Yoo Yeonhee rolled off the sofa when the headless bodyguard fell on the sofa like a lifeless toy.

She couldn’t even scream as she gasped for air from the sheer terror of the situation.

Li Jingjing covered her mouth tightly, not daring to open her eyes. 

Yang Chen looked like an executioner who had just beheaded a convict!

He chuckled when people started to vomit and faint. Someone even peed their pants, “Where did your fighting spirit go? I thought you guys were going to kill me? Where did your masculinity go?"

The bodyguards exchanged looks with themselves. Fear had taken over their fragile pride.

Suddenly, the burly men all went down onto their knees, begging Yang Chen for mercy.

Yoo Yeonhee cowered by the sofa and with a trembling body. She snuck a glance at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen snorted and threw the head in front of her!

“Ahh!!!” She shrieked and her eyes rolled back. She had passed out from the overwhelming shock!

“You,” Yang Chen beckoned at the nearest bodyguard. “Do you know where the remaining aphrodisiacs are?”

The man nodded obediently.

“Bring everything over, including the filming equipment. Don’t even bother lying to me…” Yang Chen smirked. 

The bodyguard wouldn’t dare to defy him. If he followed orders accordingly, he might be able to return home to his family.

Shortly after, the bodyguards brought the last bottle of Red Spider to Yang Chen and set up a camera under Yang Chen’s commands.

Li Jingjing tried her best to overcome her fear and asked him with a soft voice, “Brother Yang, let’s go. Must we stay here?”

Yang Chen turned around to face her. “I can’t leave just yet.  I have to take revenge. You can leave first if you want, but I’m staying for my favorite activity.” 

Yang Chen’s voice was flat as if he didn’t want to talk to her.

His words took her by surprise, causing her to feel down. 

Yang Chen ignored her and called one of the burly men over. “Dissolve the aphrodisiac and give one cup to everyone. Pour three cups into Yoo Yeonhee’s throat!”

“Ah!?” The bodyguards were horrified as they stood still with a stiff expression.

They finally understood what Yang Chen was trying to do. He was planning for them to do the same thing Yoo Yeonhee planned on making Yang Chen and Li Jingjing do!

The hookers were hired for an orgy show so they didn’t need to consume any aphrodisiac since they were going to do it anyway. The only difference was that they had to serve the bodyguards instead of Yang Chen.
Now that he thought about it, the top star in Korea having an orgy with a group of burly men and hookers was a cash cow in itself!

Yang Chen chuckled when the bodyguards stayed rooted to the ground. “Would you guys prefer to die? Or have one passionate night with your boss alive?”

It wasn’t a tough decision to make at all!

Even though they could never work as a bodyguard after this, it was still better than dying!

Soon enough, the bodyguards drank the Red Spider according to Yang Chen’s command and forced three cups of it into Yoo Yeonhee’s throat!

Yang Chen held the camera and adjusted the angle before telling the bodyguards to strip her. Seconds later, her naked body was exposed to everyone!

The hookers stripped off their clothes obediently and made out with multiple men passionately.

In the beginning, the bodyguards still felt embarrassed but when the aphrodisiac started to work, they forgot all about the camera and started to fondle the hookers!

Soon, the bodyguards took their clothes off and penetrated the hookers!

Some of the bodyguards were bold enough to touch Yoo Yeonhee, forcing their shafts into her mouth and her vagina!

Yoo Yeonhee who had passed out started to regain consciousness because of the aphrodisiac. She almost lost her mind when she woke up to find herself being raped by four men!

The bodyguards wished to have her since she was much more attractive than the hookers.

Suddenly, Yoo Yeonhee wailed when a bodyguard penetrated her other hole, but the pain soon turned into lust as desire took over the pain.

Yang Chen recorded everything with an excited expression for thirty minutes straight!

The guys showed no signs of stopping because of the aphrodisiac!

Soon, moans and groans filled the pub as a disgusting scent started to spread out.

Li Jingjing’s face was completely flushed. Disbelief filled her eyes as she watched on!

It was her first time witnessing such a brutal murder and torment!

However, this was all caused by the man whom she missed so dearly! 

Li Jingjing came to the realization that Yang Chen was different from the person she had in mind. Could it be she never knew the real him?!

Something changed in her heart when she was reminded of Yang Chen’s cold attitude. She thought Yang Chen cared for her deeply.

After an hour, Yang Chen took out the memory card when the recording felt long enough.

The effect from the aphrodisiac had dissipated and Yoo Yeonhee’s body was filled with bruises and red marks. Her breasts had become flaccid and the rest of her body was covered in the pungent smell of semen. 

With an empty gaze, Yoo Yeonhee thought to herself. This wouldn’t have happened if she never tried to harm Li Jingjing!

She couldn’t imagine herself getting over it. She had wanted to end her own life with a knife but was too cowardly to take the final step!

Yang Chen walked towards her and waved the memory card at her while smiling innocently. “I hope that you’ll be well behaved because if you are, I’ll keep this to myself. But if not, I won’t show you mercy.”

Having said so, Yang Chen strolled out of the pub while whistling.

Yoo Yeonhee watched him walk away with despair. She couldn’t even muster up the courage to speak a single word.

Li Jingjing hurried after Yang Chen. This was a new experience for her and one which she did not want to be in anymore.

No one could be seen on the street since it was already late. The cold air sent chills down their backs as they walked down the street.

Yang Chen walked at the front, planning to hail a cab at a busier place.

Li Jingjing walked behind him and mustered up the courage to smile at him, “Brother Yang, thanks for saving me…”

Yang Chen made a sound and told her with an expressionless face, “You don’t need to hold it in. I know you’re afraid of me and you think that I’m a psychopath who likes to torment people. Everything that happened today, they are pretty common in my life.”

“It…it can’t be true,” Li Jingjing held her tears in and forced a smile. “Brother Yang, I know you’re scaring me on purpose. You’re a good person, I know you’re kind-hearted since you helped my parents.”

Yang Chen sniggered. “Are you even thinking straight? Look at what I did to Yoo Yeonhee. I don’t mind telling you this, I would’ve fucked her first if I wasn’t married. What a pity. She looked especially tasty.” 

Li Jingjing froze abruptly. She wailed and screamed at Yang Chen. “You’re lying!”

Yang Chen guffawed. “You think I’m lying? You’ve been thinking too highly of me. You can ask Lin Ruoxi if you don’t believe me. Even she has gotten used to me snapping people’s necks. You think I’m a good person because I’ve never shown you this side of me. Li Jingjing, wake up. I will never accept you. You’re too normal. We belong to different worlds. If you want to ruin your life, you can stay close to a bastard like me. Who knows, I might want your body when I feel like trying something new. I think you’re much sexier and prettier compared to last year.”
Chapter 1106  Psychopath