While Park Cheon and Zhenxiu were still setting a new passcode, the shrill cry of the security alarm abruptly pierced through the air!

Zhenxiu was scared stiff as she squeaked timidly. “Grandfather, what’s happening?!”

Park Cheon was also startled, but he promptly regained composure. He flipped the box shut, removed the star and the crescent, and placed the box back into the safe.

“It’s a security alarm. The Swiss Bank must have been breached. Let’s get out of here quick!”

The two of them dashed out of the room in a hurry and were just about to scurry toward the elevator when they halted in their steps, frozen to the spot!

The only scene that welcomed them was the listless body of Deputy CEO Donald, who had just ushered them in with the brightest smile not too long ago!

Terror and despair clouded Donald’s tense face. His eyes were widened in fear as blood streamed out of every orifice.

In his hand laid a pistol. It was a pity it seemed he had died horribly before he could retaliate.

Standing by Donald’s corpse was a figure in a black robe and a mask with protruding fangs. Right at that moment, his head gradually spun toward their direction.

“Found it… They’ve been hiding it really well…”

Black Robe stalked toward Park Cheon and Zhenxiu and a hoarse voice boomed from behind the mask.

“You… Who are you?!” asked Park Cheon tentatively, fear evident in his tone. He had managed to catch on to Black Robe’s aim.

Black Robe cackled uncannily. “Please, I am not interested in killing mortals. Just get out of my way! I will take what I want and you shall live!”

The man in the black robe spoke Mandarin. Park Cheon was at a complete loss, until Zhenxiu stammered, frightened out of her wits. “Grandfather! I think he wants to rob our family’s treasures!”

Park Cheon slowly turned green in the face. Whatever was happening was far beyond the expectations of the old man, but he remained standing unwaveringly in front of Zhenxiu through his nerves, shielding her.

“Hmmph.” Black Robe scoffed disdainfully. In a flash, his dark silhouette shuffled past them and came to a halt in front of the room.

Subsequently, a pitch-black cloud of ripples slammed into the vault door made of stainless steel. The display screen on the door shattered into smithereens as the steel plate of a door crumpled under the pressure!

Both Park Cheon and Zhenxiu stood aghast, their feet rooted to the ground. The ear-splitting screech of the steel giving in from the compression made Park Cheon and Zhenxiu feel ants crawling under their scalp.

Black Robe kicked the deformed door open and entered the room, picking up the safe on the table.

A scornful sneer escaped from behind the mask. He then pried at the safe and his massive strength effortlessly tore it open!

Black Robe guffawed in evil delight as he spotted the grey box laying inside and picked it up in his hands.

“Hehe. Child’s play.” Black Robe examined the object for a moment before turning to Park Cheon. “The grooves on top reveal a star and a crescent. Come on, hand it over please.”

Park Cheon grew even bluer in the face. “How did you find out?! Who are you?!”

“So much nonsense. Well, if you won’t cooperate, I’ll take it myself…”

As he spoke, the black shadow drifted toward Park Cheon, stopping in front of him. With an elegant wave of his sleeve, Park Cheon’s coat was shredded into rags before anyone could react.

The crescent and star keys took to the air with their brilliance and Black Robe seized them at once!

The terrifying, fanged mask was inches from Park Cheon’s face, and he was paralyzed with fear. Eventually, the old man could no longer withstand such a burden on his nerves. Shortness of breath and palpitations overwhelmed him and with one last gasp for air, he blacked out!

“Grandfather! Help! Help!”

Zhenxiu cried and yelled. How was a girl like herself supposed to know how to act in this horrifying situation? She helped Park Cheon into a sitting position as tears rolled endlessly down her cheeks. The panic-stricken girl was afraid that the man in the black robe would finish them off like how he did Donald!

As mentioned before, Black Robe was not intent on killing ordinary people. Furthermore, it seemed he did not want to stir up too great of a commotion as well. Apart from an armed Donald who threatened to attack him, he had hardly hurt anyone along the way.

Once he laid his hands on the item he was searching for, the robed figure morphed into a black whirlwind, intending to slither out the same way he came in!

Without waiting for Black Robe to emerge from underground, a fiery, piping hot aura poured in from above, gushing into the passageway!

As it got closer, only did he notice that it was a blazing fire column spurting in from above!

“Samadhi True Fire?!”

Black Robe shuddered and immediately scampered back into the ground!

Although the Samadhi True Fire would not inflict substantial damage to his cultivation, this heaven fire was still not to be overlooked. If he were to try and resist it for a short period, it would still be draining and minor injuries would be inevitable.

Needless to say, the hero who had arrived in the nick of time was Yang Chen. To his horror, he quickly realized upon discovering the punctured hole in the elevator that Black Robe down there was the misfit who had rescued him!

Of course, Yang Chen did not see him as a kind-hearted man. He would not have left without a care after defeating those people from before or mugged things, like how he just majestically did.

Black Robe hastily retreated to the center of the basement. Once his eyes caught sight of his newest visitor, he let out an eerie snicker. “How silly of me to wonder who it was. It’s none other than His Majesty Pluto whom I’ve rescued.”

Yang Chen eyed the huge mess in the basement and his gaze landed on Zhenxiu and Park Cheon. Only after obtaining confirmation that the girl was unhurt, he let out a breath he did not realize he was holding.

Relief took over Zhenxiu’s face as she looked at Yang Chen excitedly. In an instant, she began sobbing.

Yang Chen nodded reassuringly at Zhenxiu, then carefully scrutinized the weirdo hidden behind his black robe. With a sinister smirk, he said, “To thank you for your past assistance. I’ve decided to repay that kindness today.”

“You want to repay the kindness? Then, why are you blocking my way?”

“My repayment is your life. I will spare your life even though you made that girl over there cry, provided you leave behind what does not belong to you.”

From above, Yang Chen had already heard the ruckus and roughly figured that this fellow was here to loot the Park family’s ancestral treasure.

“Huh, what a joke. Do you really think your title of ‘Pluto’ is so great? For me to spare your life today is already a commendable favor from me to you. You barely have the power to protect yourself, yet you speak of mercy toward me.” A deranged laugh escaped the man’s mouth.

Yang Chen was not at all provoked. “You can try for yourself. Let’s see if you’re able to leave with those things.”

Yang Chen’s perceived confidence was not a mere bluff. Although he still could not see through his enemy’s cultivation, it was visible that his advancements had sped up despite the measly effects from the large volumes of elixirs he had consumed throughout cultivation.

What’s more, that peculiar Xianding had fused itself with his primordial spirit and had been tirelessly absorbing and refining the Heaven and Earth energy in his core.

Over the past few days, the Xianding’s unique functions progressively dawned on Yang Chen and he steadily merged with it. All along, he was never given the chance to experiment with some of the Xianding’s tricks.

His cultivation might still be detained in the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulations, but his solidity level had progressed by a notable step. After all, the gap between every tribulation level of the Nine Heavenly Lightning was colossal and there was ample room for improvement.

Battling against this man dressed in his black robe was a timely opportunity for him to hone and showcase his skills.

Black Robe’s face contorted into an ugly grimace as if he had just heard the greatest joke in the universe. A few piercing chuckles fell from his lips and he spoke in a cold, flat voice, “It seems some people must be put in their place...”

As he finished, Black Robe rose into the air and a blast of surreal True Yuan started to channel from him as clumps of black mist revolved rapidly around him.

Unimpressed, Yang Chen released the Samadhi True Fire. The conversion speed of Heaven and Earth energy appeared to have accelerated relative to his previous encounters. Faced with the ghastly True Yuan, the Samadhi True Fire seemed to be high-spirited and blazed even hotter and more radiant than usual!

“Little brat, you will regret your naïve words…”

Black Robe transformed into a billow of shadow and, weaving himself into the bulks of black True Yuan, charged at Yang Chen’s body!

Against the white background of their surroundings, he was akin to a black shockwave bolting right past!

Yang Chen did not play around. After all, his opponent’s strength was rather unfathomable. The person he was in Australia would not prove worthy as an opponent at all.

In the present, the Samadhi True Fire warping around him instantly condensed into a compact, sturdy shield of fire!

The crimson flames soared like a ferocious beast. Crackling, they surged upward, toward the maniacal black shadow!


A deafening noise reverberated violently throughout the basement. For a split second, it seemed like the building was going to cave into itself.

Yang Chen stumbled backward, and it looked like the gigantic shield of the Samadhi True Fire before him had thinned by a layer.

Black Robe’s lips parted for yet another bout of wicked laughter. A blinding ray of refraction and its accompanying collision was enough of a distraction for him to flee toward the elevator passage!

“Damn it! Is he trying to escape?!”

Before this, Yang Chen had assumed the fellow was going to teach him a nice lesson. Who would’ve thought that he did not even bother to fight?

In reality, unbeknown to Yang Chen was the fact that Black Robe actually yearned to fight, but what was keeping him was no other factor than his inability to rival against Yang Chen. 

Therefore, he could only submit to humiliation and leave.

However, Yang Chen would never let Black Robe have his way. Speed was not something he lacked. The compatibility with the heavens and earth had bestowed him his godly speed!