The second the box was lifted, the entire room was illuminated by a brilliant blue hue.

After the blue glow subsided, the contents of the box were revealed. 

Zhenxiu gulped. Looking inside the box, she felt inexplicable drawn to it.

This was certainly a perplexing object. In fact, Zhenxiu simply couldn’t wrap her head around it.

It was a ball of beautiful aqua blue. It was like looking at ice crystals in snowy mountains, or like gazing at azure seawater. No, it was more like a living ball of elemental water, exuding a pleasant coolness that was not too frigid.

Inside this transparent blue ball that seemed to have a life of its own, there was an earthy yellow core that was emitting a sparkling halo around it. How could anyone take their eyes off of something like this?

Zhenxiu tried her best to determine what the glistening yellow particles were, but nothing came to mind.

They were like the stars in the sky, scattered here and there, disappearing from time to time. 

This blue component and its yellow counterpart made a perfect fusion of artwork beyond this world. It was impossible to peel one’s eyes away from it.

After a long while, Park Cheon aside said emotionally, “Child, isn’t this beautiful?”

“Yeah, it is…” Zhenxiu nodded.

“The first time I laid my eyes on it, I spent a long time admiring it in awe too,” Park Cheon said. “No one knows how our ancestors got this treasure. According to my father, our ancestor met a god in the mountains who bestowed him with this treasure. The legend has been repeated so many times even I can’t validate its authenticity. Regardless, our family has safeguarded this treasure for many generations. However, in spite of all the hardships and setbacks that our family has gone through for thousands of years, there was nothing that could bring us down. Thus, we’ve been enjoying generations of glory and prosperity. I suppose that this treasure has blessed the descendants of the Park family with protection. We have nothing to hide, except for this extraordinary treasure…”

Zhenxiu finally withdrew some of her attention and asked while trembling, “Grandfather...this treasure...what is this?”

Park Cheon shook his head with a wry smile. “To tell you the truth, Grandfather doesn't know either. This thing has always been in this box. This box was made out of some material that we don’t know about. Our Park family had a patriarch that tried to carry out some research on it as well, but until today, we still can’t identify what this box is made out of. As for what’s inside it, it was even harder to retrieve any information about it. The blue substance and the yellow particles in the center are unknown as well. But I’m confident that a material that has yet to be discovered on earth. Perhaps a meteorite brought it down. Nevertheless, as long as we have this in our possession, the Park family can overcome anything life throws at us. I truly believe that this was what allowed me to escape death this time…”

Zhenxiu was not fully convinced.

This thing was definitely mysterious to the girl, but it was not too overwhelming because Zhenxiu knew that people like Yang Chen existed. They were powers far beyond normal people’s comprehension. 

If Yang Chen got his hands on this, he would probably be able to find an answer.

However, Zhenxiu knew that this was the most important secret of the family. She should abide by the principles and not let anyone else know about this.

The Park family had some treasure that was not supposed to exist in this world. No wonder they had to cautiously hide it twenty floors underground in the Swiss Bank. No wonder only the patriarch of the family was allowed to know of its existence.

This kind of item was way more precious than some priceless treasure. 

As Zhenxiu was busy learning from Park Cheon about operating things here, resetting a new password and others, a black figure dashed through the top of the Swiss Bank building in the silent night. 

A long, black robe flew up along the wind. Under that dark cloak, a tusk mask provided another layer of disguise. This person was unidentifiable. 

If Yang Chen were here, he would definitely notice that this was the man in the black robe who saved him out of nowhere in Australia!

“What a small matter for me to take care of.” The black robe man huffed in annoyance but was helpless as well. 


Between the electricity and the sparks scattering everywhere, the building could not resist the overbearing power of the True Yuan in it. Like a block of cheese being cut into pieces, the building was going to collapse at any moment.

Kim Jip and the guards on duty outside were all horrified!

All of this happened too suddenly, none of them got the chance to react.

“Take cover!” Kim Jip yelled, jumping away in a rare moment of panic, as he watched the cement blocks starting to collapse.

The black robe man scoffed a few times. He stayed low and moved sneakily without detection.

Looking at those mortals escaping and running away, the man in the black robe sprinted to the first floor of the building.

“Seems like… no, it’s not here. It should be underground then…”

Even after cutting down half the building, he still wasn’t able to find what he was searching for. The robust infrastructure of the Swiss Bank, with its many layers of metal alloy plates, interfered with his divine sense’s ability to detect the location of the target.

He shot another black True Yuan shockwave, blasting open the elevator doors

Instead of trying to blow off the steel alloy plates layer by layer, the black robe decided to blow up the elevator to make his way downstairs.

However, the second the explosive detonated, the man in the black robe noticed something going awry.

Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo!

The ear-piercing alarm resounded throughout the entire area!

Not just that, a huge amount of warning lights were activated, simultaneously lighting up every inch of the building!

“How annoying. Looks like I’ll have to move quickly.”

The man in the black robe was aware that there would be a huge bunch of people rushing over. This facility was not too far from the city and this alarm was so loud it would probably be heard miles away. The Swiss Bank had certainly not skimped on their security systems. After all, this storage facility was a crucial asset!

Without further delay, the man flashed into the elevator. He stomped hard and a huge hole appeared in the elevator!

He then went straight down toward his target!

In the guestroom on the second floor of the Park’s residence.

Because of the unresolved tension towards Yang Chen, he had to resort to sleeping on the floor for the past few days. For the sake of his pride, he had to pretend that he was enjoying it too.

Yang Chen was not sleeping well that night. By the time the siren reached their area, it was too soft for most people to notice. 

However, Yang Chen was extremely sensitive toward special noises like the siren.

If it were any other day, Yang Chen would have ignored it, but today was different!

This siren was obviously coming from the north. That was the direction that Park Cheon and Zhenxiu had driven out to that night! 

Yang Chen sprang up from his mattress and quickly changed into a casual outfit.

His movements woke Lin Ruoxi, who was sleeping soundly. She rubbed her eyes in a blur. “What are you doing… I was just about to doze off...”

“Hehe, so sorry about that. Go back to sleep, my dear Ruoxi. I heard some siren noises coming from the north. I’m going to take a look, I’m worried that something might have happened to Zhenxiu and the others,” Yang Chen said.

“Hmmph, what’s the worst that could happen. Have you gone cuckoo from sleeping on the floor? Is that why you want to go out, to have fun with another woman?”

Yang Chen was exasperated. How did she manage to come up with something like this?

“I’ll explain to my precious wife when I get back, I am really worried now…”

Yang Chen ran out to the balcony, jumped off, and disappeared into the darkness.

Lin Ruoxi sat up and patted the blanket angrily. “Dammit Yang Chen, there you go running out without an explanation!”

She was running out of insults to shoot at that shameless man. All Lin Ruoxi could do was flail her legs in frustration and lie down. With a bitter taste in her mouth, she wrapped herself in the blanket and tried to fall asleep once again. She was definitely not going to get more than forty winks tonight.