Lin Ruoxi was the only one who had known that Yang Chen was faking his death, hence her lukewarm reaction at his return. Yet in the face of Zhenxiu’s passionate and heartfelt reaction towards Yang Chen, her emotions were nonetheless conflicted.

Zhenxiu eventually noticed that it was rather inappropriate to be kissing Yang Chen while Lin Ruoxi was watching, so she reluctantly dragged herself away and embarrassingly turned towards Lin Ruoxi. 

“Ruoxi, I...didn’t mean too, it was just a spur of the moment thing.”

Yang Chen was dumbfounded. Her explanation would only make it worse!

Lin Ruoxi forced a smile. “I’m not blaming you. He reeks anyway, you can kiss him all you want.”

‘Hey, no insulting me. We share the same bed. How can you badmouth me?” Yang Chen was not having it.

Lin Ruoxi was stupefied at Yang Chen’s priorities at critical times like this as she pointed at the blonde-haired man fainted on the ground. “Why don’t you focus on what brought these people here? We don’t even know if the hospital is still secure. Besides, what about the bombs under this building?”

“It’s not even a question at this point. There aren’t any bombs in the building. Their intention to load the car with explosives was just a gimmick to send me off and take me out of the picture. Besides, it takes time to plant explosives all over the house. My entire act was just to oust them of their own plan. Also, the fact that they came to seize Zhenxiu without killing her just proves that Chairman Park Cheon is still safe and sound. Otherwise, it’s too much of an effort to keep her alive. They needed her as leverage against Chairman Park. If there were any assassins over at the hospital we’d have received news by now.”

“Mr Yang, aren’t you…” Eunjeong, who was still in a daze a while ago proceeded to ask out of curiosity.

Yang Chen however responded with praise for the loyal servant. “You sure have some moves, little missy. You thought I was dead. I understand that. Guess I got lucky.”

“What now?” Lin Ruoxi followed up.

“Hunt for the mastermind.”

“You know where they are?”

Yang Chen pouted. “I cannot say for sure, but when they made the call the rascal mentioned ‘Myeongdong Hotel’ as part of the plot to get me there. Given the circumstances, there must be something going on over there.”

Lin Ruoxi’s pupils enlarged at his attentiveness, impressed by his brains for once over his brawn.

“Wouldn’t it be too dangerous?” Zhenxiu anxiously noted. 

Yang Chen patted her on the head with reassurance. “Rest assured, I’m confident about how this would turn out. Tie up the yellow-haired rat on the ground. We could use him for further interrogation. Also, now is very much the time to clean up these bodyguards and servants. With that kind of loyalty, they should resign before getting fired tomorrow.”

With Yang Chen’s reminder, Zhenxiu and Eunjeong turned towards the cowardly pockets of pleading and pitiful bodyguards and servants with visible disdain. 

Yang Chen then promptly took off. Even if they knew their entire squad of men sent for the task was demolished, they wouldn’t possibly have cleared the space in such a short time. 

After leaving the Park clan estate, Yang Chen strolled towards a dark corner and once again vanished into thin air. 

Over at Seoul’s Myeongdong hotel, the swimming pool at the back had been left dried due to the gradually frosty weather. 

In this empty section of the hotel property, Yang Chen emerged from the darkness. 

Given its proximity to the Park clan household, it took him little time to locate the hotel. 

Myeongdong hotel was far from spacious. It was but a few traditional Korean structures grouped together, with a central building in its core. 

What Yang Chen found troublesome was that regardless if any North Buyeo clansmen were inside, it would be time-consuming to locate their whereabouts. 

Meanwhile, located in the second basement under the Myeongdong hotel was its underground casino. 

Korean policies allowed for legal gambling within the radius of a casino, so it was hardly noteworthy.

In a world where money was king and no one ever slept, the bright lights swirled over a group of gamblers, reflecting on their faces otherwise solemn or at the brink of insanity. 

The bunny girls tirelessly served up drinks to accommodate the gamblers, while generously offering their bodies to the satisfaction of the customers. Nonetheless, it would cause a fortune to invite a hostess to a private room. 

And right in the center of the casino was a reserved personnel area, heavily guarded by armed men where customers were not allowed to even as much as get close to. 

Within the ‘restricted personnel’ area sat a middle-aged man, dressed in a large black coat paired with gold-laced glasses. He sat with few other men who were equally as pompous. Their attention was not focused on the commotion around them but the poker game before them.

Each and every one of the wealthy men was accompanied by skimpily clad women, with their hands fondling over them. 

“Mr Go, a phone call for you.”

A waiter brought up the phone and handed it to the man in the large coat. 

Mr Go had one hand holding his deck, the other caressing the thighs of a hostess by his side as he frowned. “What man would interrupt my poker game?”

“It’s Park Jonghyun.”

Mr Go halted the game in hand as he smirked. “How does that sly little fox still trust me?”

Even though he was reluctant, he ultimately picked up the call as his tone instantly shifted. “Spokesperson Park, how are things?”

“You’re asking me? Go Chak! You said it was foolproof! Repeatedly! And now your men were done for!” Park Jonghyun exploded.

Go Chak was discombobulated. “What do you mean? What happened to my men?”

Park Jonghyun scowled. “You imbecile. How can you not know about this? Oh yeah, your men were completely wiped out. Guess there was no one left to tell you that they had all died!

Listen you twat. The men you sent to the Park clan estate tonight have been single-handedly destroyed by a mere housemaid! Now all of those idiots have been arrested by the police. Need I remind you that they all know where their headquarters is, and where your dumb ass sits! After all the spies I’ve planted in the estate, not only did you fail to kidnap Zhenxiu, you couldn’t even kill the pesky Yang Chen! And now you put me in danger too!”

Go Chak was mortified. “ that possible…? I sent a team of special ops veterans to finish the job! With reinforcements! And they lost to a single maid?”

“It’s already done and dusted and now you tell me this?! I got you to undermine Kim Jip as a way to end that old fag’s life and you failed at that too. Now you tell me you have no idea what is going on? It’s been long enough since you became the North Buyeo regional chief, hasn’t it? This is where it ends between us. From this point on we have nothing to do with each other!”

Upon finish, Park Jonghyun slammed his phone, effectively ending the call. 

Go Chak roared in fury as he threw his handphone, only for it to end up on the bunny girl’s forehead, rendering her unconscious!


Go Chak then continued to flip the poker table as he howled. “Get out! Get the hell out of my face!”

The other men at the table knew they weren’t his equal. Despite their reluctance, they could only leave with the terrified hostesses. 

Go Chak was infuriated. “Get everyone out of the casino right this moment, this place is no longer safe. And once the casino is cleared bring along all significant documents and seal the place down. Do not leave any evidence!”

“But...Mr Go, is there enough time?”

“How efficient do you think the police are? I give them an hour tops! Besides, we have eyes planted in the police force. We can trust them to delay the operation. As long as the higher-ups don’t get caught red handed, we can avoid the blame from above. Do as I say!”

“Yes sir!”

Few direct associates quickly gathered the best fighters among the assembly as they charged towards the exit. In the face of waiters and card dealers alike, they revealed their identities as clan members of North Buyeo. They immediately ushered out all the people. 

Some of which even demanded a refund of their chips, only to be repaid with punches and beatings. 

The hostesses, fearing for their lives, left with the crowd cursing the situation. 

Go Chak from within the safe in his office withdrew stacks of cash and jewelry, before subsequently retrieving stacks of confidential documents. Under the protection of his men, he immediately left the venue. 

But before the company of men could make it out of the ransacked casino, right by the main entrance, two men who were assigned as lookouts were tossed onto the ground like sacks of rice!