Yang Chen turned off the lights and smiled, caressing her cheeks.

He came to the sudden realization that it was a blessing to be able to sleep cuddling his wife.

The next morning, the maids woke them up and they went downstairs for breakfast after freshening up.

Although Yang Chen wanted to be mindful of who was trying to harm Zhenxiu, this trip was technically his honeymoon so sleeping in was not condemned.

Lin Ruoxi purposely brought sunglasses and wore a grey knitted sweater with pink pants.

Yang Chen’s eyes lit up at her attire. It highlighted her youth very well.

When they entered the dining hall, Zhenxiu and Li Jingjing were already seated at the table for breakfast.

Li Jingjing forced a smile and nodded at them with swollen eyes.

Zhenxiu pouted out of annoyance. “Sister Ruoxi, Grandfather wouldn’t let me join you guys, so annoying!”

“You have plenty of time to play in Seoul next time. It is crucial for you to learn about management now so you can’t slack off.” Lin Ruoxi pinched Zhenxiu’s cheeks.

Zhenxiu wasn’t pleased to hear that, muttering to herself, “I should have stayed in Zhonghai. It's so boring here and I’ve got no friends.”

“Why would you need friends. Just marry a young master and you’ll have a hubby,” Yang Chen teased her.

Zhenxiu made a face at him before giving him the cold shoulder.

Throughout the conversation, Li Jingjing focused on eating her breakfast, not uttering a single word.

Even though Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi knew the reason behind it, they could only feign ignorance to avoid potential problems. 

Korean valued their breakfasts so for an affluent clan like the Park clan, all sorts of dishes covered the table.

Not only were there soups brewed with all sorts of ingredients, they even added in kimchi – a staple food of theirs.

The country of kimchi took it really seriously to the extent that most families would have an extra refrigerator to store kimchi! 

Yang Chen felt as if he had turned into kimchi after breakfast. 

Once they were both done eating, Yang Chen went out with Lin Ruoxi and rejected the driver’s offer to drive them around.

Lin Ruoxi was puzzled. “Are we going to walk?”

Yang Chen sighed, “Don’t you know about the subway?”

“Subway?” Lin Ruoxi blinked. She had never tried taking a subway before.

“Subways are convenient in international cities like this. The base fare for subways in Seoul is around one thousand won and increases the further you go. According to the conversion rate, one thousand equals five dollars. It’ll save us a lot of time and it’s also convenient and comfortable.” Yang Chen said.

“Why do you know all these?” Lin Ruoxi was curious.

Yang Chen cleared his throat and patted his chest, “Well, whose husband am I……”

“Go to hell!”

They joked around while looking for a subway stop.

Once they got on the subway, Yang Chen started to flaunt his experience from traveling the whole world.

“Dear, did you know that the Japanese always look at their phones when they’re on the subway? While Hong Kong folk read books and newspapers. Taiwanese talk non-stop on the subway and Koreans are the most ‘well-behaved’ one. They are expressionless and they don’t talk.”

Lin Ruoxi shrank when she noticed the aunties and uncles around them were giving them weird looks.

Their first step was Namsangol Hanok Village.

They got off at Chungmuro station and walked towards the village which was a filming hotspot.

Even though it was an ancient heritage, it was historically important to Koreans.

Hanja was seen all around the place, Korean used the traditional Chinese characters during ancient times.

A variety of traditional houses could be seen, from commoners’ houses to royalties’ houses.

Due to its popularity, this place was frequently visited by producers and scouts. Two of them even asked if Lin Ruoxi was interested in entering the showbiz world.

Lin Ruoxi was surprised by it but it was impossible for her to say yes.

As a K-drama fan, it was a must for Lin Ruoxi to visit this place since a lot of dramas took place here.

Some of the walls were especially tall since they used to be palace walls.

Yang Chen dared Lin Ruoxi when he saw that, “Miss Lin, you can try climbing this wall. If you manage to climb over, you’d be a perfect example of a cheating wife!”

As expected, his words gained pinches from Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi was excited to see their ancient games, especially the throwing game.

The idea was similar to the ring and plushie game that she was once obsessed with. 

For this, they had to throw the wooden sticks into the bottles.

Yang Chen had to suffer because even though Lin Ruoxi had been cultivating for a while now, it seemed to do nothing for her aim! She only got in one after forty to fifty tries!

Seeing how agitated she was getting, Yang Chen used his cultivation secretly to adjust the direction of the sticks.

As a result, Lin Ruoxi threw in a dozen sticks and she finally stopped playing after that.

During lunch, they went to a nearby restaurant to try the royal palace meal. Most people wouldn’t be able to afford it and it would’ve been hard for the two of them to finish everything if it wasn’t for Yang Chen.

The waiters were shocked by his appetite. 

After lunch, Yang Chen went to Ewha University with Lin Ruoxi since she requested it. It was a women’s university. 

Being the oldest women’s university, lots of women from high society were alumnae of this university.

Right outside of the campus were shopping streets. They were heaven for women and men were a rare sight here.

As for Yang Chen, he was so thick-skinned that he did not care what others thought of him being present.

The street was littered with new makeup and skincare products. It also sold street snacks like sweet pancakes and egg cakes by the street.

Lin Ruoxi did some research before coming here and she ran to the stationery shop for this.

Lin Ruoxi loved their cute notebooks that were filled with all sorts of cartoons. Even though she wouldn’t use it, she still bought a bunch!

Fortunately, Yang Chen carried the Sumeru ring and found a place to store the big shopping bags in the space rings to free his hands.

When evening came, Yang Chen brought Lin Ruoxi to the biggest seafood market in Seoul, Noryangjin. 

Tourists wouldn’t really know about this market since group tours wouldn’t bring them here.

Sixty percent of the seafood in Seoul was supplied by this market, which proved just how massive it was.

Lin Ruoxi really enjoyed the market, slowly comparing different stalls as the bought her food.

She kept giggling as she picked up crabs, lobsters, and abalones as if she was filled with curiosity. Yang Chen was stupefied by her reaction.

Seafood that was bought here could be cooked by the restaurant upstairs, giving the customers a chance to have fresh seafood.

The bliss of eating a raw octopus’s leg with chili sauce was indescribable!

The first day of their honeymoon trip ended just like that.

In the following days, the couple went and experienced the sauna in Korea. There were the seventy-five-degree clay kilns, the sixty-five-degree charcoal kilns, the forty-five-degree salt kilns, and lastly to cool you down, they had ice rooms too. Each kiln had different properties. Charcoal had calming effects while salt had beautifying effects.

They shopped for decorations in Insadong, rode the ferry on Hangang, and enjoyed birdwatching there. During late-night, they ate and drank soju in a Pocha.

Time flew by quickly as they spent it together. Lin Ruoxi had never once imagined that she would be on a trip like this with her husband.

A week after their joyful trip, Park Cheon whom they had not met for days, finally sent someone over to get in touch with them.