Yang Chen was stumped for words, having heard her.

Yeah, who was he to interfere with Li Jingjing’s love life?

He was the one who asked her to stay away so how could he bother her?

Lin Ruoxi persuaded him to calm down. “How about this? I’ll try and talk to Jingjing privately. She will only be irritated if you were to interfere with her life.”

Yang Chen looked at her deeply before nodding. Her plan was more appropriate compared to his. 

“I’ll leave it to you then. I don’t wish to have Old Li blaming me over their daughter’s misfortune.”

“Mmh.” Lin Ruoxi nodded and patted his hand.

Soon, the party started officially.

After a heartfelt opening from Park Cheon, the protagonist of today’s party,  Zhenxiu, walked into the hall.

She was wearing a light grey mermaid dress with a blue diamond necklace draped around her neck. 

Her beauty gained stares from the young men all across the hall.

Yoo Yeonhee was much prettier than the other celebrities in Korea and since they shared the same bloodline, Zhenxiu’s beauty was slowly radiating as she grew up.

Well, he hoped Zhenxiu wouldn’t be as corrupted as Yoo Yeonhee was.

Zhenxiu greeted everyone with a bashful smile, having received compliments and applause from everyone.

Park Cheon chuckled, feeling pleased to see them complimenting his dearest granddaughter.

All of the Park clan members except for Yoo Yeonhee were already present at the party.

Regardless of their actual thoughts, they still looked as if they truly welcomed Zhenxiu’s return.

Moments later, Park Cheon motioned the crowd to fall silent before walking towards the microphone.

“Today, other than having a welcome party for my granddaughter, I would like to seize this opportunity to invite everyone to the ceremony on the eleventh where I’ll be handing over the clan to Zhenxiu. She will officially be the legal heir to the clan and to the Starmoon Group! Thank you!”

Park Cheon bowed to them in a serious manner.

The guests were about to applaud when a sudden change of events shocked them!

Park Cheon who was bowing down, suddenly collapsed onto the ground!

His face was ghastly pale and drenched in a cold sweat as he gripped his chest tightly. He had fainted!

The crowd roared!
Zhenxiu was shocked at first and she reacted immediately with a loud shriek while running towards Park Cheon.

She called him desperately but Park Cheon was already unconscious with his eyes rolled back!

“Call the ambulance! Quick!!” Park Jiyeon yelled in a panic-stricken manner.

Park Jonghyun rushed to the stage and called Park Cheon with a distraught expression.

Soon, the bodyguards gathered around Park Cheon.

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi both stood up whereas Jane picked up her long dress and dashed towards the stage.

Gong Gyechung motioned Lee Eunjeong to check on the situation and he ran towards the stage with a heavy expression. While running, he ushered the bodyguards to stay away from Park Cheon as he declared his identity as a doctor.
Lee Eunjeong put his finger under Park Cheon’s nose before saying, “Don’t panic, he’s still breathing. I’ll definitely save him once he's sent to the hospital!”

“Doctor Lee, what exactly happened to my grandfather?!” Park Jonghyun asked.

With furrowed brows, Lee Eunjeong answered him, “I can’t be sure yet, but it shouldn’t be related to the tumor in his liver. We can only confirm it after a thorough scan.”

Jane, who had gotten onto the stage, pushed the crowd away and bent down to press her palm on Park Cheon’s chest.
The Park clan members knew Jane was one of the doctors for Park Cheon so no one stopped her.

“Doctor Jane, did you find something?” Park Jiyeon asked with a concerned expression.

Jane sighed, “Things are more complicated now by my estimations…”

Lee Eunjeong was displeased. “Doctor Jane, please do not frighten them. Doctors can’t make a judgment before a thorough check-up.”

Jane wasn’t bothered by him at all, standing up to leave the stage instead.

The guests whispered to one another with a worried or delighted face.

The party ended during the climax, accompanied by the sound of sirens.

Park Cheon was sent to the hospital immediately and his clan members followed him too.

Zhenxiu was bawling her eyes out and that made Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi extremely concerned. They tagged along and made their way to the Seoul University Hospital. One of the best hospitals in Korea whereby the Gong clan was the biggest shareholder.

After an emergency surgery performed by Lee Eunjeong’s team, Park Cheon finally regained his consciousness. He was hospitalized in an ICU after a CT scan with a nasal cannula on his face.

In a small meeting room located inside the hospital, the Park and Gong clans were discussing Park Cheon’s condition with the medical team.
Jane and her students sat with Lee Eunjeong’s team and none of them talked after checking the data and scan images. Their expressions were equally heavy and solemn.

Yang Chen sat with Lin Ruoxi on the side, listening quietly to their conversation since it wasn’t appropriate for them to talk

“Doctor Lee, what happened to my grandfather? If this has nothing to do with his liver, what is it then?!” Park Jonghyun asked frantically.

Lee Eunjeong pushed his glasses up and sighed, “Three years ago, President Park underwent a BATISTA surgery. I’m sure you guys remembered that.”

“BATISTA surgery?” Park Jiyeon was reminded of something. “You mean heart surgery?”

“That’s right,” Lee Eunjeong said. “This must have happened because that surgery had failed.”

“Ah?! How can this be?!” The daughter-in-law Yoo Homyeong slammed the table furiously.

Zhenxiu asked the doctor with teary eyes, “Doctor, what is the BATISTA surgery?”

Lee Eunjeong explained it to her in a profound manner. “The BATISTA surgery is named after the inventor, Professor Batista. It removes the viable ventricular tissue to reduce its size. It is a highly complicated surgery, but it is also a vital surgery for patients that require a heart transplant.” 

“That’s right, grandfather did undergo the BATISTA surgery, but the American doctor said it was successful!” Park Jonghyun replied.

Jane was deep in thought for a long time with her arms crossed before her chest. “It was successful, but this didn’t happen because that surgery failed. His heart deteriorated because of his condition. Despite having gone through the BATISTA surgery, it didn’t mean that his heart would recover. Numerous factors must have contributed to the lowered ejection fraction, so his blood circulation was affected.”

Everyone else was lost whereas Jane’s students looked at her with eyes filled with admiration.

Lee Eunjeong wasn’t pleased with her attitude. “Your analysis does make sense, do you have any idea for a treatment?”

Jane turned around and stared at Lee Eunjeong as if he was an idiot. “Doctor Lee, isn’t it obvious? What else do you think we can do to save a dying heart except for a heart transplant?”

“I…you…” Lee Eunjeong’s face was flushed, he was too slow to realize that he had asked a silly question.

Gong Gyechung interjected at this moment with a smile. “Doctor, please hear a layman out. I don’t think your treatment makes sense. I might not be a doctor but according to what I know, President Park Cheon’s body will not be able to withstand two major surgeries for an organ transplant.”