After Park Jonghyun’s head was yanked off, a pool of warm blood spattered onto the floor!

Faced with such a bloody scene, Yang Chen turned a blind eye and stepped on Park Jonghyun’s corpse, caving his chest in.

It was only after obliterating this man did Yang Chen feel a bit more at peace.

Squatting down stiffly, Yang Chen then reached out toward Li Jingjing’s unkempt body.

Although the girl did not suffer much physically, Yang Chen still feared for her current condition.

Ever since his arrival, Li Jingjing had been unresponsive to everything in her surroundings.

The young maiden stared at the ceiling with no flicker of life within her eyes. The tears clinging at the corners of her eyes had dried up and her expression was surprisingly tranquil.


With trembling hands, Yang Chen caressed Li Jingjing’s cheeks with a reluctant smile. “Everything is fine now, I am here.”

As he spoke, Yang Chen removed his jacket and gently laid it on Li Jingjing, shielding her exposed body. After making sure she was wrapped nice and tight, he cautiously helped her to her feet.

Li Jingjing’s head slowly spun around with a terrifyingly empty gaze!

Seeming to notice the person in front of her, Li Jingjing’s lips quivered as she started to mumble inaudibly. All of a sudden, she heaved a sigh as she fell unconscious!


Yang Chen could not swallow the scream before it escaped. He did not anticipate what was going to happen!

He had initially anticipated for Li Jingjing to pull him into a hug and weep. Even if she had bitten him fiercely, it would still be reasonable. But who knew Li Jingjing would just pass out!

Instinctively, Yang Chen grabbed Li Jingjing’s wrist, his divine sense penetrating her body. The Heaven and Earth Energy from the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’ channeled into her body, roaming each meridian in an attempt to search for the cause.

However, Yang Chen quickly found out that there was no damage to Li Jingjing's body. Apart from her frail and seemingly underfed figure, everything else seemed fine!

“How could it be…” Yang Chen was overcome with anxiety and, knowing that this was not something he could fix, he hoisted Li Jingjing into his arms and darted out the building.

On the streets engulfed in darkness, no other person seemed to take notice of the ruckus. Yang Chen dismissed the thought of hailing a taxi and promptly began to hustle his way to the emergency department of the Hospital of Seoul University with a motionless Li Jingjing in his arms.

Yang Chen’s dramatic entrance with a girl in his arms broke the peace at the emergency department, taking the night-shift doctors and nurses by surprise.

“Sir, what is the issue with this lady?”

Yang Chen lowered Li Jingjing onto a hospital bed the nurses had pushed out and said, “She seemed to have encountered some sort of an emotional shock and had passed out. I couldn’t wake her no matter how I tried!”

Yang Chen could only take it that Li Jingjing had suffered some form of an emotional shock for her to fall into such a state. Worried sick, he prayed that there would not be any other problems after she regained consciousness.

It was not until Li Jingjing was sent for a CT scan did Yang Chen manage to calm himself down.

He produced his phone and realized he had several missed calls from Lin Ruoxi. He must have been too anxious to notice.

The very moment the call went through, Lin Ruoxi’s worried voice sounded from the other end. “Honey, where have you been? Why is it that President Park Cheon came back, and you went missing?!”

Yang Chen let out a sigh and briefly explained about Park Jonghyun’s visit to Li Jingjing's place.

“Jingjing is currently in a coma. I’m at the hospital with her. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me.”

Lin Ruoxi did not expect Li Jingjing to be involved in this. “Jingjing… Don't tell me she was…”

“No, she wasn’t. It’s a relief I arrived early,” said Yang Chen as he forced a bitter smile. To think about it, that was a close call. If he had been one minute later, he would not know how to face Li Jingjing for the rest of his life. After all, he was the one who let Park Jonghyun live.

A sigh of relief escaped from Lin Ruoxi’s lips as she continued, “If so, I shall inform President Park Cheon to clean up this mess. I'll get ready and come to you at the hospital.”

Yang Chen did not want Lin Ruoxi to come over now but it might serve the opposite effect and make her mistakenly think he intended to spend time alone with Li Jingjing. Hence, he did not object.

Traffic was easy at night, and it did not take more than half an hour for Lin Ruoxi to arrive at the hospital.

Although she practiced cultivation techniques, Lin Ruoxi’s physique was not as strong as Yang Chen, so it was impossible for her to toil non-stop to warm herself. Because of that, she wore a beige cashmere coat along with a red scarf.

Lin Ruoxi entered with two cups of hot coffee in her hands.

“I bought them along the way. Here, drink some coffee to freshen up.”

Yang Chen retrieved the cup and his mood lightened as the aroma of roasted coffee beans invaded his nostrils. He beamed at Lin Ruoxi gratefully. “Today has been a rough day. You should return early and rest.”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head. “We’ll see how Jingjing is pulling through. I'll be wherever you are.”

“Are you still worried about me flirting with other girls?” Yang Chen chuckled cheekily.

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes with a scoff. “What’s the point of worrying? I am worried about Jingjing’s condition! We ladies can be loyal too. We have a friendship and I will see it through.”

Amid their conversation, a frowning doctor strode over with a folder in his hand.

“Are you Mr Yang? I am Chief Physician Zheng Guozhong. President Park Cheon has already contacted us beforehand. My apologies for arriving late, I just rushed over from home. Still, we will do our best in assisting Mr Yang’s patient. For now, if you would please follow me to my office for a few words.”

Yang Chen did not expect Park Cheon to be so considerate such that he took the initiative to settle things with the hospital. Who would have thought that he even helped call back the doctors who had gone off duty?

Logically speaking, he was responsible for taking care of Park Jonghyun, as well as dealing with the mess left behind by the North Bureo clan. He ought to be extremely busy.

No wonder he was an Asian Business Giant. For him to climb the ladder so quickly and efficiently, it was no mistake that he indeed had the circumspection that ordinary people lacked. 

Once they entered Doctor Zheng’s office, Yang Chen and his wife sat down on the chairs. Doctor Zheng’s grim expression seemed to indicate an ill omen as they felt a bad feeling brewing in their stomachs.

“Doctor Zheng, is Jingjing… in danger?” Yang Chen asked, perturbed, for he could not tell what Jingjing’s problem was.

Doctor Zheng forced a weary smile. “Her life isn’t in danger but the situation isn’t so simple.”

“What’s the issue?”

Doctor Zheng responded with a question back at them, “Mr. Yang, was Miss Li violated before she was sent in? I heard the nurse saying that her clothing was disheveled.”

Yang Chen nodded. “Someone had those intentions, but I managed to stop it from happening.”

“No wonder… Then, did Miss Li encounter any external force on her head during the incident?”

“External force?”

Yang Chen’s brows knitted together as he fell deep into thought, trying to recall the previous scenes.

“She was pressed against the ground when I arrived. I’m not sure how she ended up on the ground but she could have hit her head in the process. Anyways, the gaze she had on me just seemed so empty.”

Beside him, an anxious Lin Ruoxi had Yang Chen translate for her. As she processed his words, her eyes began to water and she felt a growing bulge of pity within herself.

Doctor Zheng let out a sigh and reviewed the clip.

"Mr Yang, with all due respect, Miss Li’s problem may not be something our medical methods can resolve.”

“What?!” Yang Chen felt his heart drop.

Doctor Zheng proceeded to elaborate. “Miss Li has sustained a concussion and her cerebral cortex was injured. Though it is not serious, some nerves were damaged. At the same time, her mentality and consciousness underwent severe shock, so her cognition, awareness, and emotions are drastically impaired.

“She’s currently relying on tranquilizers to sleep, but once she awakens, it will not bode well for her. Before our nurses got to inject the tranquilizer, Miss Li’s entire body was already spasming, she kept on shouting ‘no’ and we were unable to communicate with her.

“From my many years of experiences, it is likely that she’s suffering mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder or phobia.”

At this point, Yang Chen had already forgotten to translate for Lin Ruoxi. The inner turmoil tumbling inside him seemed to take shape as an imaginary hand that clutched his heart tight.

Seeing the change in Yang Chen's facial expression, Lin Ruoxi could detect that the situation was not optimistic. “Honey, what’s wrong? Tell me!”

Yang Chen took a deep breath and relayed the doctor’s message to her.

“How could this be…” Lin Ruoxi could not help the tears rolling down her cheeks.

Doctor Zheng sighed and said, “Generally speaking, violation alone would not cause such severe psychological illness.

“I’m assuming that Miss Li might have been in an unstable state before the incident or perhaps she was feeling remarkably depressed and disappointed toward her life and emotions.

“As a matter of fact, she never had anything that inflicted nostalgia or perseverance in her. That was probably why, after this happened, she simply chose to give up on her inner self and shut herself out.”