Catching on to Yang Chen’s pained expression, Doctor Zheng began, “Mr Yang, has there been such an occurrence?”

Yang Chen sipped his cup of coffee, making a mental note of the bitter taste in the absence of sugar.

Regarding the girl’s state of mind, he had anticipated sadness and grief to a certain degree but did not realize that she had lost the will to live.

“Doctor, how do we change the situation then? Will she be like this forever?”

Doctor Zheng shook his head. “We cannot say for sure. Perhaps the patient would recover on her own but there is a chance that she could just become worse.”

After hearing Yang Chen’s translations, a memory suddenly surfaced in Lin Ruoxi’s mind, about what the girl once said to her in her apartment.

 “... While dealing with a lot of utterly irresistible forces, is it really possible for a girl without any background to avoid certain things by her own means? I do envy you a lot…”

Thinking back on these, Lin Ruoxi could not help the pang of guilt that hit her. Could it be her fault that Li Jingjing was in this slump?

Still, she was only doing the right thing.

Why was her heart aching? Why did she feel so guilt-ridden, so remorseful!?

All of these things started to channel within Lin Ruoxi’s heart, causing the woman to feel melancholy and uneasy.

At this moment, a warm hand clutched Lin Ruoxi’s trembling hand.

Lin Ruoxi looked up to find that Doctor Zheng had left the office. Her gaze then met with Yang Chen’s, who was looking at her in the most loving way imaginable.

“Don’t overthink this. This has absolutely nothing to do with you. It wasn’t you who ordered Park Jonghyun to do harm. It's not a good thing to recklessly take responsibility for something you didn’t do.”

Lin Ruoxi could feel warm tears starting to well up in her eyes and she stifled a low sob. “Am I not a cold-blooded evil woman...”

Yang Chen drew his lover into a welcoming embrace, gently caressing Lin Ruoxi’s hair and stroking her back. “If you’re considered an evil woman, then I am the most evil man ever to live. You haven’t made any mistakes. There are somethings beyond our control in life. Trust me, Jingjing has never hated you.”


“Yes, of course.” Yang Chen swiped a thumb against the beads of tears threatening to fall from the corner of her eyes. With a smile, he rose to his feet. “Come on, let’s go take a look at Jingjing.”

Lin Ruoxi blinked in slight hesitation, then nodded subtly and stood up.

The two paced through the quiet hospital corridor and arrived at Li Jingjing’s ward, where a nurse was just done setting up the drip. Leaving, she shut the door behind her with an amicable smile perched on her face.

Li Jingjing was on the hospital bed motionless. It could be seen that the faint rosiness in her cheeks had returned to her face, but her eyebrows were still knitted tightly together as if she was having a nightmare.

“Honey, when will Jingjing wake up?” Lin Ruoxi sat down by the bed and asked apprehensively.

Yang Chen shook his head. “No idea. She lives alone here without any friends or family. If we had been in Zhonghai, we could at least let Old Li and his wife take care of her.”

“Then, let’s stay for the night. We can decide after she wakes up,” Lin Ruoxi suggested.

Yang Chen had the exact thought to first understand Li Jingjing’s condition before considering if they should bring her elsewhere for treatment, or back to Zhonghai straight.

As they watched the lethargic young maiden laying in bed, the night quietly slipped past without much hassle.

At that time, Lin Ruoxi was already able to regulate the True Qi in her body like Yang Chen, so naturally, they did not feel too sleepy.

The couple sat on the long bench and talked, nestled in each others’ arms. 

In between, Park Cheon deliberately called to ask about Li Jingjing’s condition and made it clear that he was willing to provide any means of assistance.

The next morning, Li Jingjing’s eyelids finally fluttered open, though her expression remained blank and distant as if she had no idea where she was.

Lin Ruoxi’s face brightened and she dashed forward to hold Li Jingjing’s hand.

“Jingjing, you’re awake. How do you feel?”

Li Jingjing stared at Lin Ruoxi in a daze but provided no response. Instead, she said, “Thirsty…”

“Thirsty? Oh, I’ll pour you some water.”

Although Lin Ruoxi had a weird hunch, she still poured her a glass of warm water. She then helped Li Jingjing up and brought the cup to her lips.

Li Jingjing sipped slowly and stopped after she had downed half a cup.

Lin Ruoxi carefully asked, “Jingjing, do you feel discomfort anywhere?”

To her surprise, Li Jingjing replied, “Who are you…”

Lin Ruoxi froze. Her face immediately went pale and the cup almost slipped from her grip.

Observing from aside, Yang Chen was initially relieved that Li Jingjing’s condition was not as bad as he imagined. But that one sentence made his heart sink even further!

“Jingjing, don’t you recognize us?!” Yang Chen stalked up and exclaimed.

Before this, Li Jingjing had not noticed Yang Chen’s presence, and upon seeing him suddenly step forward, a shriek escaped her lips!

“Ah! Go away! Go away!”

Li Jingjing was behaving like a startled deer, kicking her legs out with her hands around her head. Her thrashing brought her close to the edge of the bed and it looked as if she was about to fall off!

Yang Chen bolted over and swiftly caught Li Jingjing in his arms so she would not fall onto the ground, but she would not stop wailing and screaming!

“Let me go! Argh! Let me go… Go away!”

“Jingjing, calm down! I am Yang Chen! Your Brother Yang! Why are you…”

Anxiety swelled in a panic-stricken Lin Ruoxi, who went up and held her arms as she spoke, “Jingjing, don’t you recognize us?! Don’t cry…”

Li Jingjing refused to listen and even tried to escape between cries.

Lin Ruoxi forcibly hugged Li Jingjing’s body and said to Yang Chen, “Honey, get out! Jingjing seems to be afraid of you!”

Yang Chen appeared to come to the realization that his appearance did, in fact, agitate Li Jingjing. He nodded worriedly and proceeded to scuttle out of the room.

Indeed, following Yang Chen’s exit, the room plunged into its initial calm.

Li Jingjing resembled a shocked little rabbit. Her fearful eyes were filled with tears, as she hugged Lin Ruoxi with her trembling body.

The previous commotion grabbed the attention of the morning shift nurses and they came running in to take a look. Quickly, they helped Li Jingjing off Lin Ruoxi and reassured her as they laid her back in bed.

A middle-aged nurse unleashed to Lin Ruoxi a string of Korean words, but she could not understand a single thing. So, she dragged her out of the ward.

“Sir, madam, the patient has been mentally unstable since last night. Didn’t the doctor mention earlier that her condition would have to be examined once again? Please refrain from provoking the patient in the future.”

Yang Chen wondered aloud, “Nurse, why was Miss Li so terrified upon seeing me when she was completely fine toward my wife?”

The nurse frowned. “Based on my past experiences, the specific stimulus for the patient is men. After being violated, many girls become mentally unstable and find themselves unable to go near any man.”

Hearing this, Yang Chen felt an ache in his chest. He did not expect Li Jingjing to be mentally tortured this severely!

With disbelief manifest on her face, Lin Ruoxi turned back to look at Li Jingjing, the young lady who was so frightened and panting like a helpless little girl hoping to elicit some comfort from her parents.

What did this gorgeous girl with a promising future do wrong that she ended up like this?!

She did not gain anything, and instead, endured everything in silence all along!

Lin Ruoxi could not stand looking at Li Jingjing. The more she saw her in this intolerable state, the more she blamed herself for inspiring these events, directly or not.

Yang Chen no longer had the strength to comfort Lin Ruoxi.

A little more than an hour later, a psychiatric specialist from the university's hospital dropped by to diagnose Li Jingjing. However, the male doctor was unable to approach her at all. They had to call in a female doctor.

The diagnostic efforts were practically futile, as Li Jingjing’s mentality had crumbled since the incident and she developed an extreme fear of men. Besides, its alarming severity locked off most of her memories, resulting in her inability to recognize anyone around her.

It was not just Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi. Li Jingjing was unable to recognize Park Cheon, Zhenxiu, as well as other members of the Park family.

Even an old man like Park Cheon was enough to make Li Jingjing cower in a corner.

Seeing the quiet and polite teacher she used to know acting like a wounded kitten and in such a pitiful state, Zhenxiu could not help the tears that flowed down her face.

After regaining composure and calming herself down, Lin Ruoxi asked Yang Chen, “Should we inform Jingjing’s family? Would it be best to tell Old Li and his wife about her right now?”

Yang Chen shook his head firmly, without a hint of hesitation. “No, Old Li and his wife think that Jingjing has been doing great in America. If they were to find out that she had lost her memory and developed a phobia on top of that. How are they supposed to accept this?”

“Since the doctors here don’t have a solution, I could ask Jane and see if she had any ideas.”