Jane was hardly bothered by their empathetic reactions as she made sure her team was in full concentration.

“Equip the Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB), line forty...”

The assistant reached for the tourniquet and a pair of smooth forceps to proceed with suturing work.

“CPB setup complete!” The medical technician replied. 

“Activate at my call. Electric scalpel…” Whilst fixating upon the responsibilities before her, she made sure that her assistant was kept in the loop. “I’ll need you to prepare two strands of eighteen-millimeter artificial veins.”

Her demands left everyone baffled, notwithstanding those in attendance on the observation platform, but many in the medical team as well. “Doctor, the Piggyback would require the artificial vein to connect the void between the aorta, wouldn’t that just require one artificial vein?”

Jane slightly frustrated by his skepticism as she vented, “Just do as I say. No surgery has ever been done by the book. Do not limit your entire perspective within the framework of literature, otherwise you will only be the second in command for the rest of your life.”

Whilst most were still puzzled with her methodology, Lee Eunjeong observed the surgical opening by the right side of the heart closely. Suddenly, everything clicked in his head!

“Dr Lee, what’s going on?” Someone from the background took to asking. 

Lee Eunjeong’s fingers trembled as he pointed at the monitor. “The original Piggyback method was to place the donated heart directly upon the damaged heart and promptly connect the left ventricle with the aorta with the artificial vein as a bridging mechanism. But what Jane is attempting is to insert the donated heart into the healthy regions of the chest pleura and the additional artificial veins were meant to compensate the distance!”

“I guess it might be it. Dr Lee, you sure are a bright one. We would never have figured it out on our own!” Another doctor praised him. 

Lee Eunjeong chuckled bitterly as he sighed. “I only know this in theory. Dr Jane’s the one at the helms, but what astonishes me is how none of us could figure out her plans. Since the very beginning, Jane had already figured out that detachment could not be done in the given time. Damn and we all got so worried all this time. Turns out it was all part of her plan!” The once silent crowd erupted into a conversation.

“So...does that mean that my grandpa can be rescued?” Zhenxiu enthusiastically took to question. 

Lee Eunjeong nodded. “If all things go smoothly, sure.”

Many among the Park clan took a sigh of relief, albeit Park Jonghyun’s reaction was rather stiff. 

Time was ticking. With only fifty minutes left, the chest was cut open, and the heart preparations were ready. Jane started speeding up. “Aorta clamp...cut the blood flow, inject the tranquiliser...start the transplant, pointed scalpel…”

She retrieved the heart from the assistant surgeon, carefully adjusted it in place.

“Tweezers, line forty…”

The attendees by the observation stage were equally anxious. 

“With Jane’s speed, the surgery should be able to finish as scheduled. But the heart might have lost some of its functionality from the delay in transportation. If the donated heart could not support its newly found role, all her effort would go to waste. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen…” Lee Eunjeong analyzed the situation. 

By the operating table, Jane was restless. 

“Initiate blood transfusion...begin sealing the coronary artery, line forty, tweezers…”

“Lift the vacuum extractor up a few degrees. Lower the stress to normal levels. Inject five hundred under the skin, increase FFP…”

Wallen and the other assistant surgeons noticed her increase in speed from before, despite her being the most efficient in the operating theater!

Even the doctors observing from the observation platform were left with their mouths wide open. The sight of such seamless techniques had made them reconsider everything they knew about the field!

Lee Eunjeong clenched his fists. He was envious of her work but also frustrated at himself. 

Amidst her rhythmic techniques, the Piggyback method took far less time than it was scheduled to!

Jane calmly sealed the wound, before she announced towards the medical technician.


“Noted, cut the assistance!” Once the words were dropped, everyone’s gaze fixated upon the heart, in full anticipation of its response. 

Time seemingly had stopped, as everyone in the entire vicinity held their breath.

Seconds went by, and just as some had begun to feel restless, the heart started beating!


The sound of heartbeats unilaterally resonated in everyone’s minds!

“Did they do it? They did it!” Someone from the back exclaimed.

Just when everyone on the observation platform started to sigh from relief, a deafening beep started to resonate.

On the cardiogram, the ectopic heartbeats started rapidly increasing!

Wallen cried. “VT! Chamber movements overload!”

“This...what’s happening?! Wasn’t the operation a success?!” Zhenxiu, who had finally cracked a long due smile moments ago instantly felt her joy taken away from her!

Lee Eunjeong grunted. “VT was more severe than expected due to the extended duration of blood loss. Seems like our biggest fear has come true.”

“How can this be? Can grandpa still be rescued?” Park Jonghyun seemed to be reinvigorated by the condition update, but still sincerely asked. 

Lee Eunjeong shook his head. “The heart has lost its functionality. What more is there to save?” 

“Can’t believe it still wasn’t quick enough…” Lin Ruoxi sympathetically murmured.

Yang Chen reached out to wrap his arm tightly around her shoulder before he comforted. “I trust that Jane has her ways.”

Lin Ruoxi looked him in the eye and noticed the confidence in his gaze, her heart slightly conflicted as a result. 

By the operating table, everyone shifted their attention back to Jane. The operation was a failure in all but name in their eyes. 

Jane shut her eyes tight, contemplated for a moment before abruptly forced them wide open. She promptly requested. “Prepare Lidocaine fifty milligrams, I need twenty joules on the defibrillator!”

Even when it all seemed futile at that moment, the medical technician and the assistant ran around the operating theater to gather the required equipment. 

“Voltage ready to go!”

Jane retrieved the defibrillator, set it in place on the heart before she proclaimed. “Clear the space...power!”

After the jolt, the rapid frequency was still noted on the cardiogram, the VT remained. 

“Dr, I don’t think it’s working…” The nurses were on the verge of tearing up. 

Jane however kept her usual composure as she called out. “Reactivate the CPB!”

“Yes ma’am!”

While reactivating the Cardiopulmonary bypass, team spirits were at an all-time low. 

“Doctor, let’s set up the VAD!” Vincent that was now on the observation platform frantically suggested through the communication line. 

“Ventricular assist device?” 

“Yes, as preparation for the worst-case scenario,” Vincent noted. 

“But based on the Chairman’s conditions, he’s too weak to endure that. After the liver transplant, his body is at its limits.” Lee Eunjeong disagreed. 

Back towards the operating theater, the heart for transplant was still beating, the blood flow was still in continuation. 

All eyes were on Jane as she once again jolted twenty joules on the patient!

“Ma’am, what are you doing?!” Wallen alarmingly noted, only to watch as Jane proceeded to switch onto a new pair of gloves. 

Jane remained silent as she reached out with one hand, and carefully pressed on parts of the heart. 

After a couple of moments, she withdrew her hand. “Stop the heart functions once more.”

“What? Again? But...this is a newly transplanted heart!” The medical technician had to make sure he heard it right. 

Jane nodded as confirmation.

As the transplanted heart once again stopped beating, Jane questioned. “Is the remote cooling system ready to go?”

“Uh...yeah.” The medical technician nodded and hastily proceeded to set up. 

Jane then clarified. “There is a touchpoint in the heart. Once the heart stops and we cut open the cardiac tissue, quickly proceed with rapid cooling. The VT should resolve on its own…”

Lee Eunjeong watching from the observation platform frowned. “In search of the rapid ectopic beats in the heart chambers via a rapid cooling method to allow the treatment device to be inserted into the cardiac muscle. 

It’s true that by using a rapid cooling technique, one could secure the focal point without causing damage to the cardiac muscle. But there is still one major problem. How does one find the focal point by poking around in the dark? A tiny misstep will trigger a neural disruption…”

As the procedures went into refined territories, the rest in attendance had already lost track of his explanation. All they could comprehend was the frugality of potential success on the operation table! But Jane, regardless, was still headstrong and decisive as she retrieved the forceps from her assistant, ready to proceed onto her next step. 

“Dr Jane!” Lee Eunjeong warned at the top of his lungs. “You...can’t possibly know where the focal point is! Are you going in blind?”

Jane lifted her head to look at him straight. “I can feel the heart as it contracts. Once there is a slight delay, I could pinpoint exactly where it’s at.”

Lee Eunjeong was baffled.

“Ridiculous! Feeling the focal point with your bare hands?!” 

“Unless she has somehow memorized and mastered the human heart and every millimeter of its area, this must be a joke!” Many doctors were strongly opposing her intentions.

Yet Jane was naturally unbothered by their skepticism. She decisively sliced at the pinpointed spot!

And quickly after she wielded the rapid cooling treatment onto the point of incision. Once completed, she promptly sealed the wound. 


Once the declaration was made, an attempt to revitalize heart functioning left the audience more on the edge than the last. 

Alas, the heart was once again rejuvenated with a heartbeat, followed by a succession of stable heartbeats!

“The sinus rhythm is normal, VT is absent!” The medical technician ecstatically proclaimed. 

Everyone in attendance cheered. Even the doctors up at the observation platform started clapping from admiration!

Lee Eunjeong duly complimented Jane as he mumbled away. “Am I dreaming, she actually did it…”

The doctors rejoiced in her success. As medical practitioners themselves, they took the chance to applaud her for possessing such refined medical expertise at such a young age!