Clenched by the neck against his will, the policeman’s eyes were filled with terror, yet he shook his head and pleaded for his life. 

“Please...let me go! Please...I don’t know...I really don’t...please I don’t wanna die…”

Yang Chen sighed. “I’ve already told you. I want answers…”

Midway through his words, Yang Chen unceremoniously ended his life.

Brutally snapping the neck of the policeman before the eyes of his comrades once again, Yang Chen walked towards the third!

Witnessing the death of two of his comrades before his eyes, the third policeman mustered all the energy he could and grabbed a fist full of dirt and flung it straight to Yang Chen. It was his last attempt to escape!

Yang Chen brushed the dirt off his eyes, visibly displeased. “Well run then, why resort to throwing dust like a child. This isn’t your movie and you’re not the protagonist, running away doesn’t help.”

Whilst speaking, Yang Chen grasped a tiny piece of rock from the ground, and flung it right at the escaping policeman!

A tiny rock about the size of the thumb, shot towards the brain of the escaping police officer. The moment it collided with his head, it shattered his skull.

Like a plane losing its navigation system, the man promptly collapsed onto the ground. 

Being the sole survivor amongst his team while watching Yang Chen singlehandedly butchering them one by one, his heart was filled with dread and panic. 

Never would he imagine someone to treat murder as if it was a casual pastime as if the lives on his hands were but a plaything, ready for disposal!

Jang Yoon crawled towards Yang Chen and kneeled while pleading. “I’ll talk, I’ll talk, spare me!”

Yang Chen cracked a bright smile. “See? Was that so hard? I didn’t have to dirty my hands.”

Jang Yoon forced a smile so painful he would look better off in tears as his voice trembled. “I...we’re from the North Buyeo clan. These were the orders of my clan, to lead you here and kill you when the chance arrived. You’ve interfered with the organization’s plans and that’s all I know. Other than that, I have no idea why. People of my status do not need to know…”

“North Buyeo?” Yang Chen frowned at a foreign clan name he had never crossed paths with. 

“Are you telling me the truth?”

“Yes...yes we are.” Jang Yoon hung his head low. “We’re double agents implanted into the police force by the North Buyeo clan…”

“People like you, implanted into all fields of the Korean public sector, how many would you put the figures at?” Yang Chen added. 

“It’s...not on the lower end…”

“Who else knows about your clan?”

“I...can’t say for sure, but our chief inspector is considered mid-tier in the clan.”

Yang Chen minced his eyes at the revelation. It seems the North Buyeo clan was no ordinary organization. If it was just a gang or a mercenary troop, it would be easy to wipe them clean. 

But an organization deeply rooted in every corner of the Korean political structure would be a pain to uproot given the political nature of partisanship. 

Nevertheless, Yang Chen had no intention to rid South Korea of its evils. His concern was a potential hostility from the North Buyeo clan on the Park clan, notably Zhenxiu, and that was what kept him in deep contemplation.

Jang Yoon finished up, and with a pathetic smile, he pleaded. “So...erm...Mr Yang, can I go now?”

Yang Chen pulled himself back to the present as he nodded with a smile. “Sure, I’ll take you.”

Jang Yoon scurried off as he shook his hands. “No no, I shall leave on my own…”

Whilst speaking he turned away with the intention of a quick exit. 

But Yang Chen was less forgiving as he unhesitatingly whacked onto Jang Yoon’s skull!

His head exploded into dust from the sheer force, while the rest of his body collapsed onto the ground.

“Told you I was gonna take you. Why are you running? Didn’t say I was gonna let you live.” 

Yang Chen irked as he channeled the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy, with a single thought the flesh and bones of the deceased perished into dust. All that was left was the gravel on the ground tainted with blood. 

Before he left, he took a quick glimpse at the police vehicle. With a single breath, he summoned a ball of fire and shot it toward the vehicle!


The police vehicle burst into flames!

Destroying evidence was usually an afterthought for Yang Chen, but taking in the potential trouble that he might face in the future, it was reasonable to tidy up. 

After dealing with the minor incident, Yang Chen retrieved his phone and dialed up Lin Ruoxi’s number. 

His phone was a new one, as a result of Liu Youyou’s intervention causing its predecessor to be soaked in water. He specifically got the Sea Eagles to ready a new high functioning smartphone. 

“Hey, wifey, the job’s done, where are y’all eating at?”

Lin Ruoxi on the other end of the phone call was impressed by the efficiency of the Korean police as she casually updated him on their current venue. After Yang Chen hung up on their conversation, he promptly dialed for Makedon over in Europe, convinced that a matter regarding secret organizations would be best handled by the head of intelligence himself.

Makedon jotted down the ‘North Buyeo’ title and promised that he would provide him with the answers the same night. 

Yang Chen subsequently contacted Sauron. It was brunch hour over in London, and Sauron’s voice was firm and energetic. 

“Master Pluto, I was just about to go for a shower. What may I help you with?”

Yang Chen chuckled. “I wanted to know, among our people in South Korea, specifically around the Seoul Metropolitan area, who do we have?”

Sauron thought for a bit before he answered. “We have a guerilla troop over in North Korea, but Seoul, I afraid our men might not be able to stop by without causing a commotion. One thing I can guarantee is how heavily militarised the border is at any moment.” 

Yang Chen contemplated for a bit, understanding that it was indeed rather far-fetched to move troops over from North Korea, so he figured it would be better if he dealt with it by himself. 

“Damnit, why wouldn’t you arrange some men stationed in South Korea?”

Sauron felt wronged as he explained. “Master Pluto, I’m sure you know the conflict between the two Koreas. If we arrange some troops stationed there, and they don’t fight, we’ll lose money. Other than selling weapons to the North, we don’t invest in that region.”

Yang Chen frustratedly hung up the call and vanished into the night. 

After a little more than a minute, Yang Chen sneaked out from a secluded alleyway into the dazzling street.

According to the map pictured in his head, he quickly located the high end traditional Korean restaurant that the Park and Gong clans were dining in.

Under the escort of a waiter, Yang Chen made his way towards a luxurious VIP lounge. Once the crowd noticed Yang Chen’s seamless return, everyone passionately invited him to take a seat. 

Park Jonghyun noticed Yang Chen reappearance, a glimpse of astonishment flashed past his eyes. 

Yang Chen smirked at his response. The bastard’s schemes were foiled by Yang Chen one after another like dominos before his eyes, and he probably would never fully wrap his head around how they all failed!

Cheekily strolling towards Park Jonghyun, Yang Chen patted him on the back. “Mr Park, you don’t look so well, is something bothering you?”

Park Jonghyun trembled as he tried his best to maintain composure. “Must be the fatigue from the past week, But thank god for you Mr Yang. Without you, my grandfather’s surgery might be a lost cause. It’s a relief really.”  

“Let’s all hope so.” Yang Chen tried to avoid exposing him, instead, he opted to play the waiting game to see what else this man had lined up in his sleeves. 

Amidst the smiles and chatters, Yang Chen made his way towards Lin Ruoxi, and right on the other side coincidentally was Jane, who got changed into a baby blue sweater after the surgery.

Her outfit complemented her sapphire blue pupils. Her skin was especially fair and supple. Under the dining lights, Jane radiated like a jewel amongst rocks, instantly putting them all into shame. 

Yang Chen gulped at the sight of her, before promptly drawing his attention away. 

As the girl grew up through the years into the fine woman she was, with a deep resemblance to her mother, her allure became increasingly irresistible.

Even though it was undeniable that his wife was just as captivating if not more, it was a beauty he was already accustomed to. But Jane was like a rare flower shimmering in the night. 

Unsurprisingly, Jane did not miss Yang Chen’s enticed gaze, as she cheekily cracked a half-smile, intentionally speaking in Italian as she coyly engaged. “If you find me attractive, then why don’t you take a better look? You’re worried that your wife might get offended?”

The attendees across the table witnessed Jane’s first lines that night was in a foreign language, leaving them slightly dumbfounded. 

Lin Ruoxi frowned at her playful actions, clearly annoyed that Jane started conversing with her husband right before her in a language she doesn’t speak. But she had to remain ignorant of the situation they were in. 

Yang Chen awkwardly chuckled, trying his best to avoid replying in Italian as he turned to Mandarin instead. “I’m not worried, but let’s stop. She’s probably furious already.”

Lin Ruoxi heard him as she quickly reacted. “I’m not mad, where did you get that from?”

Yang Chen shrugged to Jane. “See?”

“What a coward, you know you like it. You have feelings for me and you know it.” Jane confidently added. 

Yang Chen felt progressively less comfortable as he urged. “Alright, you got me. C’mon, let’s switch back to something everyone could understand.”

Before he could react, Jane brought her lips towards Yang Chen and left a smooch on his cheek!

“Dear Yang Chen, this is a reward for you for saving my ‘flawless’ reputation from a potential collapse. I know you’ve always been looking out for me, then, now and forever.”

This time she spoke in fluent Mandarin, but it was the last thing he wanted!