.

Yang Chen wasn’t interested in wasting time on Yoo Yeonhee anymore, walking towards Li Jingjing instead. After all, she had told him everything he needed to hear so the only thing left to do was to make her realize her own standing.

“Stop him! Go catch him!” Yoo Yeonhee finally remembered her subordinates and she ordered them frantically.

The burly bodyguards charged towards Yang Chen immediately!

Yang Chen didn’t need to use his cultivation to take them down. Physical strength was more than enough to take down these mundane men.

Yang Chen lifted his arm and before the bodyguards could get close to him, he caught their fists and tossed them around!

The men could barely react as an irresistible strength pulled them up and threw them into the air!


The furniture and bottles were completely shattered and thrown all over the room!

The bodyguards had just made a move and they were already sprawled across the floor, groaning in pain.

Yang Chen chose not to kill them because of three reasons. Firstly, they were still useful to him. Secondly, he would need to take care of their corpses and lastly, they didn’t deserve it since they were just doing their job.

Yoo Yeonhee shrieked at the mess, not daring to move at all.

“Miss! Leave now! He’s too strong!” The leader of the bodyguards shouted as he stood in front of Yoo Yeonhee with the rest.

Yang Chen chuckled and looked towards him when he heard his voice. “So you’re the one who called me.”

Yang Chen grinned when he saw Yoo Yeonhee running towards the door. “Trying to run?”

“Protect Miss!”

The bodyguards yelled and tried to block Yang Chen!

But the moment they ran towards him, Yang Chen was already gone!


Yoo Yeonhee’s scream was heard by the door.

The bodyguards turned their heads around and were shocked to see Yang Chen lifting Yoo Yeonhee by her neck!

“The show has just started. I won’t be pleased if you tried to leave. After all, you're the protagonist, AV actress Yoo Yeonhee…”

Yang Chen smirked and tossed Yoo Yeonhee onto a sofa, causing her to burst out crying because of the pain!

“Miss, are you alright?!” The leader of the bodyguards ran towards her immediately.

Yang Chen nodded in realization. “Why do you care so much about her? Do you love her?”

The man’s facial muscles twitched and he cracked his neck while saying, “What kind of bullshit are you spouting?!”

“Alright alright, I’m not interested in your love life.” Yang Chen walked forward and told the bodyguards. “Bring me the remaining red spider! I know you still have it and I’ll show no mercy if you refuse to bring it to me.”

“We will never surrender!” The leader roared as the other bodyguards glared at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen looked at them with a pitiful gaze. “Isn't that used in the battlefield? Why would you pretend to be a soldier when you almost did dirty deeds for this woman?”

“Kill us if you dare! Or you can never leave Korea!” The man puffed up his chest, thinking that Yang Chen was afraid of them.

The other bodyguards spat and cursed at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen raised his arm and beckoned Li Jingjing to come over.

Li Jingjing was terrified, standing still by the wall. She walked towards Yang Chen carefully when she noticed his gesture.

“Brother Yang…did you ask me to come over?”

“Yeah.” Yang Chen showed her a faint smile. “I don’t want the blood to stain your clothes…”

“Ah? What do you mean…”

Her confusion was answered with his next few moves!

Yang Chen walked three steps forward and gripped the leader’s head as everyone else watched him with a puzzled gaze!

The man’s neck was broken and a clear popping sound could be heard as if Yang Chen had just harvested an ear of corn.

Blood gushed out of the artery, aiming toward the spot where Li Jingjing was standing seconds ago.

Some of the blood even landed on Yoo Yeonhee’s pale face which was plastered with a horrified expression…