Among the patients in the ICU was Park Cheon on his bed. The transfusion tubes had been detached from his body.

Yang Chen sat by his bed with one hand on his wrist, resembling an aged traditional medical practitioner at work. 

Kim Jip stood idly by the corner, frowning at Yang Chen’s bizarre antics.

Yang Chen obviously was not accustomed to Qigong or any martial art form of that matter. He just chose a random technique as a front from the potential interrogation he might receive from Park Cheon. He did not want to reveal his otherworldly techniques, which was why he masqueraded the process by ‘reading’ his pulse while transfusing the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy of the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture into Park Cheon’s vitals. 

To aid with the process, Yang Chen convinced him to take a serving of the Red dewdrop pill. 

It was a refined pill that could increase the viscosity of the qi cultivated, vastly stimulating the absorption of the spiritual qi. 

Much of Park Cheon’s current body was old and weary, and in response, Yang Chen decided to use the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy to rejuvenate his flesh and organs, while the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture aided with the recuperation process.

Park Cheon who was originally skeptical of Yang Chen’s methods was kept awake regardless of the commotion in his household while he was away, And amidst his conflicted thoughts and emotions he was reminded of Jane’s words on Yang Chen’s gift on accelerating his recovery, even to the extent of prolonging his longevity. He concluded that it was worth a try. 

When Yang Chen was ready to channel his cultivation, Park Cheon felt like he was supercharged and had nearly leaped out of his hospital bed!

Not to mention the pill that he had consumed, like a pillow of warmth flowing through his bloodstream. A warm fuzzy feeling resonated through his entire person!

Subsequently after, he could pinpoint the heightened perceptions in his internal organs and the site of his surgical wounds!

After years of suffering, it was like the dawn of a new spring, imbued with a newfound vigor that he had forgotten he ever had!

As Park Cheon could feel his previously bleak appearance replaced by his newfound liveliness. It caught the attention of his bodyguard Kim Jip with the three steel balls that he had rotating in his grip stopping in place 

Park Cheon’s eyes shimmered from rejuvenation, staring at Yang Chen with bewilderment as if he had witnessed the face of a deity!

Throughout the course of history, emperors and kings have slaved away to find a cure for mortality. It was a single-minded goal to maintain their rule over their wealth in this lifetime!

Park Cheon nevertheless was not a king, but he enjoyed life far wealthier than most royals throughout history could even dream about!

This was why the prospects of him living for a few more years with improved health, helped him accept Yang Chen’s questionable help. It was too good of an offer to refuse!

“Mr Yang...who...exactly are you?” Park Cheon started to associate Yang Chen with being a legendary doctor back in his home country of China. Yang Chen was not keen on revealing his identity. “CEO Park, all I know is some Qigong and a little bit of everything. If you want to live beyond a hundred, it’s all up to you and how much you are ready to pay for it. It’s not free.”

“Sure...sure, do you still have more of these pills in stock? If there is, I’ll have all of it!” Park Cheon was desperate.

Yang Chen was filled with glee. After all, these low-grade pills that he had refined were plentiful and meant nothing to him. All he wanted instead were high and divine grade refining pills that had much eluded him due to the scarcity of the ingredients required. 

Yang Chen appeared rather perplexed. “This refined pill is my family heirloom. I only have three left in my collection. You see, you could be the richest man on Earth but still not have these pills. I only decided to assist you because of your identity as Zhenxiu’s grandfather. I gotta admit I’m actually really conflicted right now, because for the Qigong to work it must be complemented by these pills…”

Park Cheon was genuinely worried that Yang Chen would hesitate to sell him the pills. “Mr Yang, I really need these refined pills of yours. My granddaughter is still very young and one of my greatest wishes is to nurture her for more years to come. What about this, you state an amount and we can go from there! I know you have more than enough, but I still need to compensate you. I’ll stand by my words!”

Yang Chen at this point withdrew his hand from Park Cheon’s pulse, noting the fact that he was already at a point far healthier and revitalized than he ever was.

“How about this, CEO Park, it’ll cost you ten million US dollars for one of these refined pills.” Yang Chen noticeably acted rather taken aback still as he negotiated. 

“Just one?” Park Cheon instantly hopped out of his bed as he chuckled. “Mind if I buy out your entire stock instead? I know how precious these pills are to you. How about this, I’ll offer you an additional twenty million for the other two!”

Yang Chen was gleeful in the face of the easiest money he had ever earned his entire life! He was even considering getting Sauron and his team to stop dealing military arms and start trading these across the planet to rake in fast cash!

Nevertheless, Yang Chen was still aware that it was but a quick break after all. At the end of the day, these pills were not prepared to be distributed in bulk.

Yang Chen then retrieved a little porcelain bottle, with two red dewdrop pills in within, and handed it to Park Cheon. Park Cheon promptly signalled Kim Jip to bring about his chequebook. 

Prior to this, Yang Chen had already considered presenting some refined pills to Park Cheon as a recovery gift as Zhenxiu’s grandfather, but he was not in any stretch disappointed with how it turned out instead. 

Park Cheon was exceptionally excited, convinced that he had the better end of the deal. Thirty million dollars in exchange for longevity was not a deal anyone could just find!

Now that Park Cheon’s recuperation was well underway, Yang Chen eventually thought it was time for Park Cheon to witness the contracts signed by Park Jonghyun with foreign parties. “These documents, I’ve verified them, but I’m sure you’d like to take a look, there’s not much I can say about it as an outsider, so I’ll leave it to you.”

Park Cheon received the contracts and after a quick scan, his face instantly dulled.

“I knew this little rascal had been conducting some shady business behind my back. But I never knew he would conspire with the North Buyeo clan against his own family!”

Yang Chen proceeded with suspicion. “You know about the North Buyeo clan sir?”

Park Cheon shook his head with a bitter smile. “Why wouldn’t I? To be frank with you, I’ve been in direct competition with the North Buyeo clan in the last two years. Nonetheless, due to my notable influence over the rest of Asia, their hands were tied dealing with me back here in Korea. Unfortunately, as my health deteriorated, I had no one to trust but Park Jonghyun.”

Yang Chen at that moment realized how far reaching this scheme panned out to be. 

“You might not be aware of this, Mr Yang, but the North Buyeo clan and their ultimate goal of unifying the Korean peninsula came into direct friction with the North Korean government. This year is an election year, and the side that I’m rallying for is in a strong opposition stance against the North. Technology these days have developed to a point where a minor skirmish would risk the lives of millions! On the other hand, we have the North Buyeo clan and their supporting faction, which has been eyeing an opportunity to stir up some border conflict in hopes of triggering a second Korean war! As you may see, we both support different factions which makes it clear as to why they’d scheme to absorb the wealth of the Starmoon group as their own.”

Yang Chen was slightly surprised as to how much it was all linked to politics, yet was disinterested with the development of the Korean peninsula. 

“All that matters to me is Zhenxiu’s wellbeing, and your health too. Please promptly step up to the occasion and settle this once and for all, whenever you’re ready.”

Park Cheon nodded, retrieved his coat from Kim Jip, and hurled it over himself. 

“Kim Jip, ready the car. Tell the others to go to that bastard’s house this very instance and bring him to me!”


Meanwhile, over at Li Jingjing’s apartment, a black Mercedes Benz abruptly halted right before the building. 

The driver’s door flung open and out came Park Jonghyun, dressed in a large black coat. His appearance was dull and muddled yet radiated a vibe of cynicism. 

Reaching for his phone, he dialled up Li Jingjing’s phone number.

“Hey Vivian, I feel kinda terrible now. Mind if I stop by for a quick chat?”

Li Jingjing was in her house, the lights from her apartment clearly visible under the night sky, yet she was rather reluctant in her reply. “It’s late, I’m heading to bed.”

Park Jonghyun sneered. “I’m already by the entrance of your apartment. Vivian, there’s just so much I need to talk to you about. I'm leaving for Europe in a little more than a week, so this might be the last time I get to see you again. Could you not deny me this chance?”

Li Jingjing considered his dispiritment, and the fact that this might just be the last time they would see each other again and gave in to his request.

After a short while, Li Jingjing in a pink sweater came down to the main lobby of the apartment and opened the door. 

Staring at Park Jonghyun’s pale and dejected face, Li Jingjing felt a burgeoning sense of pity for the man. “It’s cold outside, come on in.”

Park Jonghyun seemed rather appreciative of her warm gesture as he slightly nodded, and silently tailed after her as they walked up the stairs. 

Watching her silky smooth legs from behind, a tinge of malevolence flashed through his eyes.