If he wasn’t absolutely sure that it wasn’t Kim Jip, in terms of appearance and build, Yang Chen might be fooled to think it was the real Kim Jip like everyone else. 

When Yang Chen propelled himself towards the imposter, it shook the man.

“Who the hell are you?” The man reactively questioned. 

Yang Chen grinned. “Huh, you’re a fake alright. Not knowing me is the biggest evidence.”

‘Kim Jip’ reactively took two steps back. “I don’t care who you are, scurry off.”

Yang Chen had zero interest in a conversation knowing that Jane needed the heart to be delivered. He dashed towards the imposter, reached out and placed one hand on the red storage box!

The man was furious. The edges of his lips ever so slightly tweaked as he drew out a sharp dagger and hastily jabbed towards Yang Chen’s belly!

Yang Chen saw it coming from a mile away but was hardly bothered as he grabbed the storage box and snatched it from his grasp!

The man was petrified to find that upon coming into contact with Yang Chen’s flesh was as if it was hit by a rigid slab of iron! The dagger did not damage despite him getting a direct hit!

Witnessing his impenetrable skin regardless of his best efforts was as if he witnessed a demon in human form!

The man had no strength to resist Yang Chen’s aggressive retrieval, but before he could grasp his position Yang Chen held him by chokepoint! 

Yang Chen took a detailed look, noted that the man clearly utilized the transformation technique, turning his originally similar build to match Kim Jip’s face!

A transformation technique was one associated with many regions and organizations in South East Asia and was not one uniquely linked with Japanese ninjas. 

Yang Chen had no intention to rip off his human skin facade, with the consideration that the imposter would prove Kim Jip’s innocence when they met. 

“Great, now it’s my turn, who are you?” Yang Chen solemnly asked. 

“I...I’m Kim Jip! If you dare offend the Park clan you would be cursed to hell!” 

“You really don’t know when to give up huh?” Yang Chen clenched harder. “If you won’t tell me, I’ll break your neck.”

The man clenched his teeth, furiously staring back at Yang Chen.  His eyes screamed rage but he remained silent 

The man was clearly professionally trained to have no fear in the face of death.

Yang Chen had enough of his interactions with the man as he had to make up for the lost time. Just when he was about to bring him to justice, something strange happened!

The imposter trembled vigorously before his mouth spurted blood with viscosity akin to black tar!

Suicide by poisoning?

Yang Chen did not anticipate for him to consume poison while clenching his teeth moments ago!

What organization sends such fearless suicide fighters?!

Yang Chen knew the toxin he consumed would trigger rapid acute cell destruction and was ultimately untreatable. He tossed the body to the side and quickly made his way back to the hospital.

He was convinced that once the police found the corpse, the truth would gradually be revealed.

In an operating theater at Seoul University Hospital.

On the observation platform, several people were anxiously waiting for the good news as they checked on their watches every other minute. 

“Why isn’t the heart arriving yet? At this rate, the heart might lose its functionality before it could be transplanted!” An in-house doctor distressingly remarked. 

Lee Eunjeong grimly replied. “Based on the current progress, the removal of heart adhesion might not even complete in time. So what if the heart for transplant arrives, the original heart would still be inside.”

The crowd seemed completely defeated, some shook their heads in dismay, convinced that the operation had failed in all but name. 

By the operating table, Jansen retrieved the probe-pointed scissors and trimmed the last of the sewing string short. 

After he was done, Jansen let out a sigh of relief, “The transplant of the liver has completed. Dr Jane, my work ends here. I yield good faith on you with the rest of the operation.”

Jane nodded. “Good work.”

The first assistant that was working with Jane simultaneously removed the adhesion around the heart and reported, “Next will be the adhesion removal of the left ventricle, Dr Jane. I suggest we might be behind schedule!”

Jane responsively took a quick look at the observation platform, before she placed down her equipment. 

“Adhesion complete.”

Her words caught the medical team off guard!

“But...doctor! The left ventricle has not been excised!”

“She’s right, Dr Jane, didn’t you say that we should not give up until the very end! Are you biting on your own words?!”

Lee Eunjeong and the rest on the observation platform were furious, as he taunted through the platform phone line. “Jane, what are you doing?! Hurry up, if the left ventricle is not excised in time we might not make it!”

Zhenxiu started sobbing in response. “What’s happening, why isn’t Dr Jane continuing?!”

Lee Eunjeong frowned in dismay. “I don’t know. If the left ventricle was still attached, there is no way to remove the heart. What is Jane thinking?”

Just when everyone in attendance was wrapping their heads around her actions, Jane solemnly took a quick glance at everyone, as she calmly explained. “All we need to do now is to trust that he will bring the heart here on time.” 

Upon finishing, Jane turned towards the clock and kept her silence.

At that moment, every second was painstakingly long for each and every one of the medical staff on duty.

Jane in the eye of the storm was nonetheless relatively calm and collected. 

If it was not for their absolutely helplessness amidst the present situation, Lee Eunjeong and the rest would risk everything to take the coordination of the operation into their own hands!

Five minutes had passed since.

And at that moment, the doors of the operating theater were flung open as a nurse came running in with a red storage box!

“Dr Jane! The heart! The heart is here!”

The team was instantly reinvigorated by the presence of the heart for transplant. After a quick check by opening the storage box, they were now sure that it was indeed the missing piece that they so desperately sought after!

Back on the observation platform, Yang Chen quietly slipped back into position. He hinted at a quick sign to Jane before resuming his role next to Lin Ruoxi. 

Jane eluded a tinge of gratitude through her eyes as she nodded towards Yang Chen. 

Lin Ruoxi that was by the side witnessed their brief exchange and was met with slightly conflicted emotions. 

The chemistry between Yang Chen and Jane left her with a sour taste but was nonetheless not one she could harness ill feelings about. 

Gong Gyechung, who was rather dismayed, took to asking, “Mr Yang, how did you get back so quickly? Even Kim Jip on his chopper couldn’t possibly make it back this quick!”

“I don’t see a problem with that. We’re short in time.” Yang Chen sarcastically replied. 

“Yeah... we sure are.” Gong Gyechung wiped the sweat off his forehead, keeping his curiosity tucked deep. 

Park Jonghyun minced his eyes on Yang Chen, albeit with a tinge of dejection. 

Lee Eunjeong and the other doctors hardly gave Yang Chen any attention as their gazes were all fixated upon Jane. They knew full well that even if the heart for transplant had arrived, the operation would still end in failure if the original heart had not yet been removed!

“Jane...what are you thinking…” Lee Eunjeong and the rest were in deep contemplation.

Right then, after prepping the heart for transplant, Jane finally broke her silence. 

“The transplant will start now. Proceed with Piggyback propagation heart transplant!


A few doctors in attendance gasped from astonishment!

Veins bulged on Lee Eunjeong’s forehead as he repeatedly knocked on the tempered glass, anxiously declaring. “Oh, that’s it! That’s it!”

“What’s happening, Piggyback what?” Gong Gyechung was riddled with confusion.

Lee Eunjeong empathetically explained, “Piggyback. More commonly known as a parallel heart transplant. It’s a method I have only read of in books. In most cases, under the retention of the left aorta, we would remove the damaged heart and replace it with the substitute. But for the piggyback procedure, the methodology is to instead insert the donated heart into the right fringes of the damaged heart, with both hearts functioning simultaneously! One major advantage of this method is that it drastically reduces the seal on the blood vessels, while the host body gets accustomed to the transplanted heart!”

The University Hospital Dean nodded in agreement. “I have only once heard of this surgery once and it was in the UK. That said...the doctor who made it happen, could it be Jane?!”

“However…” Lee Eunjeong nudged and fidgeted. “Even for a parallel transplant, you’d still need to completely detach the original heart…”

The doctors nodded in agreement but were in anticipation of what Jane was ready to do.