Soaking up on the sheer joy of those around her, Jane cracked a smile. “I know everyone must be in a jolly mood right now, but must I remind you that the operation is far from done…”

“Yes ma’am!” The medical team that had been constantly at work for the last four hours seemingly lost their fatigue almost instantly as they once again offered their all in completing the operation.

The rest of the operation was far less challenging than it was before, which meant Jane was able to finish up in no time. 

After all readings and visible data showed that Chairman Park Cheon was in stable condition, he was escorted out of the operating theater on a portable hospital bed. 

Jane bowed as an ending act, expressed her gratitude towards everyone in collaboration. She even jested to share some of her commission with the team, notably since she would be receiving a stipend of forty million pounds. 

Zhenxiu was the most relieved to see the old man safe and sound. It had been hardly any time since the resolve of a generation-long conflict and it would be a huge pity for her if he left without her being able to compensate for lost time. 

Now that Park Cheon’s longevity had been greatly increased, Zhenxiu was naturally all the more thankful for Jane’s efforts. As for Park Jiyeon and the rest of the Park clan, most of them shared her relief as at the end of the day, blood was thicker than water. 

Park Jonghyun too took the opportunity to express his gratitude, despite his displeasure being well concealed from the rest of the family. 

As the operation officially came to an end and the crowd was prepared for a proper feast in a nearby restaurant. Kim Jip who was previously absent in search of the donated heart, along with a few other Park clan’s bodyguards returned. 

Kim Jip, who was stoic as usual clearly noted the news of Yang Chen’s early return with the donated heart. 

Walking up towards Yang Chen, Kim Jip gave a ninety-degree bow. “Thank you Mr Yang”.

Yang Chen chuckled. “Did you find the impersonator?”

The middle-aged police officer took to replying to the question. “That is exactly why we’re here, Mr Yang. I am Jang Yoon, leader of the Seoul Metropolitan police force sub-department. According to early investigations, a word from the driver of the Second Hospital declared that you’re the last person that has come into contact with the suspect. So now here’s a question for you, where is this imposter?”

Yang Chen was caught off guard. “Isn’t he dead, you didn’t find his corpse? He drank poison and committed suicide.”

“Mr Yang, I need you to earnestly reply to our question. Since you retrieved the heart used for transplant, you must've seen this man. Please tell us where he is.” Jang Yoon was noticeably irked.

Yang Chen quickly caught on. “Oh, so you’re saying you guys have not seen the corpse anywhere near the crime scene?”

“We’re the police, do you think we’d lie about something like this? Mr Kim Jip here would also be curious to know where the imposter has gone.”

Yang Chen instantly regretted his absentmindedness. If his enemies were to scheme to keep the heart from reaching its intended destination, they would likely have escorts set in place all around the route! When it was evident that the imposter Kim Jip had not arrived on time, the opposition would have easily slipped in unnoticed to retrieve the body.

This time he was caught with no alibi!

“Because the driver saw Mr Kim Jip, and confirmed that he did in fact see Mr Kim Jip first, but we later got the news that you brought the heart back to the hospital. We cannot help but wonder if you were part of this illegal plot.” Jang Yoon suspiciously glanced towards Yang Chen. “Since you could not provide us with a solid alibi, Mr Yang Chen, I would now request that you come with us to the police station for an official statement.”

Zhenxiu that was panicking from the commotion came to Yang Chen’s defense as she anxiously declared. “How can you arrest without proof, Big brother Yang saved my grandfather!”

Lin Ruoxi was lost in translation, as she nudged Yang Chen for a rough translation. 

Yang Chen promptly debriefed the incident in a rough summary and the strange events that followed, leaving Lin Ruoxi in visible concern. 

The crowd knew there were more nasty intentions hidden beneath this scheme, and the mood that was just previously jovial had now quickly become clouded once more. 

Park Jonghyun heroically stood up for him. “Mr Yang is an honorable guest of the Park clan, not to mention his immense deed towards my grandfather this time around. Captain Jang, I  suggest you reconsider your actions.” 

Jang Yoon was not buying any of it as he demanded. “Pfft, without solid evidence, the last one to see the suspect would in turn be the biggest suspect! I would now expect all of you to give complete collaboration with the Republic of Korea National police force!”

An empathetic declaration of patriotism out of the blue left Yang Chen rather disgruntled, notably with the excessive usage of the country’s name in anything and everything by its people.

“Alright alright, you want a testimony I’ll give you a testimony. No big deal. I would want to know where the body went too.” Yang Chen quickly contemplated. He then announced with a grin. “It’s okay guys, rest assured. Go ahead with the dinner, it’s getting late.”

Under Yang Chen’s comforting speech, the crowd agreed that it shouldn’t be too much of an effort as they agreed not to further stall his arrangements. 

Lin Ruoxi knew full well that Yang Chen would not be the one on the short end regardless of circumstances, but was still rather reluctant for her husband to be escorted to the police station. 

Kim Jip as the loyal servant he was left without delay towards Park Cheon’s ward, with no intention of going for dinner with the rest. 

After he bid them farewell, Yang Chen rode on a white van, obviously under police escort as they left the hospital.

The vehicle steered towards the highway for a short journey, before it promptly took a quick exit towards an industrial area in the south of Seoul. 

“Officer Jang, now why’d a police station be at an industrial factory area?” Yang Chen, who was obediently taking a seat at the back kept his silence the whole time, finally took to questioning the situation. 

Jang Yoon and three other police officers in front readily ignored his question. 

Yang Chen grinned at their response but chose not to follow up on his inquiry. 

As the vehicle steered towards a vacant industrial plot, Jang Yoon and the rest of the police officers cracked open the doors, in a hostile manner, hinted for Yang Chen to exit the vehicle. 

“Get down, we’re here.” 

Yang Chen relaxedly hopped off the vehicle, took a quick look at his surroundings, before he added. “Aren’t we going to the police station?”

Jang Yoon led out a sinister grin. “The station? We are, eventually, but not with you.”


“Because this is where you die!” Jang Yoon scowled. “Move it!”

Three towering officers went towards Yang Chen at once! The policemen present were presumably taekwondo masters themselves, with the sophisticated posture and the violence in their attacks!

But Yang Chen naturally was just here for the ride and was hardly bothered by their strength or posture. He caught every single one of their blows like cotton balls floating in the wind!

The high kick of one of the policemen was caught halfway by Yang Chen, which he then lifted up and spun upside down before he was tossed towards the other two policemen as they stumbled like bowling pins!

Not only did their attacks amass to nothing, with hardly any effort they were completely devastated by Yang Chen’s counterattack!

Jang Yoon was visibly shaken from terror as he reached for the pistol kept on his waist, ready to shoot!

Yet before he could get a good grip, a dizzying bolt flashed before him and in the next moment, he could feel the muzzle of his pistol shoved towards his throat. 


Jang Yoon stared in horror with his blood-streaked eyes, readying his hands to beg and plead for his survival. 

Yang Chen scoffed as he flung the pathetic man on the ground, who in turn stumbled and rolled multiple times before he could catch his balance. 

Casually throwing the gun to the side, Yang Chen took a quick look at the four. “You guys must be under the same management as the dead imposter now aren’t you.”

The four of them knew they were at the edge of livelihood tonight but still determined to keep their silence till their last breath. 

Yang Chen half-expected it, hence he reached towards the closest policeman wallowing on the ground, and clenched him by the neck. 

“Who ordered you, what do you seek to achieve? I’m giving you one chance. Talk or die.”

His face was pale as a sheet as he vigorously shook his head in denial. 

Yang Chen seemed rather disinterested as he pouted, casually lifting the man. He exerted his strength ever so slightly...


His spine cracked like a crushed rubber hose!

Blood and flesh oozed onto Yang Chen’s fingers as the man lost his breath in an instant, his eyes seemingly on the verge of popping out of its sockets!

The remaining three, including Jang Yoon, staggered and stumbled. 

Yang Chen tossed the body aside and strolled towards his next target, effortlessly lifting him off the ground. 

The three remaining police officers were so terrified that they didn’t even bother running!

“Since you guys did not ingest poison. My guess is that none of you are assassins. So, how about we move things along. I shouldn’t hope for the rest of you to face a death worse than the first guy.” Yang Chen’s smile was warm and inviting, like a passionate teacher towards his class of cheeky students.