They thought he wouldn’t be doing anything prior to his surgery but he had arranged an official welcome back party for Zhenxiu.

His complexion seemed healthier because of Zhenxiu’s return and the effect of pre-surgery conditioning. 

The welcome party was delayed because of his health and it was finally happening within two days.

It was meant to introduce Zhenxiu to their relatives and the high society. In addition to that, the announcement for Park Cheon’s liver transplant would take place, clearing up all the rumors about his health. 

Well, in another sense, he was also announcing it to the public that he had found a liver source so that his employees would be relieved. 

The party was held at a five-star hotel under the Moonstar Group and commenced before nightfall.

With the hall packed with successful businessmen dressed in tuxedos and their partners dressed in glamorous evening gowns. Some of the older women wore colorful Hanbok instead.

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi weren’t fond of the limelight, so they chose to stay at a quiet corner while sipping on champagne. It didn’t help that they did not know anyone in the hall

Probably because of their temperaments, the Koreans could tell that they were both Chinese. Even though they were confused by their existence, no one approached them.

Part of it was probably due to Lin Ruoxi’s dress. A black evening gown with a white coat over her shoulders. It wasn’t sexy nor eye-catching, so people did not notice her as much.

Park Cheon stood in the center, receiving blessings from others. Next to him was the Gongs and Doctor Lee Eunjeong.

Judging by the people around him, it was impossible for him to take out time to greet Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi.

Suddenly, a tall Caucasian woman walked through the crowd and sat next to Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi.

She took a glass of champagne from a nearby server before gulping it down.

While fanning herself with an irritated look, she complained, “I should have worn something like Miss Lin. Korean men are so persistent. They keep insisting on speaking English despite my fluency in Korean. Why bother speaking a language you can barely converse in?”

Yang Chen nodded after seeing the group of men who were staring at Jane, “Just ignore them, it’s not a crime to be rude sometimes.” 

Jane raised her brows, “No, can’t do, I’m a lady.”

Lin Ruoxi chuckled, “Jane, a lady wouldn’t badmouth others behind their back.”

Jane covered her mouth and giggled.

Feeling curious, Yang Chen asked, “Who’s in charge of Director Park’s surgery? Aren’t you examining him? Or did he place Lee Eunjeong in charge?”

Jane shrugged nonchalantly. “I don’t think he trusts me. Maybe because I’m too young. Besides, the Gong clan kept vouching for Doctor Lee and it’s true that he’s more prepared than I am. Well, I haven’t been focusing on it ever since that night. I’m not obsessed about surgeries so there’s no point in fighting for it when it’s not a tough surgery. I wouldn’t have come here if it wasn’t for my students.”
“What have you been doing then? Yang Chen wondered.

Jane sounded excited, “I went to a village near Seoul and learned how to make the most authentic kimchi!”

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi gulped. It was hard to understand where her enthusiasm was coming from. 

“Didn’t you say the Park clan offered you a high pay? Did you ask for a raise, so he chose Lee Eunjeong instead?” Yang Chen asked.

Jane nodded with furrowed brows. “That’s possible, because technically for a transplant surgery like this, it usually costs around one million USD. There’s a chance that the Gong clan will do it for free for Director Park.”

“How much did you ask for?” Yang Chen was curious.

Jane showed him two fingers.

“Two million?”

“How is that possible?!” Jane rolled her eyes. “Two million isn’t even enough for me to look at his tongue. Twenty million in British pounds!”

Yang Chen sucked in a cold breath, wasn’t that equivalent to 200 million Yuan?!

This was nothing close to surgery, more like robbery!

Lin Ruoxi’s jaw dropped in disbelief, “Jane, why is it so expensive?”

Jane said casually, “It depends on the person. If it’s for war refugees, it would be free. But Park Cheon is one of the top billionaires in Asia. 20 million pounds is nothing compared to his net worth. Besides that, I don’t know him so there’s no discount. Didn’t he ask for a one hundred percent success rate? I can guarantee that, because I will never fail!”

She wagged her pinky proudly.

“No wonder he didn’t choose you. With that price of yours, he’d cough out blood even if you really save him.” Yang Chen smiled bitterly as Lin Ruoxi nodded in agreement.

“That has nothing to do with me. I wasn’t interested in an easy surgery anyways. I came here because the difficulty increased due to his age and medical history.” Jane said nonchalantly.

Lin Ruoxi asked Yang Chen curiously, “Hubby, I thought you can staunch bleeding and drive out toxin? Why don’t you try it on Director Park?” 

Yang Chen shook his head. “I’m not a God. I can only do simple treatments. His critical organ is damaged and that doesn’t allow room for errors. I’m not a doctor so I know nothing about physiology. Think of it like a car. I can wash the car and change the engine oil but I’m not a mechanic nor an engineer. I would still need an engineer to change the engine and electric board.”

As they were chatting, two figures walked in from the entrance and caught Yang Chen’s attention. 

After taking a closer look, it turned out they were actually Park Jonghyun and Li Jingjing?!

Park Jonghyun was wearing a white suit and he looked dashing as ever. 

Li Jingjing was wearing a pink evening gown with a yellow ribbon tied around her waist. This flaunted her bust and her curvy figure.

Most of the guests were familiar with Park Jonghyun who was currently in charge of the Starmoon group.

Soon enough, they walked towards him and greeted Park Jonghyun. Some even asked him about Li Jingjing with a suggestive smile.

Li Jingjing nodded her head at them with a reserved smile while Park Jonghyun introduced them to her.

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi exchanged gazes with each other, sensing the uneasiness in each other’s eyes.

“Jingjing…why does she…” Lin Ruoxi didn’t dare to finish her sentence. It was an unexpected change of events.

Yang Chen furrowed his brows and looked towards Li Jingjing who was also glancing towards him.

Their gazes met midair, but Li Jingjing only held her gaze for a second before turning back to converse with the unfamiliar guests.

Worry surfaced in Yang Chen’s eyes. His mind couldn’t remain at peace as he watched her giggling beside Park Jonghyun.

At this moment, Park Jonghyun and Li Jingjing looked like a perfect match as they stood together. People started to flatter them and bless them, though no one could tell if they were being sincere.

Yang Chen’s gaze flickered and hardened as he stood up!

Lin Ruoxi pulled him before he could move. “What are you doing?!”

“She’s betting on her life. I can’t just watch her ruin her own life!” Yang Chen tried to suppress his anger.

Lin Ruoxi’s face turned cold. “Are you planning on killing him?! Who are you to interfere?! If you did this to her, you’re basically telling her that you were lying to her on that day!”