Yang Chen then realized that it wasn’t always a good thing to have his women be so brilliant!

He persuaded her to speak a language that everybody understood, and she did. So who does he have to blame?

Yang Chen could feel the stark difference between the women on both sides, one was in the full bloom of spring, while the other akin to the frostbitten blizzard of winter!

Yang Chen carefreely lifted his wine glass and gulped down an entire glass of wine, seemingly unaffected as he chuckled, “It’s nothing really. It’s not like I did it just for you. The person in distress was Zhenxiu’s grandfather after all.”

With that, he adeptly shifted the focus back towards Park Cheon and Zhenxiu. 

After he finished, Yang Chen with a grin on his face turned towards Lin Ruoxi for reassurance. “Isn’t that right, wifey?”

Lin Ruoxi replied with a soul-piercing glare. “Who knows what’s up in that head of yours.”

Yang Chen felt his warmth quickly disappear by a blizzard of emotions from his wife but was already accustomed to it as he obediently occupied himself with the food.

And Jane too avoided questionable conversations with Yang Chen as the rest of the dinner went by uneventfully. 

Right after the dinner, before they bid one another farewell, Jane made a heartfelt remark. “Now that the job here is done, I will return to the UK tomorrow. But one thing I’m confident about is that I hold a special place in your heart.

Besides, since the fiasco you made, my family has been hesitant to arrange any marriages. I guess I’ll have to be single for the rest of my life. As for you, we’ll see how long you can hold it in.”

Yang Chen gulped without a word, his heart galloping like a wild horse. 

Thankfully for him, Lin Ruoxi did not hear her heartfelt confession. Otherwise, he would be in deep waters for the rest of their Korean excursion.

Later that night, after their return to the Park family estate, Yang Chen shut the door and whipped Lin Ruoxi’s laptop out for a quick search.

Lin Ruoxi was hardly in the mood for conversation as she retrieved the laptop from her bag and shoved it towards him, visibly displeased. 

Yang Chen would have to be completely ignorant to not feel her jealousy. He frustratingly sighed in response before flipping over the laptop and went on to verify the information that Makedon gathered. 

Scrolling through files of the North Buyeo clan, Yang Chen reactively frowned.

As the truth of the North Buyeo clan unveiled, it evidently was not just any mafia organization.

Its roots traced back to the ancient Korean dynasty of Goguryeo, where the North Buyeo clan established its hold on Northeast Asia. As the predecessor to the Goguryeo dynasty itself, it was comparable to the first Chinese dynasty of the Qin.

And as the Goguryeo dynasty was established, the North Buyeo clan functioned as a religious sect, but after the myriads of disintegration and reintegration, it gradually infiltrated into the land and created a solid grip hold whilst hidden within plain sight. 

As for the reason it was named ‘North Buyeo’, was due to their core value of one day reviving the Korean peninsula to its former glory!

Unsurprisingly, however, North Buyeo’s clansmen permeated each and every sector and position in society throughout all four corners of the Korean nation.

The lines between light and dark were nonetheless blurry. 

Contemplating how deep-rooted the organization was, Yang Chen knew it was essentially an impossible task to exterminate them once and for all. It was part of Korea’s identity. 

At that moment, Lin Ruoxi had just recently left the bathroom, her enticing fragrance resonated across the room as she flung a large towel over her hair, drying them along the way. 

She was drawn towards the articles projected on the monitor. Curiosity took over as she sat by Yang Chen’s side and started reading through. 

“North Buyeo? Isn’t that like a historical kingdom in Korean history, what do you need this information for?” Lin Ruoxi took to ask. 

Yang Chen was startled. “Ruoxi baby, how did you know it was a kingdom?”

“I recall reading about it in a book on Asian history. I actually do fancy reading history books you know.” Lin Ruoxi replied. 

Yang Chen was rather astounded that all this while the Lin Ruoxi that was a maestro when in the world of business strategizing, was also equally knowledgeable in many other fields 

Yang Chen thus unhesitatingly narrated the events that superseding his departure from the hospital with no intention of sugarcoating. 

Lin Ruoxi paid close attention towards his detailed narration, yet gradually couldn’t help but felt wary towards the questionable occurrences. “What was the North Buyeo clan’s aim? If their target is you, then it surely would be less of a problem. But if their end goal is to undermine the Park clan, then how is Zhenxiu going to live here in peace?”

“Before we leave we have to get to the bottom of this, we gotta fill in the missing links. But one thing’s for sure. Park Jonghyun has one hand in this.” Yang Chen convincingly declared, before he coyly teased, “Wifey, why don’t we shift our conversation back to you. How did you know all this stuff? Why don’t you try explaining to me, you know, I’m pretty dimwitted after all.”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes on him. “Don’t you even start. You have a photographic memory. If you wanted to learn something, you would’ve already digested all the information about it. Besides, I’m nothing compared to Princess Jane. Her wisdom and ingrained talent are second to none, not to mention her otherworldly beauty resembling the innocence of a fallen angel…” 

Yang Chen’s face riddled from discomfort. He then responded with a bitter grin. “Alright alright, how can you still be jealous? There really isn’t anything between us. I knew her since we were kids. I watched her grow up.” 

“You did? Well how old was she then and how old were you?”

“Erm...about eight or nine, and I was probably thirteen, fourteen myself.” Yang Chen was honest. 

Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth. “Then let me bless you with a new term, that isn’t watching her grow. That’s the literal definition of childhood sweethearts!”

After she finished, she snatched the remote and switched on the TV, ignoring him in the process.

Yang Chen did not attempt to clarify himself this time as the term ‘childhood sweethearts’ floated around his head. Now that he was thinking about it, it really did feel a little like that at times.

Even though they did not grow up together, the connection that they share was closely resembling what it meant. 

And right at that moment, a quick succession of knocks was heard by the door, the voice felt hasty and anxious. 

Yang Chen went to check, opening the door, all that was across the door was a neatly dressed man in servant clothing as he respectfully enquired. “Mr Yang, Ms Lin, is everything okay in there?”

“Who are you?” Yang Chen promptly raised his guard.

The servant was caught off guard by his response before he quickly returned to all smiles. “I’m a servant in this estate. A while ago, I heard some unusual sounds from this part of the mansion.”

Yang Chen chuckled emotionally. “You clearly had an assassination in mind. Otherwise, why do you have that dagger behind you?”

The ‘servant’ was stunned that his plan was foiled this quickly!

Nonetheless, even when his scheme was botched, after a tense twitch in his facial expressions, he swiftly flipped the dagger over into the offensive and lashed it towards Yang Chen’s throat!

The only reaction he received was instead an even more nimble Yang Chen holding the dagger firmly in his grasp!

The ‘servant’ was mortified to come to the revelation that Yang Chen, despite holding the blade end of the dagger with his bare hand, seemed to have felt absolutely nothing!

Lin Ruoxi that was across the room at that moment jerked upright from witnessing the sudden ambush as it happened.

Yang Chen with a pinch of his strength crushed the dagger into countless scraps of metal, before clutching on the invader’s throat. “Who are you? Did the North Buyeo send you?”

The man was just about to pop something in his oral cavity, but Yang Chen saw it coming and decisively gave the man a jab at the head, rendering him unconscious. 

Meanwhile, Yang Chen quickly picked up the sound of fighting from the second floor!

There were more?!

Yang Chen turned to his back. “Ruoxi, watch out for yourself. I gotta go take a look.”

Upon finishing, Yang Chen vanished into thin air and in an instant appeared by the room where the fight was going on!

He appeared at the source of the noise and it was right outside Zhenxiu’s room!

At that moment, a nimble female servant was engaged in an intense confrontation with a sturdy male servant!

The female servant was none other than Zhenxiu’s caretaker, Eunjeong. To Yang Chen’s surprise, her movements would be comparable to a black belt taekwondo master. 

After a rapid succession of overhead back kicks, the male servant was pinned to his spot, unable to proceed any further!

The male servant’s fighting style resembled military close combat, brutal and aggressive, but in the face of the swift and fluid attack, it was clearly in the losing end. 

Yang Chen was in full praise of Park Cheon’s thoughtful arrangements. No one would have expected the gentle and polite Eunjeong to take on the role of personal bodyguard for Zhenxiu. 

If he arranged occupational bodyguards to protect Zhenxiu, there might be blind spots where an ambush could be schemed upon. But with Eunjeong, she would be the missing link where many potential perpetrators might overlook. 

Yang Chen optimized on the split second of their hand to hand combat, sneaked up behind the assassin and smacked him hard at the back of his skull, instantly knocking him unconscious!

Eunjeong withdrew her readying stance mid-air, slightly taken aback by Yang Chen’s prowess. “Thank you Mr Yang for your assistance.”

Curled up at the far corner, Zhenxiu who was in hiding, witnessed Yang Chen coming to her rescue once again and was instantly relieved. She empathetically sprinted towards Yang Chen and gave him a tight embrace! 

“Big brother! Oh my god you came! I’m terrified…” In moments of crisis, the girl reverted back to her adolescence self. 

Yang Chen patted her on the head. “Look at Ms Eunjeong over here. She’s definitely a master in her own right. Why would you still need to be afraid?”

Zhenxiu glanced towards Eunjeong by the side, who had returned to her usual calm and collected self. “Grandpa told me he wasn’t going to hire a bodyguard for me, but it turns out all this while it was you, Eunjeong.”

Eunjeong slightly bowed once again. “Take no offense young miss, the old master did it for your own good.”

“Hehe” Zhenxiu leaned forward and gave Eunjeong a casual hug. “I’m not mad at you. You protected me with all you’ve got until Big brother Yang came by!”

Eunjeong was about to reply before she snapped from anxiety. “If there’s an ambush at home, would the hospital be safe? The old master is still in the hospital. Will Kim Jip manage on his own?”