Originally seated in silence on the leather chair, Li Jingjing jumped upon seeing her new visitor who had just barged into the office. She immediately paled when she saw who it was.

Whirling around, Yang Chen was welcomed by the image of the stunned, lost young maiden and he felt the previously immense determination in his heart deflate by a remarkable step.

He took a stride forward.


Li Jingjing squealed. She threw herself off the chair and scurried behind it. She cowered out of sight and did not dare to lay eyes on Yang Chen.

Jane’s words surfaced in Yang Chen’s mind. ‘As soon as you start it, you cannot retreat!’

If he were to leave after this minor scare, it would simply end up aggravating Li Jingjing’s condition.

Dismissing his train of thought, resolution flickered in Yang Chen’s eyes as any hint of humanity in his face vanished. He paced up to her and flung the chair towards one side!

“Ah! Don’t come over! Go away! Go away!”

Li Jingjing staggered backward and fell back against the ground. Continuously kicking her long legs out at Yang Chen, her body squirmed and shrunk behind herself.

Yang Chen reached out and seized both of Li Jingjing’s legs. With one swift movement, he dragged her upfront and climbed on top of her!

At that instance, she was trapped, unable to move. She writhed around tirelessly with all her might, but it only served to bring their bodies closer. With every jerk, she could feel more of the man’s strength and power.

With the delicate lady right before his eyes, Yang Chen could smell the fragrance on Li Jingjing’s body laced with the scent of hospital disinfectant.

He could feel Li Jingjing’s pair of soft, fluffy mountains pressed tightly against his chest, her raised nipples protruding through the sheer layer of cotton fabric.

Li Jingjing’s terrified face was ashen. Her eyes were screwed tight as large beads of tears tricked down from the side. She was overcome with such intense fright that she had forgotten to scream, her hands curled up together like a wounded kitten.

“Jingjing, do you really have no recollection of me?” asked Yang Chen in a low voice.

Li Jingjing whimpered as she peered through her full lashes but immediately shut her eyes again.

“I’m Yang Chen, your Brother Yang. Don’t you remember anything? We’ve known each other for two years. Your father Old Li and I jointly owned a stall at the market. I’ve even been to your house for meals. We’ve attended colleague gatherings together. Don’t you remember anything at all?” Yang Chen asked, incredulous.

Li Jingjing shook her head firmly. “You… go away… I don’t know you…”

Pain flashed through Yang Chen’s irises. Reluctantly, he forced a bitter smile. “Forgive me, but I can’t stand seeing you like this forever…”

As Yang Chen’s lips dropped after the last word. He brought them up to Li Jingjing’s and kissed her hard!

The girl’s beautiful eyes widened, evident shock portrayed in them. Tears splattered onto the floor from those starry eyes overflowed with terror and angst.

The coolness on Yang Chen’s lips seemed to snap his senses alert, sending jolts of adrenaline pulsing through his body. At the same time, his hormones seemed to have closed his mind as lust took over and fueled his desire.

What truly pulled Yang Chen under was the pitiable expression manifest on the girl’s horrified face! It was simply irresistible!


The moans that escaped from Li Jingjing’s throat and pierced Yang Chen’s eardrums served a salacious melody clawing at his very soul!

While her figure was not typically described as voluptuous, her proportions were faultless. Particularly her long, slender legs that greatly enhanced her extraordinary artistic beauty!

Perhaps accounted for by her perennial modesty, the touch of her womanhood felt exceptionally tender, and boneless. Though lacking an innate eroticism like Xiao Zhiqing, this was nothing lesser than that.

One major turn-on for him was the petite, obedient demeanor engraved in the young lady’s bones. The resulting image of her whining amid violation was a deadly sight that would arouse pity in any living person.

Yang Chen could not be bothered to analyze Li Jingjing’s thoughts at that moment. His task right now was to do as Jane’s instructions, to reenact whatever pain previously inflicted on Li Jingjing, and force her to face these tragic memories head-on.

With that, Yang Chen began to shred Li Jingjing’s clothing with both hands. He tugged her cotton pants down to her knees, then removed the last layer of whatever was keeping her intact.

Exposed to the open, Li Jingjing’s ivory skin resembled the texture of fine silk. One light prod from Yang Chen was all it took to dye it a pleasant rosy hue.

Yang Chen’s haughty fingers slithered into her, mimicking a plucking movement on a string instrument. Wrapped around his fingers was an overwhelming sense of tenderness, so delicate and frail that even Yang Chen was cautious going forward.

During the fanatical kiss, Yang Chen’s tongue ravished Li Jingjing’s own, which simply laid soft and listless in her mouth. She had completely given up resisting and continued whimpering between pants as her tears swirled in her eyes.

Beneath, she was not given a break at all as Yang Chen continued tormenting her. Her body seemed to have gained a mind of its own as it began rocking rhythmically along to his movements.

Yang Chen’s breathing grew heavier and upon the realization that his crotch down below was already threatening to explode, any sliver of hesitation in taking the last step spontaneously dissipated!

There was no turning back now!

Yang Chen picked the girl up in his arms and plopped down in the leather chair, with Li Jingjing’s long, slender legs resting loosely on each side of Yang Chen’s hips.

Between them was a stout pillar standing tall like a ravenous wild beast, ready to invade its prey’s lair!

Though Li Jingjing was extremely terrorized, her body and actions did not lie.

The moisture dripping non-stop onto the floorboards had declared that the young lady was ready to become a woman.

Yang Chen buried his head between the lumps of tenderness and sucked in a deep breath.

“Just hate me if you want to… I deserve it anyway…”

Yang Chen gritted his teeth and abruptly lowered Li Jingjing onto his thighs!

The second she landed on his shaft, he could feel as though he had ripped through a diaphanous layer of paper film left untouched for two years!

With a sudden jerk, Li Jingjing’s body stiffened and she let out a pained whine!

“Ah! Let… let me go!”

The girl burst into tears and within the next moment, she charged at Yang Chen’s neck as an act of defense!

Yang Chen had a tough physique, hence he was not the least bit concerned about tearing any blood vessels. He paid no attention as the girl frantically sank her teeth all over him.

He wrapped his hands around Li Jingjing’s slim waist and compelled her to shimmy her curvy bottom along his length.

Accompanying the constant swishing sound coming from their point of contact, the girl’s narrow orifice started to widen as the tension diminished.

Any strength to counter him seemed to have left Li Jingjing’s body as she eventually caved into Yang Chen’s manipulation, groaning in what seemed like a concoction of agony and pleasure.

That moment was the first time Li Jingjing experienced pain and joy as a woman.

Yang Chen gradually disseminated Heaven and Earth Energy into Li Jingjing’s body to repair some damaged tissues in her body. As her bleeding ceased, she was able to accommodate herself with instinctive gestures to match his.

The song of their huffs and puffs weaved together resonated throughout the office, tinting the air a fiery crimson.

Within the course of an hour, Li Jingjing had already succumbed thrice to Yang Chen before finally witnessing his long-awaited release!

As Yang Chen let out one final, drawn-out grunt of pleasure, he loosened his grip on Li Jingjing’s supple waist to remove himself from the woman’s body.

As of now, their warzone had shifted from the chair onto the office table, where Li Jingjing’s long legs hung sluggishly over the edge of the table. Dotted all over her body were plenty of scorching hickeys.

Yang Chen shut his eyes for a moment to calm himself before he proceeded to step forward and help the girl up.

Just as she propped herself up under Yang Chen’s assistance, the originally weak and fatigued woman suddenly raised a hand and whipped it right at Yang Chen’s face!


Short and sweet.

It was not that Yang Chen did not see it coming. He just chose not to dodge it.

Twisting his head back to face Li Jingjing, Yang Chen stared intently as he took in the sight of this teary-eyed, flushed face before him. With an awkward grin, he brought a palm up to his burning cheek.

“Jingjing… you…”

“You animal…” Li Jingjing clenched her teeth as she spat wrathfully.

A tinge of melancholy flitted across Yang Chen’s eyes, but it was shortly joined with relief and glee. Forcing a smile, he beamed at her. “You finally remember.”

Through warm tears, Li Jingjing glared at the man. All of a sudden, it felt as if the office had plunged below absolute zero.

“Yang Chen…”

After what seemed like an eternity, Li Jingjing hissed, eyeing the man with a grim expression. The name that tumbled off the tip of her tongue sounded like he was a complete stranger to her.

“From today onward, I, Li Jingjing will not be able to raise my head before you and your wife anymore because of what you took from me…”

As she spoke, Li Jingjing abruptly grabbed Yang Chen’s right hand and placed it over her chest!

Despite his hand squashing half of her left breast, Li Jingjing gave no notice to it.

“You took my heart away.”

Yang Chen blinked dazedly at the woman, utterly stunned out of his wits.

Li Jingjing, on the other hand, managed a broad smile as two streams of tears trickled down her face.

“This is why I love you so much.”