The thought of a potential ambush at the hospital simultaneous to the one they just experienced crossed both their minds. Yet what left Yang Chen indecisive was Zhenxiu and Lin Ruoxi’s safety upon his departure. 

Lin Ruoxi might have been in the peak of the Houtian stage, but what she undoubtedly lacked was actual experience. If the enemy had a gun, she would still be in grave danger.

Right at that moment, Lin Ruoxi yelled from across the hallway. “Hubby! Your phone’s ringing!”

Yang Chen had an ominous feeling about the timing of the phone call, nonetheless, he went back to his room to pick up the call. 

“Mr Yang, I have to admit I’m impressed at the fact that you are still alive.” An unfamiliar voice teased from the opposite end of the line.

“North Buyeo clan?”

“Hmm, truly impressive, Mr Yang. Far more than we first anticipated.” That man chuckled, albeit with sinister undertones.

Yang Chen sighed. “What do you want?”

“Maybe you aren’t aware, but before your return to the Park family estate, we laid out our finest preparations at the estate as well as the hospital…” That man let out a cynical laugh. “For you, Mr Yang, we’d make sure to keep you entertained…”

“You wouldn’t have schemed to blow up the hospital and the house with explosives would you?” Yang Chen instinctively laid out an example.

“Correct.” The mysterious man enthusiastically reassured. “Enough firepower to blow the entire ward building into bits and enough C4 to light up a mushroom cloud over the Park clan estate. Exciting isn’t it?”

Yang Chen quickly gave his nose a little scratch, as he mumbled away. “Damn you Koreans really do play by the book with your plots don’t you? Your ‘evil’ plan is basically the plot of most gangster movies out there. Aren’t you bored?”

“Hmph, lame? If it ain’t broken why fix it?” The man boasted. “Mr Yang, if you wouldn’t want the house to blow up and watch your precious little wife and Ms Zhenxiu along with the others burn to crisp, I’d suggest you do as we tell you. If you would even consider to challenge us, feel free to lead the people from within the estate to step out right this moment.”

Yang Chen smirked at his threat. He knew full well that even if the estate were to explode, he could have safely secured the livelihood of both Lin Ruoxi and Zhenxiu with time to spare. As for the people in the hospital wards, including Park Cheon himself, they hardly matter to him anyway!

Giving it some contemplation, the perpetrator had ensured Park Cheon’s current safety, despite being unbeknownst to himself. 

Yang Chen thought for a while more before he came to a decision. “What do you need me to do?”

“Simple, there’s a modern sedan parked right outside the Park clan estate at this moment. All you need to do now is to drive that car to the Myeongdong hotel, there will be men expecting your arrival.”

Yang Chen decisively agreed, hung up the phone, and waved towards Lin Ruoxi by the side. 

The call perked her curiosity. “What happened, is it from the North Buyeo clan?”

Yang Chen lightly chuckled as he brought his lips to her ear and started whispering away. 

Lin Ruoxi heard his suggestion and reactively frowned. “Will it work?”

“Well, that all lies in the acting of our dearest CEO Lin. From the countless times that you lied to my face, I’m guessing it’s Oscar-worthy.” Yang Chen winked. 

Lin Ruoxi irked at his remark but nodded anyway. “Be careful, we’ll stick to the plan.”

Yang Chen reached out his hand as he gently caressed her rosy cheeks, before walking towards the man door with huge strides.

“Where’s he going?” Zhenxiu was confused. 

Lin Ruoxi frowned in response. “We got orders from the organization that was responsible for sending assassins here. They made it clear that the estate and the hospital were both ladened with explosives. If Yang Chen doesn’t follow their orders, we’ll all die.”

“What?!” Zhenxiu shrieked. “How can they do such a thing?!”

Yet she was too late to stop Yang Chen as he brisk walked towards a modern sedan right before the gates of the Park clan estate.

Several dozens of the Park clan bodyguards formed a defensive barrier around Zhenxiu. Regardless of Yang Chen’s actions, their responsibility was to keep Zhenxiu in the house. 

She helplessly watched as Yang Chen initiated the engine and dashed into the southern horizon. 

Just as the vehicle was about to steer into the adjacent junction, a deafening blast shook the hearts of those in the estate!


Fire blazed through the roof of the car as it shot up into the air from the explosion!

Zhenxiu forced herself through the bodyguards’ human barrier to the gates, watching the car that Yang Chen was in just minutes ago blown into scraps!

“No, it’s a trap!” Eunjeong gasped. 

“Big brother Yang Chen!”

Zhenxiu bawled as her tears came gushing down her cheeks, froze to her spot as she hopelessly watched as flames engulfed the pile of scraps that had once resembled a sedan. 

Even though Zhenxiu was one of the few that was certain of Yang Chen’s capabilities, it was hard to believe that anyone could survive an explosion of that scale!

Lin Ruoxi stood at her spot, still as a statue, yet to come to comprehension with the turn of events that had unfolded before her eyes.

The car alarms of several other vehicles in the neighborhood started wailing as a consequence of the aftermath. 

Right then, two black Chevrolet SUVs halted before the Park clan estate. Down came two dozen men in stern shades and full black suits, each armed with assault rifles as they marched into the estate!

Watching as the intimidating men in black strode towards them as they fell back into defense formation.

One of the bodyguards was quick to react as he reached for the pistol on his belt, yet before he could react, a rain of bullets rendered some of the bodyguards useless!

And with that, the remaining bodyguards stood still with no intention of drawing their weapons, reluctant to be the next casualty amidst weapons of a much higher caliber in the hostile end!

Eunjeong came to Zhenxiu’s defense and confronted them. “Who are you?”

A man with dyed blonde hair at the very front smirked. “It’s none of your business. Hands in the air and face the wall. We’re only here for Zhenxiu.”

Zhenxiu, still in deep sorrow was mortified at the situation she was in as she hastily dried her tears. 

Lin Ruoxi quickly identified that his voice was the same voice that had blackmailed them before!

“Not today you won’t. Protect the young miss! Don’t let them have their way!” Eunjeong commanded. 

The bodyguards however shared glances with one another, before moving towards the walls in unison with no intention of resisting,. 

The other servants were naturally worse still as they had already been squatting by the corner, timidly clinging onto life. “You bastards. After how well the old master treated all of you throughout the years, this is how you repay him?!”

Eunjeong was furious as she clenched her teeth. “Ms Zhenxiu, run towards the back door, quick!”

But Zhenxiu stood there unmoving as she appeared to have lost all hope. 

Lin Ruoxi by her side was once again conflicted by what she witnessed. Did Zhenxiu become emotionally shattered from Yang Chen’s imminent death? Was Yang Chen really that important to her?!

“Hmph, what a suffocating woman this is. Our core principle is to keep our kill count to a bare minimum. But since it appears that you no longer have the will to live, then it’s beyond us to keep you alive any longer. Get the girl.”

Upon his command, three men with assault rifles in the offensive came barging in towards the target. Upon Eunjeong’s attack, bullets were bound to fly!

Eunjeong was ready for a kamikaze move as she once again kept Zhenxiu behind her as she dashed towards the three armed men!


The man instantly pulled the trigger!

Du du du du!

Fire and smog engulfed the living room as chandeliers swung and shook!

The servants curled up by the corners as they held their eyelids shut, but what came after left their hearts skipping a beat, their gazes glued to the action!

What they witnessed was Eunjeong throwing herself towards the opposition with a spinning back kick, sending all three decently geared men off their feet!

What was intentionally aimed straight towards Eunjeong had flown off course!

Even Zhenxiu who had finally caught up to the moment was left stupefied, while Lin Ruoxi started looking around her surroundings, albeit rather frustrated. 

But Eunjeong was not distracted by the strange occurrence, she was ready for this battle to be her last.

“You’re going down with me!” 

Eunjeong was agile and nimble as she fought the invaders like an unleashed wrecking ball! The ferocity in her every move was something of a wonder.

Bang bang!

Two sturdy men lost their balance as she sprinted towards the blonde man!

“Aim at her, you idiots!” 

The blonde man howled before aimlessly pulling the trigger towards Eunjeong!

Just like repelling magnets, before the bullets could hit her, they seemingly bounced off her and were attracted to the ceiling!

Eunjeong completely overwhelmed the armed men as they were left bruised and battered, one of which was even stabbed in the temple, dying in the process. 

Regardless of how the tide had turned against them, many of these men were actually well trained in Korean martial arts or distinctive clan mastery. 

Yet with all expectations laid upon the might of the gun, they were completely unprepared to fight her in hand to hand combat. When they came to the revelation that the bullets did not even go near her, it was already too late for a defensive stance!

Eunjeong toppled them all and only then did she find it rather illogical that she single-handedly brought a squad of militarily armed men scurrying on all fours!

The blonde-haired man was horrified. With one hand supplementing his injured waist, he whimpered and limped as he attempted his best to flee the scene. 

“Ghost...there’s a ghost in there…” Visibly traumatized, the man had no other explanation for the situation that was not paranormal!

Yet before he could reach the exit, a boulder slammed towards his head as he collapsed onto the ground!

Ultimately deciding to make a surprise reveal, Yang Chen effortlessly leaped off the balcony!

“Hi, I’m back.”


The blonde man let out a disheartened sigh, before going out cold!

Yang Chen appeared rather disappointed. But before he could speak, Zhenxiu from across the living room shrieked, as she came dashing towards him and gave him a tight embrace!

“Yang Chen! I knew you were alive…”

The girl was bawling in tears, as if Yang Chen was resurrected from the depths of apocalypse. 

Yang Chen awkwardly patted the young woman on the back. “I didn’t die, so what’s with all the tears?”

Zhenxiu at that moment was overwhelmed with emotions as she lifted her head and gave him two passionate kisses on the cheek!

Yang Chen felt a chill run down his spine as he turned towards Lin Ruoxi. He helplessly shrugged and said. “You saw that...she did it on her own…”