Lee Eunjeong sighed. “Ever since the last surgery, the condition of his deteriorating heart turned out to be worse than initial predictions. The adhesions have spread to the corresponding regions and to fully remove the adhesions, even with Dr Jane’s skills, would take three hours at its bare minimum!”

Another doctor watching by the sides added, “Point is, if the excision cannot be done on time, the transplant cannot proceed!”

Meanwhile, Jane who was actually involved in the operation was hardly concerned as she turned towards her assistant surgeon. “You’ll handle adhesion removal around the perimeter of the heart. Make haste, but please be careful.”

The assistant surgeon promptly nodded. As part of the elite American medical team himself, there was little debate regarding his professionalism. He quickly reached for the surgical mesh cloth and a scalpel to proceed with disinfection. 

The operation continued as scheduled with Jane at its core, orchestrating the flow of the entire operating theater. 

“The patient has stopped breathing!” 

“Switching off ventilations, blood pressure unchanged!” 

“Temporarily increase the oxygen viscosity up one decimal!” Jane commanded, before once again turning to her assistant surgeon. “Try exercising on the fringes.”

“Yes ma’am!”

Minutes slipped past and Lee Eunjeong on the observation platform flipped his watch to check the time. “The heart transplant has to be done within four hours. There are only two hours and thirty minutes left. If this goes on, even when the heart to be transplanted arrives, the procedure will not be completed on time.”

Zhenxiu at that point was already on the verge of tears. 

Housemaid Eunjung at the back patted her on the shoulder, despite being equally distressed. 

Park Jonghyun took a quick look at the time but was followed by an eerie half-smile. 

Back in the operating theater, Jane seamlessly maintained the flow of each and every procedure. 

“Let me handle the inferior vena cava, probe-pointed scissors…”

A few of the assistants were drenched in a cold sweat but were nonetheless impressed by the calm and collected approach of Dr Jane, despite being in intense pressure. 

Jansen by the other end of the operating table was also attempting his best to be unswayed by his surroundings while progressing on the liver transplant as planned. 

“In regards to the liver transplant, the hepatic artery has been successfully attached, to proceed with gallbladder reconstruction. Tweezers, line forty…”

Jane glanced towards Jansen, acknowledging his capabilities with a nod of recognition. 

Jansen, on the other hand, replied with an awkward smile behind his surgical mask. He knew that even if the liver transplant succeeded, it wouldn’t matter if the heart transplant could not be completed on time!

Right at that moment, Valen exclaimed. “The intestines are beginning to expand. Increase the dosage of the muscle relaxants. Dr Jane, if conditions remain, our chances of success diminishes with time!”

“Calm down, did you not think I took it into account? But as medical practitioners, even when there’s a slim chance of success, we will have to give our all in making it work.”

Her words struck each and every single one of the medical staff in the operating theater. Her sincerity and empowerment seemingly infected all as everyone regained their confidence. 

Back on the observation platform, Lee Eunjeong seemed gradually convinced by Jane’s dedication to her craft as he attentively observed. 

Right at that moment, the observation platform’s phone line rang. 

The Dean of the University Hospital picked up the call, silently listened for a bit, before he hastily handed it over to Gong Gyechung.

Moments after, Gong Gyechung burst into a fit of rage as he roared. “What? What the hell is wrong with you dimwits! Clean up the accident site immediately! And get it back!”

Everybody in attendance quickly picked up on his conversation, some even took to ask. “Did something happen to the heart?”

Gong Gyechung's face turned pale as a sheet. “The transport vehicle with the heart was caught in an accident. Now the entire section of the road is in a standstill!”

“What...what now?! It’s been two hours and why only now did they break the news! “ Liu Haoming howled. 

Zhenxiu was petrified as she interrogated. “You literally just said there won’t be a problem!”

Her remark led to a chain reaction of suspicious gaze towards Gong Gyechung, leaving him in a difficult position. 

“Damn it...I couldn’t care less if you believe me but I never would have expected an accident to happen!” Gong Gyechung clenched his teeth.

“President Gong, what is this nonsense? Why would it happen right now and not anytime else? Isn’t this too big a coincidence?!” Park Jonghyun questioned.

Gong Gyechung cynically replied, looking right at Park Jonghyun. “Wouldn’t we all want to know. If someone intentionally foiled our arrangements…” The tension quickly raised within the observation platform. 

Lee Eunjeong ground his teeth as he yelled into the phone line. “Dr Jane, the heart that was en route to the hospital has been held up. The entire traffic section has been blocked. It will not arrive on time. I repeat it will not arrive on time. Please proceed with the immediate revision of procedures!”

In the operating theater, the medical staff has all but completely given up. This final piece of news was like a nail in the coffin!

Even Jane’s rhythmic hands came to a halt, with complex emotions she stared towards the people in the observation platform. 

Kim Jip that had been silent this whole time stood up for the occasion. “Which road was it caught in? I will rush to the scene to collect it.”

“It’s around the south side of Dongjak bridge, I have already sent my men to immediately pass on for a transfer through a different route.” Gong Gyechung replied. 

“There isn’t enough time for that, tell them to stay where they are, I shall pick them up with my chopper.” Once he made himself clear, Kim Jip turned around and went straight for the exit.

Gong Gyechung was conflicted with the blatant showing of the Park clan’s distrust of his handling. 

Yang Chen walked towards the front of the operation platform, then signaled Jane with a special ops hand sign only she would understand. 

Jane caught his signal, nodded, and proceeded with the surgery. 

Yang Chen then strolled towards Lin Ruoxi. “I'm going for a run. I don’t think they would make it on time. Stay here with Zhenxiu.”

Lin Ruoxi too was anxious, instantly noticing Yang Chen’s intention to retrieve the heart, she was in full support. 

In the operating theater, Jane contemplated for a moment, before she turned towards her assistant surgeon. “I need you to handle the superior vena cava, in addition to our prior arrangements. Jansen, how’s progress?”

Jansen quickly replied, “Now entering the concealing process of the free intestines...tweezers…”

Valen on the side was visibly shaken. “Dr Jane, do you the heart could even make it…”

Jane glared at him. “Let’s not overthink it. We have to trust him.”


“Yeah” Jane did not go further into detail, as she urged. “There are only a little more than two hours left. We’re running out of time…” 

Meanwhile, in a protected forest located within an urban nature reserve, in close proximity to the south side of Dongjak bridge. 

Yang Chen hopped out from a secluded corner and fell onto the sidewalk. 

Given that it was mid-day, Yang Chen would do whatever it takes to avoid a public commotion. 

In comparison with Kim Jip and his helicopter trip to retrieve the heart, Yang Chen was undoubtedly quicker. 

Initiating his divine sense to scan his surroundings, Yang Chen quickly located one section congested by the traffic accident. 

Sprinting towards the section of the road, Yang Chen found out that the root of the problem was a gas leakage and a subsequent explosion of a single-car causing the other drivers to stop before it. 

Noticing the wailing sirens of the police and the ambulances, Yang Chen frowned in response. In this suffocating situation, the traffic couldn’t possibly be cleared in two to three hours. Even if the helicopter was to arrive at the scene, it might be a hassle to locate the vehicle with the heart for transplant. 

Yang Chen placed his wariness of public attention at the back of his head as he dashed through rows of disarraying cars, scanning each and every one of them in the process. 

With his rapid capture vision, Yang Chen’s eyes were quickly fixated on a non-ambulance vehicle with the words ‘Second Hospital’ on its doors.

Bolted towards the white transport vehicle, Yang Chen calmly knocked on the door. 

The driver was a hospital employee dressed in a white coat, frustratingly, he asked, “Sir, is there a problem?”

Yang Chen cut to the chase. “I’m from the Park clan, where is the heart for transplant?”

The driver was confused. “Again? There was already a different person claiming that he was from the Park clan that was here just moments ago. He took the heart with him.”

“What?!” Yang Chen promptly came to the revelation of the turn of events. 

“You sure he was from the Park clan? What is his name?”

“He’s a rather fair young man. I think his name is Kim Jip.” The driver earnestly replied. 

Yang Chen minced his eyes. “How long has he left? In which direction? What does the box with the heart look like?”

“He went towards the west side. He left just about two minutes ago. Oh, the box is red.” The driver was visibly still in confusion but was rather upfront with his answers. 

Yang Chen had all the answers he needed, and without further delay sprinted towards the west side. 

Kim Jip could not possibly have arrived here before himself, which meant that the person that had left with the box was prepared to frame Kim Jip for the cause!

But why would he choose the introverted young bodyguard Kim Jip as the scapegoat?

Before he could wrap his head around the situation, a glimpse of red caught Yang Chen’s attention.

Due to his lightning speed reflexes, before the culprit could get far, Yang Chen had already caught up to him. 

Watching the familiar silhouette, with the red parcel in his hands, Yang Chen was stupefied!

That man before him looked identical to Kim Jip!