The crowd went dead silent at Gong Gyechung’s words.

Those who had no prior knowledge about medicine would know the risk of a liver transplant, let alone a subsequent heart transplant.

Even a young and healthy man wouldn’t be able to withstand it!

Jane shook her head. “I didn’t say we should transplant the heart after the liver.”

“Hmph, it makes no difference either way!” Lee Eunjeong said in disdain.

Jane still shook her head. “The only way to do this is to perform both transplant surgeries simultaneously!”


“Have you lost your mind?1”

“Is she even a doctor?!”

The doctors from Lee Eunjeong’s team started freaking out.

They were obviously appalled by her plan!

Lee Eunjeong sneered. “Miss Jane, I’d rather not call you as a doctor. Don’t you know that a patient like President Park can’t undergo a heart transplant! That is against the rule and our licenses will be revoked!”

Jane shrugged. “I wouldn’t say anything if you have a better plan to save the patient. I’ll stay firm in my opinion if you can’t think of a better way.”

“Hmph, you’re a crazy woman!” Lee Eunjeong slammed the table. “My team will take care of Director Park Cheon’s surgery and I’ll make sure his body is ready for it before carrying out the heart transplant surgery! You don’t have to care about this anymore!”

Jane’s eyes glinted. “If you still have any brain cells left, you should know that his heart will die if the surgery isn’t carried out within a week!”

“We can’t do the heart and liver transplant simultaneously! No one has ever done something like this before! That is murder!”

Jane snickered. “Why will it be impossible. Is it just because no one has ever done it before?”

“Are you saying that you can do it?!” Lee Eunjeong thought he had heard a baffling joke.

Jane tapped Vincent’s shoulders. “My student Vincent will do the liver transplant while I do the heart transplant. My student Wallen will be an anesthetist. It wouldn’t be a tough surgery as long as we cooperate well.”

Vincent and Wallen might admire her but they knew it was an impossible mission!

“Nonsense! Nonsense!” Lee Eunjeong got up with a furious expression and told the Park clan, “Everyone, please don’t believe her blabber! Any surgeon in the whole world will know that she has gone crazy just to get some hands-on!”

“Why are you getting anxious? It’s up to the patient to make the decision. You can say whatever you want if you can guarantee his survival. If you don’t, there’s no point in saying anything.” Jane said flatly.

Lee Eunjeong’s face was flushed, being stumped for words.

As a matter of fact, after reorganizing his thoughts, he recognized that there was no cure to Park Cheon’s current condition!

Just when the Park clan had all fell silent, Gong Gyechung stood up and said, “Everyone, since Doctor Jane has the plan and the ability to carry it out, why don’t we recommend it to Director Park? Even if it violates the rules, it wouldn’t be a problem if Director Park agreed to it personally.”

Others cast a weird look at him.

He was obviously trying to get away from this which showed that he no longer had confidence in Lee Eunjeong so he wanted to push the responsibility to Jane.

Lee Eunjeong felt insulted. “Director Gong, I……”

“Doctor Lee!” Gong Gyechung cut him off and while frowning he said, “I’m sure you tried your best but if Doctor Jane has a better way to do it, we’ll pass it to her.”

Lee Eunjeong gulped. Although he was dissatisfied with this, he could only nod dejectedly. After all, he was just a servant to the Gong clan.

Lin Ruoxi who was sitting by the side asked Yang Chen with a worried expression, “Hubby, is Director Park really going to die?”

Yang Chen contemplated before saying, “Technically yes, but Jane sounded confident. Even so, it’s hard to predict the outcome of complicated surgeries like this.”

At the end of their discussion, they decided to ask for Park Cheon’s opinion on whether or not Jane would be put in charge.

Zhenxiu’s eyes were swollen for crying. She wanted to accompany her grandfather but after being persuaded by everyone else, she went home eventually with her maid.

Gong Gyechung went back home with his group of people and the only person left behind in the room was the young man Kim Jip. 

Even though no one had ever heard his voice, Yang Chen could sense something heavy in his gaze. It was much heavier than simple tears.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

By the roadside of a condominium in Gangnam, Li Jingjing was seen getting out of a black Benz.

Park Jonghyun followed her down the car and escorted her to the door.

Li Jingjing turned around and gave him a polite smile. “Thanks for sending me back. It’s getting late now so you should go back soon.”

Park Jonghyun tried to hug her with a gentle expression but Li Jingjing took a step back to avoid him but that didn’t anger him.

“Vivian, I’m being honest. Ever since you accepted my confession, I’ve been feeling energetic every day. When will you be my girlfriend officially?”

Li Jingjing bit her lips and forced a smile. “I still…I still need some time to get used to it, since we barely know each other.”

“It’s alright, I can wait. Contact me whenever you want, and I’ll come to you immediately.” Park Jonghyun said gently.

Li Jingjing nodded and hummed as a response. “You should go back now, it’s cold outside.”

“Alright, rest well.” Park Jonghyun waved his hands and left as soon as he got into the car.

Li Jingjing looked at the empty street and sighed once his car was gone.

She was about to unlock the door when she heard her name being called from afar.


Li Jingjing turned around and realized that Lin Ruoxi was running towards her while wearing a white puffer.

A bashful smile was evident on her face.

“Sister Ruoxi…why are you…” Li Jingjing was stumped for words at her surprise visit.

Lin Ruoxi rubbed her fingers together and pointed at her apartment. “Care to invite me in for a cup of hot tea? We haven’t been talking for a while and it rare for us to meet in Korea.”

Li Jingjing hesitated at first as if she was reminded of something, but she nodded eventually, “Mmh, come in.”

Back in Park Jonghyun’s car, he was seen leaning by the door with a grin while tapping his fingers along to the beat of the music.

His assistant was driving the car and was confused to see him in a good mood. “Young master, Teacher Vivian is just a Chinese woman. She doesn’t have any background so why would you spend so much effort to court her? You could’ve just played with her and ditched whatever was left of her, no?”

Park Jonghyun snorted, “People like you can only play with strippers. How low class…Vivian isn’t an ordinary woman. Just like what you said, she doesn’t have any background and yet she refused a man like me continuously. Don’t you think she’s special?”

The assistant was startled but he grinned within the next second. “True…even Miss Yoo Yeonhee begged to have you.”

“Hmph, only a woman like this will invoke the desire in a man. I can’t do anything to her. I will conquer her heart slowly than her body. Lastly, I’ll crush her and break all her dignity. Wouldn’t that be fulfilling?” Park Jonghyun smirked.  

The assistant giggled. “As expected of the young master to have so many ways to play with women. I’m just hoping that you wouldn’t waste it and give her to us when you’re bored.”

“You good-for-nothing!” Park Jonghyun knocked his head. “I won’t leave out you guys!”

At this time, Park Jonghyun’s cell phone rang.

He picked it up and furrowed his brows before answering the call, “What?”

After hearing from the other side, he ended the call and told his assistant, “I’m not going back yet, drive to the Myeongdong Hotel.”