What Yang Chen did not know was that Guo Xuehua was busy doing something else back in their Xijiao Villas of Zhonghai. Hence, she ended the call in a hurry without any further pressing questions.

After getting off the call, Guo Xuehua scurried back to the secondary living room and sat down happily at the brand new mahjong table.

“Mhmm, automatic mahjong tables are amazing. The mahjong tiles reorganize so quickly! Back then in my hometown, one would only dream of something like this.”

As Guo Xuehua confessed emotionally, the mahjong table diligently arranged and distributed the tiles.

Sitting around this modern mahjong table were another three women clad in extravagant clothing. They were Mo Qianni, An Xin, and Xiao Zhiqing!

An Xin chuckled, “Mother, you’re too outdated. The mahjong machine has been on the market for a long time.”

Guo Xuehua rolled her eyes at An Xin, who was across the table from her. “You little child, how do you still have the time to insult me for being outdated? Look at you, just look at how much you have lost! Zhiqing has just barely started learning and she’s already about to surpass you.”

Speaking, she looked over at Xiao Zhiqing proudly. “No doubt you are Yulan’s biological daughter. Intelligent, indeed.”

Xiao Zhiqing smiled politely. Upon mention of her mother, she beamed and happiness gushed from her eyes. “Oh no, Mother plays better.”

Seated on one side, Mo Qianni could not bear to watch any longer. She remarked with a sour tone, “Mother, you’re too easily swayed! Zhiqing studied computer science. Calculating the probabilities for a game is child’s play for her. She’s only playing lenient with you, so stop praising her…”

“Hey, hey, hey.” Guo Xuehua threw out a red Zhong tile and said pointedly, “Why are you being so salty? Qianni, you should really take a lesson or two from An Xin. Even though she’s lost a few hundred thousand, she’s still sitting here modestly. You haven’t lost a single penny but you dare say I’m relying on Zhiqing’s leniency?”

Mo Qianni turned over to An Xin, who had been quiet all this while, and pursed her lips. “An Xin wasn’t trying to be good. A few hundred thousand is hardly worth a speck of dust to a rich woman like herself who has billions’ worth of assets. But for office workers like me, how could I afford to lose in this game...”

Guo Xuehua had known Mo Qianni for a long time and was rather familiar with her, so she was aware that Mo Qianni was only joking.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of! If you do happen to lose everything, just ask more from that little brat Yang Chen. That guy has been hiding his wealth really well. If I hadn’t attended his wedding, I’d never truly know how rich he was. Listen up, you girls, don’t try to challenge Ruoxi’s position as the first wife. But as for money, jewelry, and the like, feel free to snatch some from Yang Chen and tell him that you have his mother’s approval!”

Seeing Guo Xuehua spewing such words so enthusiastically, Xiao Zhiqing tittered. “Mother, would you be daring enough to say these to Sister Ruoxi’s face?”

Upon hearing this, Guo Xuehua reached over at once and pinched Xiao Zhiqing’s cheeks. “Naughty little girl, you dare ridicule your mother-in-law! Who told you that I’m not daring enough? Ruoxi is the main lady and one day, she will be taking over my position in the Yang household. In order to take some burden off Yang Chen’s shoulders, she will have to get along with you. Do you girls think I’m actually afraid of her?”

Just as Guo Xuehua and her three ‘daughters-in-law’ were busy giggling away, Wang Ma strode in from the main living room.

Wang Ma stepped in with a plate of sliced cantaloupe. Placing it by Xiao Zhiqing, she caressed her hair affectionately and asked with a smile perched upon her face, “What are you girls talking about? Sounds like you were having fun!”

“What else could we be talking about, just some nonsense,” Guo Xuehua dismissed playfully. “Still, Yulan, you’re so biased toward your daughter! Ruoxi would be in despair when she returns.”

Wang Ma’s face turned a rosy hue. “Stop exaggerating. I’ve been watching over the young lady since young. They’re all the same.”

Xiao Zhiqing giggled. “Mother, I’ve won over a hundred thousand. Sister An Xin was so generous to me! I’ll get you a BV handbag online. I saw an orange design that would suit you especially well!”

“Mother only goes out for groceries. What’s more, don’t we already have a bunch of branded handbags at home?” Wang Ma caught sight of the stack of hundred-dollar bills by Xiao Zhiqing’s side of the table that was still growing in size, then chortled in response. “Oh my, why did you all get so much cash? This place is turning into a casino!”

Not only were there humongous heaps of cash, but there were also seven or eight leather briefcases for their stash of cash just lying about in the side hall.

An Xin pouted. “Mother said to use cash.”

“Of course. It’s not like we don’t have money, and it’s definitely more interesting to play mahjong with real cash. After all, we’re still a family so winning or losing doesn’t matter,” exclaimed Guo Xuehua excitedly.

Wang Ma sighed powerlessly. “If the young lady finds out that you ordered the mahjong machine and played with it for so long, she’s probably going to be mad for a good few days.”

An Xin chimed in a little worriedly, “Wang Ma, you must attest to my innocence. I’m only here because Mother asked me to come over!”

“Jeez, would you look at yourself? Why do you act like a mouse running from a cat when it comes to Ruoxi? And you call yourself a chairwoman,” Guo Xuehua scolded in between laughs. 

“Fine, it was me who bought the mahjong machine and me who summoned you here to relieve my boredom. Anyways, you girls don’t normally stumble across many chances to get along. Since we are a family, we can play some tiles and get to know each other.”

An Xin nodded and her lips parted in embarrassment.

“Mother, you think so far ahead for these intricate plans.” Mo Qianni could not help but notice.

The three girls exchanged glances and quickly recognized the discernible smiles in each others’ eyes.

Truth be told, the girls knew of each other’s existence, but the thought of competition had never occurred to them. Firstly, Yang Chen was the epitome of a person with ‘ferocious vigor’. Therefore, any woman alone would not be adequate to satisfy him.

Furthermore, they knew that it was impracticable to rival Lin Ruoxi. As a result, they all dropped that little thought of theirs and simply focused on relishing what little contentment they had.

The most important reason being that the girls were also cultivating alongside Yang Chen, knowing that it could preserve their youth and beauty and that it would greatly lengthen their lifespan. It was as if this set them apart from ordinary humans.

As they strolled side-by-side down the same special path, they grew extremely tight in no time and were almost always showering each other with admiration and praises.

“Of course,” Guo Xuehua chirped eagerly, her eyes not leaving the tiles she continued to pull from the stack. A sudden thought struck her and she asked, “Why haven’t I seen Rose and Mingyu these past two days? I know Cai Yan is busy running after criminals but are the other two occupied as well?”

Mo Qianni, on the other hand, communicated with Rose and Liu Mingyu on a daily basis. “Rose is only interested in cultivation. She said she sensed some techniques from the Soul Forming Realm and she’s practicing with her doors closed. Mingyu went to Paris for work.”

“Wow, Sister Rose is so capable!” Xiao Zhiqing was the most knowledgeable when it came to the littlest details of cultivation. “Didn’t she just start cultivating not too long ago? I can’t believe she can already sense the Soul Forming Realm!”

“Yeah, our husband once mentioned that Rose’s qualifications are not any lower than his. If I’m not mistaken, even Cai Ning in Beijing may not be on par with her,” Mo Qianni groaned enviously.

An Xin seemed to realize something before she asked inquisitively, “Mother, why don’t you cultivate too? If we stayed young but you grew old, it would be such a shame.”

Guo Xuehua smiled as she looked at An Xin. “This child is so good at pleasing the elderly. You should change your name from ‘An Xin’ to ‘Kai Xin’ (Happy). Actually, Yang Chen had mentioned this before, but Yulan and I are too old. It’s too late to cultivate from scratch and if we force ourselves to do it, our body would not be able to endure it. Which is why he gave us some elixirs to consume and ordered that we perform some Tu Na routine. This will give us longevity while not harming our foundation.”

Yang Chen would only talk to Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma about these in private and not tell the ladies. 

It was late into the night when Minjuan finally came down from upstairs, where she had been looking after Lanlan, and entered the side hall to watch the ladies play mahjong.

Guo Xuehua asked with what seemed like a sinister smile. “Minjuan, would you like to join for the next round?”

Minjuan immediately shook her head. “No, no, I can’t afford to play this. One round is all it takes to go up to tens of thousands…”

“Come on, we’re just a family playing around with some money.” Guo Xuehua smiled helplessly and asked, “Is Lanlan asleep?”

Minjuan nodded. “Yep, she is. I wanted to let Lanlan sleep in my bed, but she insisted on sleeping in her mother’s.”

Guo Xuehua sighed as she nodded. “I don’t know how but somehow, this child is quite congenial with Ruoxi. If we didn’t know better, we would probably think that she’s Ruoxi’s biological child.”

Speaking, Guo Xuehua’s gaze swept past the other girls. “You all should buck up. Although Yang Chen is rather unique and wouldn’t impregnate you easily, there’s still a chance that he will. Don’t just dream about Yang Chen looking for you, be more proactive!”

The girls turned red in unison and all of them were at a loss for words. Guo Xuehua was indeed very open around them.

Wang Ma broke the tension in the air and said, “Xuehua, what did Sir say earlier?”

Guo Xuehua’s lips curled up in an uncanny manner. “He said he met a girl in Korea that he knew from Zhonghai. Her name is Li Jingjing. He asked for my help to arrange for a post in the Education Bureau for the child as she’s coming back to Zhonghai.”

“Li Jingjing? Isn’t she in America?” Wang Ma remembered Li Jingjing. Unable to stifle her laugh, she prodded tentatively, “Did the son-in-law…”

“What else? I suppose he must have gotten me another daughter-in-law.” Guo Xuehua then turned to the ladies. “You girls are having another sister. If this keeps up, I’m afraid we would need two mahjong tables at home.”

The ladies blinked at each other and started to picture the scene of a dozen women gathered together around two mahjong tables!