In a blink of an eye, Yang Chen had disappeared from the ground.  Suddenly, he dashed in front of Black Robe and intercepted him mid-air!

The sky above the Bukhansan National Park was cold, windy, and shrouded the scene in darkness. 

Apart from the lonely bright moon high up the sky, there was no sign of life anywhere else.

No one would notice the confrontation between Yang Chen and Black Robe. 

“Your cultivation is higher than mine. Why are you chickening out? Are you worried about battling me?” Yang Chen squinted, desperate to clear his doubts.

A low growl sounded from Black Robe’s throat. He was particularly irked about Yang Chen’s persistent pursuit. “Little brat. Don’t test my patience…”

“I’ve made myself clear. Hand over what you took. Then I’ll let you go free.”

“It seems you won’t stop until I knock you down.” 

Black Robe let out a maniacal laugh. As his oversized robe fluttered in the wind, a large piece of ink-like True Yuan gushed out and rushed toward Yang Chen! 

The Samadhi True Fire around Yang Chen was raging and resisting against the big piece of black True Yuan. Its flames roared and sizzled in the air, unwilling to give in.

But slowly, Yang Chen was beginning to realize that Black Robe’s intention of releasing such a distributed range of True Yuan was not to attack him. 

At that moment, Yang Chen realized what Black Robe had intended to do. He was convinced that Black Robe was just hidden in it.

Ghostly shrieks and wolf cries attacked his eardrums, alongside countless pained screams from the likes of ghosts. Such a deep and eerie atmosphere was enough to frighten a timid person to their death.

The Samadhi True Fire warping around Yang Chen’s body seemed to be the nemesis of the creepy True Yuan, ripping and tearing off the pieces but Black Robe was nowhere to be seen. 

“Hehe… My ethereal spirit clouds. They're unpleasant aren’t they?”

The voice of Black Robe cut through the mist.

Yang Chen snorted and tried to rush up into the air like a flicker of crimson flame, breaking through the sky violently!

But what surprised Yang Chen was, these so-called ethereal spirit clouds were inseparable. They followed him as he moved up!

Black Robe seemed to be having fun and laughed eerily. “Don’t even bother. How could I let a little brat like you escape?”

Yang Chen was going to urge him to hurry up. However, what happened next stopped him from uttering a single word.


A violent blast boomed in the ethereal ghost clouds!

Yang Chen’s heart nearly exploded. This explosion came from right under him!

The clouds and mist that were previously flowing gently suddenly spouted a huge blast of True Yuan, like a boulder splashing into a lake, bringing up huge splashes of water!

This explosion of the black True Yuan was much stronger than the last one!

Despite Yang Chen being a considerable step higher in terms of his body’s solidity levels, the impact threw him off his feet.

His skin had been split apart from his body and his flesh was ripping itself right off as well. Even his clothes were shredded! “Damn, what kind of bullshit is this…”

With curses and obscenities aplenty, Yang Chen began driving the Samadhi True Fire with all his might to break through the clouds.

But the ethereal spirit clouds were controlled by Black Robe. As soon as he moved, they caught up with him.

Boom! Boom!

The continuous explosion of the black True Yuan made Yang Chen struggle and he could only use the Samadhi True Fire to defend himself. Under this confrontation with the eerie True Yuan, another form of it would not be on par with the powerful heaven fire

The explosion of the black True Yuan seemed to be inevitable, Yang Chen was stuck and bumping in the clouds and was unable to run out of the area!

“Haha, it’s useless. My ethereal spirit clouds are blocking the flow of the True Yuan. There are plenty of eerie spirits here, which give my ethereal spirit clouds endless power! Your cultivation base may be higher than mine, but you are still too young. How could a little brat like you experience a battle above the Tribulation Passing stage?”

The True Yuan ‘Shadow Burst’ trick was still bombing continuously despite Yang Chen trying his best to evade it! 

Yang Chen felt like he stuck in a minefield. No matter how or where he ran and jumped, there was no avoiding the explosions!

Realizing that it was quite difficult to break through these ethereal spirit clouds, Yang Chen decided to not be attached to it anymore. If he were to continue, he would not be able to balance his damage, ultimately leading to a defeat. If Yang Chen did not improve his cultivation and recognize the Samadhi True Fire, he would not be able to deal with this.

“If I can’t get out of here, I shall get rid of it then!”

He took a deep breath to reassure himself. It was finally time for Yang Chen to summon the strange fairy furnace. 

The dark grey furnace was released from his core, producing a massive shockwave!

Yang Chen could sense that the soul of the beast in this furnace that was about to escape. It seemed to be very interested in the dark ink-like ethereal spirit clouds out here!

Black Robe who was hiding in the black mist was surprised.

“What… What is this?!”

Without waiting for Black Robe’s reaction, the huge furnace had begun to run wild!

Yang Chen understood the huge furnace through his spiritual connection with the beast’s soul. Its two main strategies were to consume and refine!

Based on what Yang Chen knew, this huge furnace was not only used to refine elixirs. Regardless of its attributes, the furnace would be able to consume anything that contains spiritual aura!

However, what the end product the furnace produced would depend on its masters’ fortune and divinity.

“Consume it all!”

Yang Chen held the huge furnace with one hand. The Heaven and Earth energy linked with the divine sense and the beast soul of the huge furnace. It began to skyrocket!

In the blink of an eye, the furnace had swelled to the size of its original body, a good few times bigger than Yang Chen.

The furnace’s large, bloody mouth stretched open and it began to absorb all of the ethereal spiritual aura!

The black, ink-like ethereal ghost clouds finally stopped inducing explosions as the entire clouds were not under Black Robe’s control anymore!

“No! No! It’s impossible! How do you have this monster?!”

As Black Robe was shouting and yelling in fear, the black mist was quickly engulfed by the furnace.

Yang Chen could sense the beast soul in the furnace boiling up, thick waves of an evil aura exuding from within. It seemed to want to swallow the origin of the black mist, Black Robe!

Unexpectedly, after hearing Black Robe’s shout, Yang Chen came to a realization. This guy might know the origins of this furnace!

Black Robe couldn't care less. He knew that there was not much True Yuan left in him to be sucked out like this.

He did not know how Yang Chen got this weird magic weapon. One which has been lost in the sands of time. What he did know was that he needed to run!

As the ethereal spirit clouds began to be taken away, Black Robe’s body finally appeared hundreds of feet away from Yang Chen.

Yang Chen saw Black Robe attempt to turn around and escape. How could he let him have his way?

“Don’t you dare think about it!”

With a command Yang Chen uttered in his mind, the huge furnace complied, darting toward Black Robe!

Initially, the huge furnace was flying much slower than Black Robe, but he felt a huge suction power dragging him all the way back!

“Ah! No! Don’t kill me!”

Finally, an intense fear overcame Black Robe. The threat of death was urging him to beg for mercy.

He was well aware that if he was engulfed by this huge furnace, that would spell the end for him.

If the power of the huge furnace was far beyond Black Robe’s imaginations, Yang Chen was equally surprised. He did not anticipate the furnace’s combat abilities to be so great!

After taking in a huge amount of spiritual aura from the ethereal ghost clouds, the huge furnace was looking extremely energized.

A faint grey shadow of a huge beast appeared. Two pairs of wings flapped, and an enormous body emerged from the huge furnace!

The ferocious beast opened its bloody mouth. Roaring, it clamped its teeth on Black Robe, dragging him back into the huge furnace. 

“No! Ah!” 

Black Robe unleashed every ounce of his True Yuan in an attempt to resist, but he quickly realized that it would only dissipate and get consumed by the furnace!

“Oh, no!” 

Yang Chen did not expect this to be so cruel. However much he wished for Black Robe to be dead, he had to ask more information about this huge furnace and retrieve the treasure. He couldn’t let him die with all the information he needed!