To their relief, after two days of fun and enjoyment, their honeymoon trip to Korea did not end in a cold war.

Before they left Korea, however, Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi had to attend the Park family’s official handover ceremony.

Park Cheon retiring as president would mean that the position of executive president would be passed on to Zhenxiu. The mere concept of a girl barely in her twenties sitting in this position sounded incredulous, but it was not unfamiliar to anyone that Park Cheon would personally be guiding her along the way. Throughout the first few years, it would be nothing more than a title as she learned the traded.

In fact, the thing that truly tickled the interest of other people was the inheritance of ‘Starmoon’, which had previously been passed down numerous generations. The Park family’s handover ceremony consisted of more than just the handover of the company and properties.

Some of the wealthier Korean elderly knew that nobody but the patriarch of the Park family would have the opportunity to recognize the true value and usage of ‘Starmoon’.

Many people chipped in with their guesses of what it could be. Some wondered if it was some rare treasure while others thought it to be a secret formula to longevity. It ranged from ancestral reservoirs of buried gold, gemstones, and the like to be used as a foundation to recover in the case that the Park family faced downfall.

However, these were merely assumptions and no one knew for sure what the hidden family secret was.

On the eleventh, the Park family reserved the largest event hall of the Shilla Hotel in Seoul, one of the businesses under the Starmoon Group. The fact that the Park family could occupy this place, somewhere Korean National Leaders usually invited VIPs over, showcased the Starmoon Group’s substantial influence.

When Yang Chen, clad in a smart business suit Lin Ruoxi had specially picked out for him, appeared alongside his wife at the majestic hall, it was already crowded with hundreds of high-class guests who arrived early.

Some reporters from mainstream media companies were already setting up their equipment for shooting purposes. The family handover of the Starmoon Group was one piece of upper-class social news that grabbed the attention of many outsiders.

The bustling waiters were all dressed in traditional hanboks, highlighting the importance of this ceremony.

Prior to this, Yang Chen had specifically requested for fewer media exposure toward himself and his wife. Consequently, Park Cheon had not gone up to greet them, so as to avoid the attention.

As noon approached, Park Cheon jubilantly strode up onto the stage to the accompaniment of some background music.

Taking notice of the old president suited up gallantly and his ruddy complexion, almost everyone exclaimed as they all thought he would be frail from his recent illness. No one had expected him to look so robust.

Such a scene instantly boosted the Starmoon Group’s stock prices by a few percents. After all, as the founder and backbone of the company, Park Cheon’s health could profoundly impact the stock market.

At that moment, Park Cheon had exhibited a powerful aura with just a brief glance that swept past the floor. Following this, the throng of guests quieted down, be it old or young, and began listening courteously.

Apart from the noises coming from the interlacing spotlights and camera shutters, the venue was enveloped in silence.

“Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to express my utmost gratitude for your presence here at the Park family handover ceremony. Those who are familiar with me would know that I am a straightforward person who does not like to beat around the bush, so without further ado, I shall now make the announcement. According to the principles of our family order alongside the principle of inheritance, I, Park Cheon, have decided to hand over the position of our family patriarch to my eldest granddaughter, Xu Zhenxiu. Zhenxiu is the biological daughter of my eldest daughter, Park Ji-Yi. Though her family name might be Xu, she definitely has the Park family’s blood. I sincerely hope that our clan can provide Zhenxiu with enough support as she is still young. I will also be training her to be a qualified heir as soon as practicable. Secondly, Starmoon Group has been the main company of the Park family as well as my brainchild for decades. Being the company president for thirty-over years has exhausted me. After analyzing the talent and intelligence of my children and grandchildren, I have decided to also appoint Zhenxiu as the next president of the company. However, do not fret about Zhenxiu being too young and incapable as this old man here is still strong and healthy today. Even after the handover, I will still have a considerable amount of control behind the scenes as the chairman.”

The outcome of Park Cheon’s delightful announcement was not quite out of the expectations of those present.

Previously, many were concerned that Zhenxiu’s young age might render her unable to withstand such pressure. Despite this, from what they could see now, the handover was only nominal since Park Cheon was still fit and well.

However, this successfully expelled the malicious intents of the members of the main and side families of the Park’s. At the same time, this also served as a warning to them to never let history repeat itself with whatever happened with Park Jonghyun.

After addressing these two matters, Park Cheon smiled amicably and beckoned at Zhenxiu backstage, prompting her to come onstage.

Today, Zhenxiu donned a white frilly princess dress with lace hems. Its round collar sat at her chest neatly, outlining her cleavage flawlessly and accentuating her prominent collarbones. The dress clung to her delicate waist, evoking an aura of youthfulness and dazzling magnificence.

Her ink-black, silky hair gleamed with a unique charm under the blazing spotlights as they tumbled loosely over her shoulders. Her subtle skin and alluring features seemed to capture the hearts of those young men in the hall and their eyes began to sparkle in awe.

These people were used to playing around with female celebrities who had gone through plastic surgery. It was no surprise that they had zero resistance toward a natural beauty like her who had never once gone under the knife.

A round of applause rose from the floor and cheers of admiration reverberated through the splendid hall.

Her appearance seemed to leave many mouths agape. This was the true epitome of someone born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Whoever was to marry her would not only have a beauty at home but also a mountain of gold!

In fact, even Zhenxiu herself did not expect this. She grew up in an orphanage since her parents’ deaths early in her childhood. It did not cross her mind that one day, she would become the limelight of these upper-class individuals and a female tycoon with tens of billions’ worth of assets.

If by chance, she had plummeted into a slump for even once, she would not have been bestowed all of these things today. She would not have met whoever she wanted to, and everything that was to follow would not have. She would not have been where she was today, standing on this very stage.

Life is composed of a multitude of various coincidences and chance incidents, but in the midst of it, it seems to also be dictated by a pinch of self-perseverance and the principles we abide by.

Park Cheon was rather proud to hear the exchange of compliments in the audience. Although it was directed at Zhenxiu, he was still extremely thrilled as an elder.

From the perspective of an old man who had limited time left, a child that could inherit his wisdom and hard work was the greatest masterpiece of his life.

Without doubt, reuniting with Zhenxiu after painstaking efforts revealed that though she was still a work-in-progress he had yet to finish carving, she possessed ample potential.

“Zhenxiu, come and greet everyone.” Park Cheon smiled.

Despite being a bundle of nerves, Zhenxiu greeted the people in the audience in accordance with the proper etiquettes at a formal meeting.

Park Cheon placed an arm around Zhenxiu’s little shoulders in an attempt to ease some of his granddaughter’s tension.

“Everyone, may I have your attention! In fact, I have one more announcement to make today regarding something I’ve never mentioned before.”

Instantly, several gasps of suspicion were heard from the audience. None understood what Park Cheon had in mind.

Zhenxiu lifted her head in curiosity. Her grandfather had never mentioned this to her beforehand.

Park Cheon continued without hesitation, his voice loud and clear, “In order for our Zhenxiu to start learning about managing the company without much worry, I’ve arranged a glorious marriage for her.”


An uproar unfolded among the audience. Many were taken by shock.

Zhenxiu’s face immediately turned pale and she looked at Park Cheon in alarm. She did not see this coming at all!

“Grandfather… what are you…”

Without waiting for Zhenxiu to finish, Park Cheon scowled at the girl. “We’ll talk after we get off the stage.”

From afar, Yang Chen snapped back to his senses from a listless daze and glanced over in confusion. Beside him, Lin Ruoxi commented in bewilderment, “Honey, Zhenxiu’s marriage? Could it be the wedding contract with the Gong family?”

Yang Chen shook his head. “I doubt it. If it was so, I don’t think he would announce it out of the blue.”

Somehow, Yang Chen felt rather nervous, but he could not exactly place a finger on possible reasons.

Below, quite near the front of the stage was Gong Gyechung and his son, Gong Woo, of the Gong family. Their brows furrowed deeply in scorn and dissatisfaction manifested in their eyes.

Park Cheon seemed to give no notice as he pressed on, “As a lot of you may know, Lawyer Kim of the Kim family has always been Starmoon Group’s legal advisor. Lawyer Kim’s beloved son, Kim Jip is also my trusted personal bodyguard. I am confident in his personality and capabilities. Rather coincidentally, Kim Jip and Zhenxiu are of similar ages and though the Kim family has only ever engaged in the law industry, they have been family friends with the Parks for generations. As close friends, the same idea crossed our minds. Lawyer Kim and I have decided to form a marriage contract for Zhenxiu and Kim Jip!”