The next morning, Park Cheon’s condition was already stabilized and he was awake. 

Before him was a portable stand table, on it was three different documents awaiting his signature. 

Also in attendance were Gong Gyechung and Lee Eunjeong on one side, Zhenxiu and the rest of the Park family, while Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi rushed to the ward in the nick of time earlier that morning.

Right in front was Jane along with her two mentees thoroughly explaining the flow of the surgery he was about to undergo. 

Fully clarifying the procedures, Jane took to announce. “CEO Park Cheon, here before you are three agreements pending your signature. One for the operation, blood transfusion, and anesthetic acknowledgment certificates. Once you’re done, we can proceed with the operation. The replacement liver and heart have been previously secured by Mr Gong here.”

Park Cheon glanced towards Lee Eunjeong out of the blue, before he turned towards Jane. “The abrupt change of head surgeon must mean that the surgery must be precarious.”

Lee Eunjeong’s face turned red as a pulp, quickly comprehending that Park Cheon just declared before everyone that his skills were less proficient than Jane’s.

Jane replied with a bright smile, promptly illuminating the ward like a ray of morning sunshine.

“I guess so. Otherwise, for me to head an operation will cost a fortune, most wealthy people wouldn’t even consider.”

Park Cheon smiled. “Twenty million pounds wouldn’t leave a dent.”

Jane responded with an immediate shake of the head. “Correction, it’s forty million, pounds.”


Park Jiyeon on the side responsively blurted, even Gong Gyechung and Lee Eunjeong were taken aback by her offer. 

Jane righteously added, “It was twenty million when it was only a liver transplant surgery. But now that there is a heart transplant, which will single-handedly increase the complexity, it was only reasonable that I raise the costs.”

“You...that’s daylight robbery!” Park Jiyeon taunted.

“Say whatever you like, words said cannot be taken back.”


Park Cheon raised his hand, hinted for silence in the room.

Staring deeply towards Jane, he then chuckled. “You got it, forty million, it’s set. I believe you must be confident judging from the price you requested for. Knowing the risk, I’m sure you have your ways around this.I must ask one thing, however, before the surgery starts. How many years do I have down the line if the surgery succeeds?”

Jane crossed her arms, contemplating for a moment before she clarified. “Generally speaking, a heart transplant patient would have an eighty percent chance to live up to two years, give or take a year. But if strict observation and wellbeing maintenance were in place, while the heart graft rejection is kept under control, one can easily live for another ten years. If CEO Park Cheon would be keen to extend your longevity, why don’t you talk to Mr Yang Chen in attendance? He sure has his methods when it comes to a long life. Saving your life might be out of his scope but retaining your body’s functioning capabilities for years to come is his area of expertise.”

“Mr Yang?” Park Cheon mumbled, while his gaze turned towards Yang Chen at the far corner by the window pane. 

Yang Chen responded to the sudden shift of attention with a wide grin. “CEO, my family has a secret recipe passed down through generations. People in the field appropriately named it ‘Great fire of one match that lasts for three nights, supreme creation blessed by divinity, the one and only pill of divine oils!’

Centuries ago, the legendary Generals of the Yang Family used these exact pills to infiltrate the heavenly gate formation! It is proven to boost vigor and longevity, strengthen bones and rejuvenate muscles. Once your surgery is done I will offer you a sample. I can guarantee you would be as strong as an ox in no time!”

That bombastic string of words caught everyone's attention. They were impressed by Yang Chen's fluency in Korean.

Lin Ruoxi ever so slightly pulled on her husband’s shirt. “Hubby, what were you saying?”

Yang Chen promptly repeated his remark, this time in Mandarin. 

“When did we ever have something like that?” Lin Ruoxi’s brows slightly tweaked. 

“Dummy, I’ve been refining pills haven’t I? Just two of the lowest quality qi rejuvenation pills could boost an extra seven, eight years to his longevity. It’s much easier money than your fashion business.”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at his remark and puffed on her fringe. 

After the arrangements were made, Park Cheon retrieved his metal ballpen from the gloved hand of one of his bodyguards and solemnly signed each of the three agreements before him.

After the signage was done, Jane’s expressions turned somber as she collected the documents and nodded in respect to the old Park Cheon.

“Thank you for offering me your trust. I give you my word that your faith will be rewarded. All things said, there is no time to lose. The operation will begin at two in the afternoon.”

“Much appreciated.” Park Cheon gave her a little nod in response.

The ambiance in the ward returned to its previous grim but with even darker overtones this time around. This surgery would put the future of their possessions, their positions of power, and the entire corporation at stake!

Leaving the ward, Park Jonghyun was especially distressed as he sought reassurance. “Dr Jane, is my grandfather...really going to be fine?”

Closely observing Park Jonghyun’s earnest inquiry left most with little opportunity to question his sincerity. 

“I never fail,” Jane confidently replied. 

Lee Eunjeong by the corner scoffed at her answer and immediately prompted a vain glare from Gong Gyechung. 

The ragtag group of people casually settled for lunch at the hospital canteen. After an hour’s break, Jane and her two American mentees gathered their surgery team and headed towards the operating theater. 

The medical facilities available at the University of Seoul Hospital were cutting edge, hence no further arrangements were required. After he was put on general anesthesia, Park Cheon was pushed into the operating theater. 

The rest of those present gathered at the viewing platform located at the upper corner of the operating theater and was in perfect distance to observe the surgery. This surgery in particular unsurprisingly attracted many doctors from the hospital to witness a master at work. 

Right before the operation was about to start, Gong Gyechung made a confirmation call, before he signaled through the operation. “The excision of the heart reserved for the transplant has already begun. It will arrive at the hospital in exactly one hour. The liver on the other hand has arrived safe and sound, the surgery can begin.”

Jane nodded in response. She composedly distributed the tasks amongst them. “One last reminder, the operation will proceed as planned, Jansen will handle the liver transplant, I will be responsible for the heart transplant, and Valen will be in charge of anesthetics, and will be closely monitoring the operational status, is that clear?”

Operational status in layman terms would mean the patient’s physiological and mental burden throughout the process of the operation. To keep it stable meant a more successful operation. 

The medical team agreed in unison, yet facing what could be their toughest operation in their entire careers, they were even skeptical in the beginning if there was even a chance for them to succeed!

Even if Jane was clearly the pinnacle of the medical profession, it was still a borderline ridiculous challenge. 

After the acknowledgment, Jansen was first to speak. “Liver transplant surgery begins now, tweezers, string sixty…”

Promptly following was Jane. “Heart transplant procedure for dilated cardiomyopathy begins now, surgical knife…”

Nurses swiftly responded to their requests with the required equipment. The race against Hell began right then!

On the observation platform, Zhenxiu was distraught. Noticing the commencement of the operation, she quickly took to questioning Gong Gyechung by her side. “President Gong, why isn’t the heart for transplant arriving yet, shouldn’t it arrive before the operation starts?”

Lee Eunjeong at that moment played the wise narrator as he took to reply. “Miss Zhenxiu, the heart for transplant is unfit for premature excision. It would compromise the heart functions, and might even die from the lack of physiological support. Therefore, to ensure its survivability, we have to ensure that it arrives just on time and not too early.”

Zhenxiu was hardly any closer to comprehending the situation but felt rather convinced by his reply. 

Yang Chen reactively frowned, “Hmm...there better not be any “miscalculations” in timing I hope.”

Gong Gyechung was offended. “Mr Yang, with all due respect, the heart and liver to be utilized for the transplant are fully under the responsibility of the Gong clan. If anything were to happen do you think we could get out of public scrutiny completely unscathed? Even if you doubt our respect and sincerity for the CEO, I hope you could respect our common sense.”

Yang Chen shrugged in response. After giving it some thought, it does make sense that the Gong clan would not succumb to such error-prone methods to undermine Park Cheon.

Meanwhile, at the operating theater below, Jane’s efficiency was at an all-time high. It left the nurses in a daze and even seasoned medical practitioners like Lee Eunjeong and Gong Gyechung themselves were rather amazed by her impeccable capability.

Jane had completely engulfed herself into the operation as she smoothly went from one procedure to the next with little to no hesitation.

“Bone cutter...muscle hook...scalpel...chest expander…”

One after another the equipment was handed to Jane, and like a professional, every move was executed seamlessly and efficiently. 

That left Jansen working on liver transplant in immense pressure, in hopes of not disappointing his mentor. 

Everyone in observation held their breath before Jane broke the silence. “It’s glued, exceeding the aorta, onto the edges of the heart…” 


Lee Eunjeong couldn’t help but cry out, the face of the other higher-ranked doctors in witness all turned solemn.

Zhenxiu reactively questioned, “What’s going on, why is everyone suddenly so grim?”