Although Jane had just returned to England, Yang Chen needed her over immediately. She was his last resort, as even the best psychiatrists in Korea were unable to treat Li Jingjing’s condition.

The answers he received were all along the lines of ‘Just let it be’ or ‘Fate will decide’.

In fact, Yang Chen knew rather well that mental diseases would require professional advice from psychiatrists. However, the real, prickly problem on hand right now was that none knew where to start.

In the afternoon, Yang Chen personally flew over and escorted Jane back to Korea.

From Jane’s perspective, she was utterly floored by Yang Chen’s current cultivation level that bestowed him the ability to travel long distances in an instant. She even began to consider the idea of cultivating alongside him. However, to her knowledge, this kind of divine ability was not something one could learn easily.

The hospital was also somewhat introduced to Jane and they cooperatively provided her with an individual space to diagnose and treat Li Jingjing.

To no surprise, Li Jingjing looked at Jane as if she had never met her before.

Clad in a white striped patient outfit, Li Jingjing appeared immensely absent-minded and dull.

Jane took two whole hours trying every possible method to communicate with Li Jingjing psychologically, attempting to guide her into demolishing her spiritual barriers. But to no avail, she remained lost.

In the end, Jane stepped out of the room helplessly with a scowl. “Her current condition is very complicated. She has selectively sealed up a part of her memories and developed a selective phobia toward men. If it doesn’t get resolved in time, she may completely fall apart as a result.”

Yang Chen forced a smile. “I know we’re tight on time, but how should we treat her? Korean doctors had no solution.”

“It’s not that they don’t see a way out, it’s because none of the ways can guarantee success. Generally speaking, there are a number of treatments such as hypnotherapy, cognitive therapy, compulsive therapy, situational therapy, and a couple of others.

“I’d like to try hypnotherapy first. If we manage to ward off Miss Li’s source of fear with psychological hinting, that would be great. If it doesn’t work, then we could try something else.”

Having stayed at the hospital thus far, Lin Ruoxi immediately asked upon hearing the word ‘hypnotherapy’.

“Would it be dangerous?”

Jane smiled as she shook her head. “If at any point the patient is in danger, we can stop the treatment. I have experience in this field, so do not worry.”

Jane brought Li Jingjing to a quiet room and carried out a series of preparations for the hypnotherapy. Yang Chen did not ask any more questions than he had, for he was a stranger to this after all.

Seeing the stubborn frown on his companion’s face, he patted Lin Ruoxi’s shoulder and said, “Ruoxi, why don’t you return to the Park’s Residence first? I think we’re all good here. I’ll be here to keep watch. By the way, tell Zhenxiu not to worry so much, there will always be a way out.”

Lin Ruoxi knew that Yang Chen was right. Even if she had stayed, she would not be of any help.

She nodded silently in agreement. Just as she was about to leave, however, she could not help but ask, “Honey, if Jingjing ends up like this for life, what would you do?”

Her question took Yang Chen by surprise. He paused for a good while before saying, “I am indirectly responsible after all. I suppose I can only bring her back to Zhonghai and be honest with Old Li and his wife. Even if they must hate me, I will take care of their family no matter what.”

Lin Ruoxi plastered on a bitter smile as if she already knew. “Sometimes, it seems right when you’re doing it, but the outcome always burdens me.”

Yang Chen was aware of what Lin Ruoxi was thinking but had nothing to say. Not just because Li Jingjing had always held a certain position in his heart, but also due to the pressing sense of responsibility of being a man. He would never leave Li Jingjing alone in a foreign country and never follow up on her again.

Lin Ruoxi did not utter another word before she quietly turned to leave and return to the Park’s. In fact, she needed space for herself as well. Everything that happened in the hospital seemed to be slowly suffocating her.

Approximately two hours later, Jane walked out of the temporary office.

Yang Chen had been standing by the door, waiting for updates.

“How did it go?” Yang Chen urged impatiently.

Jane’s usually enigmatic expression appeared grim for once. “It failed. Miss Li was completely unable to enter deep hypnosis. As soon as we brought up the event, she would lose mental stability and her heart rate would skyrocket. I did not dare to proceed.”

Yang Chen stepped forward and put his hands on Jane’s shoulders. “Jane, I know this is not an easy task. But I am begging you to cure her! She can’t live on like this, she’s only in her twenties! She’s been through a lot of hardships to support herself and her family all these years. How could I leave her suffering without reaping the rewards of her hard work!”

Seeing Yang Chen’s reddened eyes and the anxiousness that emanated from within, Jane could not help the wry smile forming on her face.

“Why are you so concerned and anxious about other girls, but not even once for me…”

Yang Chen was mortified. He retracted his hands discreetly and said with a voice laced with embarrassment, “You are different from her. We’re good friends.”

“Good friends… After all these years, after everything I’ve done for you, I am still just a good friend to you,” Jane murmured, biting her lips. 

A reluctant smile stretched across her awkward face.

“How could you say such cruel words to me in such a gentle way?”

Yang Chen felt his heart skip a beat. His brain felt bloated, and it was as if there was a fishbone in his throat, almost choking him.

With pleading eyes, he stared unblinkingly at Jane. “Jane, it's been a really long time since I’ve been this exhausted. Let’s leave this topic for some other time, please just help me restore Jingjing to normal first?”

Jane habitually swiped a hand at the corner of her eyes and took a deep breath.

“The only person in this world who can let the murderous His Majesty Pluto beg is probably me.” Jane pursed her lips with a self-humiliating scoff.

Yang Chen replied sorrowfully, “I won’t have any burden from begging you anyway.”

Jane shook her head feebly. “In fact, I have an idea.”

“What is it?”

“Miss Lin is not here anymore, right?”

Yang Chen wondered aloud, “What's wrong? How is it related to Ruoxi? I’ve asked that she returned home to rest.”

Jane nodded with a grin. “Remember what I said previously. To fight this kind of illness, we can use situational therapy and compulsive therapy.”

“How?” asked Yang Chen.

Jane curled a finger at Yang Chen twice, motioning him to lend her an ear.

Yang Chen was baffled, but he inched closer to Jane anyway.

Once Jane had finished speaking, Yang Chen’s expression evidently sunk. He hesitated before starting, “This… No wonder you had to ask if it would work with Ruoxi here!”

Jane shrugged nonchalantly. “That’s the only alternative I could think of. If you think that it’s inappropriate, then we could just stick to chronic therapy. Perhaps Miss Li would recover on her own someday. From what I saw, though… her condition would most likely deteriorate over time. After all, for no men to go near her, her life would be tough.”

A deep frown manifested itself on Yang Chen’s face. What Jane had said was right. It was practically impossible to put Li Jingjing in an environment with only females for long-term treatment. 

“If we continue to drag on, no one would be able to guarantee the direction her condition would take. She had just sealed up her innermost being, but her consciousness has not been locked up yet, so if you could force out the consciousness that she’s trying to hide before it’s too late.” 

Jane paused before adding, “This approach may sound a little ruthless, but it’s rather straightforward and has the highest chance of success. If it fails, it won’t get any worse than it is now. But you have to know that once it starts, you cannot stop!”

Yang Chen gritted his teeth and plunged deep into thought. With a vulnerable smile on his face, he remarked, “Aren’t you just tempting me to be an evil man now.”

“There exists only a thin line between good and evil. If you hold her dear and are willing to take up the responsibility, then it’s not evil in the least bit.”

Jane teased him, “At least from what I see, you’ve been holding yourself back. Isn’t it great that you have the chance to go for it?”

Yang Chen decided not to overthink. Putting his concerns behind him, he said, “Right, I shall go in then.”

Jane raised an amused eyebrow. “You want to go in here? This is the hospital office!”

“I know. It’s exactly because it's an office and not a place to sleep that it gets the most intense. That way, we can emulate the situation best, isn’t that so?” Yang Chen reasoned.

Jane looked at the man, tongue-tied. “You’ve always been a beast. Even though you got married and managed to camouflage yourself, nothing has changed.”

Yang Chen was simply shameless. “You were the one who fueled my decision. Since I am doing this, I shall be as extreme as I can. I was never a qualified husband anyway. I’d rather get bullied back home for some time than being morosely overcome by guilt for the rest of my life.”

Jane squinted dubiously. “I was thinking, if I were to strip in front of you, would you unleash your beast self on me as well? I never knew it could be this simple!”

Hearing this, Yang Chen jumped in surprise. He hastily slipped into the office and bolted the door!