Li Jingjing couldn’t believe what she heard. She never expected Yang Chen to act or say something like this!

Her heart had broken into pieces by his words as if it was made of glass.

Tears fell down her cheeks as she shook her head while sobbing continuously.

Yang Chen ignored the dull pain in his heart and pressed on. “Why would you cry? I didn’t do anything to you and I even saved you. Follow me or else we won’t be able to hail a cab!” 

Li Jingjing choked on her tears. “Then…why did you come and save me…”

Yang Chen sighed. “Come on, my dear sister. Even if I can’t be your lover, I’m still your friend. They called me so I came to clean up the mess whilst saving you. Why would you overthink it?”

Li Jingjing’s gaze was dim. Her feet stayed rooted to the ground as if she had lost her mind.

Yang Chen looked away and hailed a cab instead. He pushed Li Jingjing into the car and gave the driver a stack of Korean won, asking him to drive to the Gangnam district.

“Walk back home by yourself. I won’t be accompanying you.” Yang Chen said so before shutting the door.

Li Jingjing kept her head down as if she had lost her voice. The driver couldn’t bear to watch her cry and he passed her tissues for her to wipe her tears.

Yang Chen showed a self-deprecating smile as he watched the cab drive away.

With the show he had put up for her, he hoped that Li Jingjing would give up on him soon before anything happened between them. She was still young. Her future was much brighter without him in it.

With her qualities, it wouldn’t be hard for her to find a young and rich man to build a beautiful family.

Besides, if she really went to the States for her doctorate, he was sure that she would have a bright future as a researcher in a renowned institution.

There was no point for her to be with a casanova like him whose life was constantly in danger.

Besides, he couldn’t bear to break her parents’ hearts. They raised their daughter so well and how could he let them worry about her safety because of him?

Yang Chen’s mind was preoccupied with such thoughts as he walked around aimlessly. He inhaled the cold air before buying some egg cakes and spicy rice cakes from a roadside stall.

After the food was ready, Yang Chen hailed a cab and returned to the Park mansion.

The bodyguards were surprised to see him because they never saw him leave!

Nonetheless, they didn’t dare to question him since they were told he was a guest. So when Yang Chen offered them cakes, they shook their heads while smiling.

Yang Chen returned to his room and was greeted by the sight of Lin Ruoxi watching a Korean variety show on the bed. Her eyes were gleaming at the television, as though her favorite actor was part of the show.

Lin Ruoxi got up when she noticed Yang Chen enter the room. “How was it? Is Jingjing safe?”

Yang Chen rolled his eyes. “You don’t look like you’re worried. She’s fine, I hailed a cab and sent her home.”

Lin Ruoxi patted her chest and nodded with a satisfied expression. “What did you buy?”

Yang Chen opened the paper bags and the smell of eggs and spices started to spread out. “I bought some egg cakes and spicy rice cakes for supper.”

Lin Ruoxi’s mouth watered at the appetizing food. She was so fixated on listening to the conversation during dinner that she barely ate anything.

Lin Ruoxi pecked Yang Chen’s cheeks before taking his chopsticks. She took a big bite of the rice cakes, causing Yang Chen to be annoyed by her. “I was planning to eat it by myself, why are you enjoying it more than me? Supper is fattening.”
“Mmh…” Lin Ruoxi puffed up her cheeks and with a muffled voice, she said, “I used to be afraid of that. But now that I’m cultivating, I don’t need to worry about that anymore…” 

Yang Chen wondered if all his women would turn into big eaters but after seeing how much she enjoyed the food, it didn’t seem to matter anymore.

Lin Ruoxi rubbed her belly and burped cutely after having her fill.

“Hey…” Yang Chen waved his hand. His face fell when he smelled the strong stench of garlic from her mouth. “Dear, you’re only twenty-five years old, can you not act like an aunty?”

Lin Ruoxi blushed and pouted. “Who said burping is only for aunties? We’re the only ones here anyway. I shouldn’t have to hold it in when we’re not in public areas…”

Yang Chen sighed. “No wonder they say that marriage is the tomb of love. Women will definitely change after a long time regardless of their beauty. No wonder men cheat.”

Lin Ruoxi pinched his cheeks. “How dare you say that! Would you stop meeting your lovers if I didn’t burp in front of you and dressed up every day?”

Yang Chen raised his hands in defeat. “I was just joking…My baby Ruoxi is still pretty even when you’re burping! Your burp smells good too!”

“Stop trying to suck up to me…” Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t think that I can’t read your expression. Your gaze was weird when you came back and you even bought snacks. Did something happen between you and Jingjing?”

Yang Chen was taken aback, how did she see through him? 

“Nothing, I got food because I’m hungry.”

“Just tell me, I can count all your brain cells with my fingers. If nothing really happened between you and her. You would have continued…continued to do what we were doing earlier. There’s obviously something on your mind since you’re sitting down and having supper quietly.” Lin Ruoxi said with rosy cheeks.

A wry smile formed on Yang Chen’s lips. He couldn’t hide anything from her.

She saw through his true feelings just because he didn’t jump onto her.

Now that he thought about it, there was no point hiding it from her since he practically rejected her.

Therefore, he told her everything that happened tonight. 

Lin Ruoxi was silent for a long moment before sighing deeply. “My mind says that you did nothing wrong but my heart feels bad for Jingjing. She’s going to cry herself to sleep tonight.”

Yang Chen feigned innocence. “Are you asking me to accept her?”

“Don’t you dare!” Lin Ruoxi twisted his ear.

Yang Chen pretended to beg her for mercy which made Lin Ruoxi feel very accomplished.

She let go of his ear and even rubbed it for him.

Immediately after that, Lin Ruoxi became worried about something else. “Yoo Yeonhee was so wicked. Maybe her parents will also harm Zhenxiu. Park Jonghyun’s so disgusting. What if they try to frame Zhenxiu?”

Yang Chen said sternly, “They’re trying to interfere with Zhenxiu’s inheritance in order to take over Starmoon. I’m sure they wouldn’t dare to make obvious moves since that would ruin their reputation even if they were to succeed. We’re staying for Zhenxiu’s ceremony on the eleventh so we'll stay in Seoul for the meantime and see what tricks they have up their sleeves. No matter how good they are at waiting, they have to make their move before the ceremony.”
“Should we make a move first?”

“Ouch…when did you become so violent?” Yang Chen shook his head with a smile. “No, they’re still Zhenxiu’s relatives and if it’s not a serious matter, threatening them would be sufficient. It works better than killing them. We should let Zhenxiu inherit a complete Starmoon. Besides, I don’t think President Park Cheon is as simple as he looks. He might have a hidden plan seeing how he faked his sickness. I’m sure he cares about Zhenxiu more than anyone so let’s just watch from the side.”

“Yeah, as long as his surgery goes well, I’m sure he’ll be able to protect Zhenxiu.”

The couple chatted till late night and Lin Ruoxi fell asleep on Yang Chen’s chest.