Go Chak lifted his head to take a good look at the Chinese man before him, standing there with a wide smirk on his face. 

“Yang Chen?” Go Chak noted in broken Mandarin. 

Yang Chen, on the other hand, was rather enjoying the attention. “Oh man thank God for reminding me. I was just wondering where all these people from the basement came from. Turns out you guys have been hiding in the most obvious spot. I even checked the female bathrooms. Who would’ve thought the casino is where I’d find you…”

Go Chak sneered. “Well, aren’t you quick. We thought we’d get to you first. But regardless, I’m glad you’re here. If it weren’t for you our plans would have gone smoothly!”

Yang Chen appeared perplexed. “Have I crossed paths with you? The North Buyeo clan?  What did I do?”

“How stupid do you think we are? You stole the heart for transplant halfway through, Park Cheon was supposed to be dead by now! You butchered four of our brothers, and their bodies are still missing! If it weren’t for you botching our plans over and over again, we wouldn’t be in such a worn-out state! Curse you.” Go Chak ranted. 

“Well aren’t you an honest fellow, exposing all your schemes in one go.”

“What a pity though. We gave you an easy road off but you just want to walk the hard way, don’t you? Well now that you found us, it’s one of you against all of us. What can you possibly do?”

Go Chak lifted his arm and thirty to forty men armed with assault rifles immediately surrounded Yang Chen in a tight-knit formation!

“I know you're good, evident from your past actions. But if you think you could infiltrate our home base and make it out alive, you’re dead wrong.”

Yang Chen was unfazed. “Well from what I see, after the ruckus you’ve made tonight alone, you’re clearly not getting much out of it anyway. And from the looks of it, you’re not the top man in here anyway.”

“Humbly before you is I, Go Chak, North Buyeo Seoul Regional Minister.” Go Chak enthusiastically bragged. “And you’re right. I was worried about how I should explain all of this to our leader. But now that you delivered yourself to our doorstep, you really did us a huge service. If I could catch you alive, with you as the savior of the Park clan and someone Xu Zhenxiu looks up to, I’m sure we could find a use for you when we need a foothold on the Park clan…”

“Do you really think I came here just to get captured?” Yang Chen was amused. 

Go Chak raised his eyebrows. “I know you are a good fighter, seeing how you made it out alive. But we have dozens of rifles pointed at you. This isn’t about your fighting skills, this is about the odds we have against you.”

Yang Chen ruffled his chin. “Why don’t we have a bet?”

“What about?”

“Assuming all of you shoot in unison and I die, that’s it, right? But, what if I lived? You must tell me who your boss is and what is his true identity, and tell me who masterminded this plot to undermine the Park clan, how’s that for a deal?”

Yang Chen knew the North Buyeo must have extremely strict discipline with a rigid structure, which was the reason it took him this long to scratch the surface. 

If he could manipulate Go Chak to his benefit, he could tear down the clan from its head! 

“You think I’d make a bet as dumb as that with you?”

Yang Chen shrugged. “I mean, you have me surrounded on all sides with dozens of guns pointed at me. What do you have to lose? I thought you people, citizens of the Republic of Korea, especially from this ancient sect spanning thousands of years would be more readily interested in a challenge.”

Upon slight provocation, the North Buyeo clan members around Yang Chen seemed to be riled up as they turned sour and grim, seemingly aggravated by his intended provocation. 

“You dimwitted Chinese, you dare question the strength and vigor of the Great Korean people? This isn’t something your cowardly people would understand!”

“So are you betting or not?” Yang Chen ever so slightly grinned at how gullible these people were, notably from their blind obsession with their race and culture. 

Go Chak burst into laughter. “Sure, if that’s what you’d prefer. But we do it my way.”

“Huh, why?”

Go Chak retrieved from his waist a left-handed revolver, it’s shiny exterior exhibited its lack of regular use. 

After removing its cartridge, Go Chak intentionally spun the cylinder, confirming that it was indeed empty. He retrieved a single bullet and inserted it into one single chamber.

After taking a final spin of the cylinder, it was locked with both parties unaware of where the bullet was. 

“Russian roulette?”

“Exactly. How’s that, you up for it? Aren’t you all smart and knowledgeable. Well, why don’t I show you the might of men from this great land!”

Yang Chen tried his best to hold his laughter. He could instantly identify the vibrating bullet that was in the cylinder. Furthermore, even if he just decided to fluke it, the bullet would only tickle his body.

“Oh no, how brave of you as a tribesman of the Great Korean nation. Well, I guess I’ll have to give my all wouldn’t I, are you going first or do I go first?”


Whilst speaking, Go Chak unhesitatingly held the pistol to his temple and pulled the trigger!


An empty chamber!

The henchmen amusedly stared at Go Chak, with their spirits high and their pride even higher. 

Yang Chen sighed at Go Chak’s actions. Maybe he had underestimated him, that he might actually have a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of a revolver!

His bet was intentionally planned for himself to get the higher ground. 

What he could achieve was not only to undermine his opponent but also as a display of power before his henchmen, while also keeping the commotion to its bare minimum. He was playing this very well.

“Your turn.” Go Chak was decisive as he handed the revolver to Yang Chen. 

Yang Chen’s lips twitched ever so slightly as he took his turn, but in an angle shielded off from everyone he faintly shifted the cylinder to the next...

He then promptly took the shot pointed right at this temple.

“Oops, also blank.” Yang Chen seemingly distressed as he patted himself on the chest from relief. 

Go Chak once again took over the revolver, and pulled the trigger, then tossed it back to Yang Chen.

To and fro two rounds went by, and Yang Chen finally got to the fifth cylinder. 

The North Buyeo clansmen were in high spirits as they stood still and upright from pride. Their eyes were filled with anticipation as they watched attentively at Go Chak right in the center. He was headstrong and unwavered, portraying a sense of strength. 

Those in witness of the deathmatch were in more anxiety than the two in it. 

Go Chak was filled with glee. He was confident that the fifth bullet would be the one that led to Yang Chen’s death!

A show of strength within less than five minutes and a single bullet that would make the bothersome Chinese man shoot himself in the head. It was a win-win situation!

But what came subsequently after would leave Go Chak in utter terror!

Yang Chen calmly pointed to his temple and pulled the trigger once again. 

Click! Still blank?!

Yang Chen acted over the top. “Oh my, I made it out alive. It’s the last bullet.”

Whilst speaking, he tossed the gun back to Go Chak. 

“How...how’s this possible!” Go Chak was mortified. “You cheated!” 

“I cheated? What? It’s your gun, your bullet, and your game! I even let you pick the sequence. Are you implying that you’re a sore loser? What about the national pride you had just minutes ago?” Yang Chen teased.

Go Chak was furious as he turned towards his surroundings. His henchmen surrounded him on all sides as all eyes were upon him. If he were to give up now, it would throw his efforts and his portrayal of strength down the drain. He will forever be remembered as the coward who bit his own words.

But at least a coward would live on!

Go Chak clenched his teeth as he snapped. “Do you take me as an idiot? I will live on to contribute towards the unification of our great nation, even at the expense of my own dignity. If I have to live in shame for the rest of my life to uphold the eventual glory of the Republic of Korea I’ll gladly take it!”

He proceeded to give several enthusiastic chants as he held the revolver towards Yang Chen before he sneered. “Dumb Chinese pig, today is the day you die!”

Utterly disdained by Yang Chen’s presence, he instantly pulled the trigger!


No bullets were fired, it was empty!

Go Chak was bewildered as he detached the cylinder, only to find it absolutely empty!

“Are you looking for this?”

Yang Chen retrieved a bullet from his pocket, gave it a little spin before he threw it back to Go Chak!

“I thought you Koreans were all great and ballsy. What a disappointment. If you were scared you could’ve just told me. I have never met someone so afraid of an unloaded gun.”

Go Chak was pale as a sheet as he gradually felt the disdain from the other North Buyeo clansmen.

“You dare play me like a fool…” Go Chak ground his teeth as his frowns thickened. “What are you guys looking at? Shoot this bastard! Shoot him to bits!”