As they made their way into Li Jingjing’s apartment, Park Jonghyun stealthily locked themselves in. 

Li Jingjing paid no attention to his actions as she made her way straight towards the kitchen to ready a pot of warm tea. “Mr Park is there something bothering you? You don’t look so well.”

Park Jonghyun silently observed the woman in the kitchen, seemingly always clueless of her surroundings. 

To think that she accepted my request to enter just by mentioning that it might be our last meeting. How innocent!

This was his first encounter with a woman this pure and untainted, yet unfortunate that their encounter would be at his lowest point. 

Park Jonghyun felt worse the more he contemplated as his thoughts spiraled downwards. 

Watching Li Jingjing from behind, Park Jonghyun’s voice cracked as he asked her a question. “Vivian, what if...I never stopped pursuing you. Will there be a day that you’d fall for me too?”

Li Jingjing shivered at the thought, standing at her spot for what felt like forever, before turning back and shook her head. 

Park Jonghyun felt his passion quickly dissipate at that instant!

“ haven’t even I really that undesirable…?” Park Jonghyun was in denial.

Li Jingjing at this point was facing towards him, with a bitter smile she replied, “Frankly, I don’t hate you. I don’t even think I’m good enough for you. Yet the reason I’ll have to reject your advances is that my heart lies with someone else. It’s someone I cannot shake off despite how hard I try. And for that alone, I really don’t have the strength to love anyone else but him. Forgive me, for I’m not as strong as I may seem. You may think I’m narrow-minded or stubborn. But no matter how hard I tried to move on, it just seems like I was instead dwelling even deeper at the same spot.” 

Park Jonghyun clenched his fists. His face was bleaker than it already was. “It’s...Yang Chen isn’t it?”

Li Jingjing reactively lifted her head from confusion and instantly blushed red. She nodded silently before ultimately breaking the silence.

“Hmm...his place in my heart is irreplaceable…”

Park Jonghyun started crackling from dry laughter, seemingly imbued with sorrow. 

“Yang’s always Yang Chen. What did I do to the Yang clan in my past lives? Did I slaughter his family? Did I dice him into chunks? What did I do to deserve this?!”

Park Jonghyun was on the verge of insanity, and it was then that Li Jingjing realized she had made a grave mistake. 


“Shut up!”

Park Jonghyun lashed towards Li Jingjing and clamped her down with both arms in a deadlock on the kitchen table!

Li Jingjing avoided his gaze, attempting her best to avoid his heated breathing. 

“My business is ruined and so is my future! Everything is taken away from me because of that son of a bitch! And look at me now. I’m left with nothing and the only woman that has ever meant anything to me is taken away from me by Yang Chen! It’s always Yang Chen! Tell me, what’s so good about him? Tell me, tell me now!”

Tears started circling Li Jingjing’s pupils as she bit on her lip, words couldn’t convey the emotions that she was feeling. 

“Why aren’t you talking? Oh, I’m terrifying, aren’t I? Am I scaring you? Haha...I didn’t mean too. If only you said yes then. Even if it was a lie, I would’ve let you off the hook, yet you have to destroy the last glimmer of hope that I have! Why does everyone, even you, have to be this cruel to me!”

Park Jonghyun surprisingly was the first to tear up as he appeared completely shattered and devoid of hope. 

Li Jingjing mustered her courage before she replied. “Mr Park, please...don’t do this. What happened? Did Yang Chen…”

“Don’t you dare say his name!”

Park Jonghyun scowled at her before he sneered. “Since Yang Chen ruined everything I’ve ever had, I will return the favor upon you, I’ll take everything away from you!”

“What...are you trying to do…” Li Jingjing felt her knee wobbling from fear. 

Park Jonghyun chuckled contemptuously. “You think you could hide it from me, the fact that Yang Chen actually cares a lot about you? So, if I make love to you, it’d still haunt him for the rest of his life won’t it?”

Li Jingjing was horrified as she gathered all the strength shaking herself free, but Park Jonghyun had already left his conscience at the back of his head as his carnal instincts consumed him!

Li Jingjing fled to the kitchen, but was maimed by Park Jonghyun as he clawed onto her sweater, with a powerful push she stumbled on the ground!


Li Jingjing wailed in pain as she struggled to get back on her footing, but Park Jonghyun had effectively blocked her last hopes of escape as he ripped her top off her torso.

Li Jingjing’s sweater was stripped from her and all that was left was her underclothes and her bra. 

Her voluptuous figure was exposed in the crisp air, which further fueled Park Jonghyun’s lust as his breath grew heavy!

“Don’t do! Mr Park...please stop this...ugh…”

Amidst Park Jonghyun’s maniacal laughter, Li Jingjing was left distraught and violated.

And gradually Li Jingjing had lost track of her wails and cries as they were overpowered by Park Jonghyun’s haunting laughter!

Her mind faded into darkness.

Making his departure from the hospital, Yang Chen was making himself comfortable in the passenger’s seat of Park Cheon’s car, taking a long yawn. 

Park Cheon was energized and full of vigor, a level of clarity and robustness that he had yet felt in years, leaving him rather ecstatic!

After he ended his call, Kim Jip in the front seat turned behind. “Sir, we’ve received reports that Park Jonghyun had murdered his assistant and his bodyguards and is now in hiding. From the updates, we received there was no sign of him leaving the Gangnam area.”

Park Cheon frowned in response. “He must have known he wouldn’t make it out alive. Nevertheless, keep up the hunt. I need to know everything he did behind my back!”

Kim Jip nodded in agreement and made further calls to his subordinates to search the district. 

Yang Chen too frowned from the newly gained update, yet confused by Park Jonghyun’s motives to kill his own assistant and bodyguards.

If he were to escape, why would he take the additional steps to ‘clean up’ the crew, if they could play the role of the scapegoat? Does this mean he’s at the end of the road?

Right that instant, it sparked an alarming thought!

“Stop the car! Now!”

Yang Chen howled, his assumption rapidly fueling his anxiety!

The driver was taken aback as he quickly steered the car to an emergency stop by the road. Luckily for them, vehicles were far and few between in this part of the city after nightfall.

“Mr Yang, is there something bothering you?” Park Cheon had already accustomed himself to Yang Chen. 

Yang Chen could hardly be bothered to explain as he flung the door open. He immediately got down and sprinted towards the far corner of the botanical garden and vanished into thin air!

Anxiety had consumed his thoughts.

From Park Jonghyun’s volatile demeanor, it was clear that he had left his morality in hindsight as he reverted back to his primal instincts!

That man was without a doubt Yang Chen, and the only victim he could prey on was the lonesome Li Jingjing!

Not to mention his ill-fated attraction towards her, and when life had lost its meaning, this was his final act!

Fortunately for Yang Chen however, he was well acquainted with the location back when Lin Ruoxi decided to pay Li Jingjing a visit. 

By the apartment lobby, Yang Chen unleashed his divine sense by scanning his surroundings, picking up on the unit that Li Jingjing and Park Jonghyun were in!

At that moment the presence of other residents in the radius was but an afterthought as he darted onto the balcony, bashed through the glass and into the living room!

Lying soullessly on the kitchen floor, Li Jingjing’s hair rustled and tattered, her face battered by the aftermath of hopeless struggling. Half of her voluptuous bosoms were already exposed in the chilly winter air, barely holding on by the straps of her bra. 

Park Jonghyun obnoxiously smothered his tongue over the neck and cheeks, as if he was savoring rare delicacies. 

And every time Li Jingjing started tearing up from the violation she was experiencing, it seemed to perk his excitement even more as he followed up with a maniacal laugh. 

Li Jingjing had lost all forms of hope as she was clamped down, overpowered, tossed around like a plush toy.

He progressively slipped his hand and ripped off her tights, exposing her supple pair of legs!

“Ahaha! You’re mine now…”

Yang Chen’s eyes were fiery red from the words that rattled his soul!

Park Jonghyun offered a delayed response to the belated entrance of a hostile presence. Staring at infuriated Yang Chen, he smirked while licking his lips. “There you are. Always around when I least expect you. I was just about to have a taste and here you are foiling my plans again…”

Yang Chen had no intention of a peaceful confrontation as he marched towards him, clawed onto Park Jonghyun’s head, and single-handedly hoisted him from Li Jingjing!

His eyes muddled with fury with a gaze piercing deep into Park Jonghyun’s dispirited heart.

“Remember these eyes. If you end up as a ghost, come back to me and I’ll kill you again!”

Upon finishing he promptly tightened his grip as his fingers clawed into his skull!