Lucky for him, the furnace seemed to recognize it’s master and his commands. As soon as it sensed that Yang Chen did not want to refine Black Robe, the furnace immediately took back some of its power.

As Black Robe felt that he was just about to be thrown into the giant furnace, his body immediately became suspended in mid-air, no longer falling into the furnace. 

While the mercy of being swallowed was temporary, he still felt like death was imminent with the beast right below him. He did not dare to make a run for it!

“Little...oh wait no! Your Majesty Pluto! The great god! Please spare my life! I really didn’t mean to offend you!” 

Black Robe started to cry and whine. This change was so quick that Yang Chen was beginning to wonder if this man was more shameless than himself.

In order to stay alive and knowing that he could not win, he started to beg for mercy in every way he could.

Yang Chen despised him. No wonder the women tended to roll their eyes at him and said that he was shameless. And indeed, shameless people were unfavorable at times.

“Let me ask you, do you recognize this furnace?”

Black Robe was shocked after hearing the question. “Your Majesty Pluto...don’t you know what this is?”

“Nonsense, would I even ask you if I knew? Although I don’t know what this is called, I know that it can kill you! So speak!”

“This is a legendary object, which is known long ago as ‘Chaos furnace’...”

“Chaos furnace?” Yang Chen frowned, “Elaborate.”

“Yes yes…” Black Robe’s voice started to tremble. “It is a legend because very few people have seen it in person. This is my first time as well. It is said that one of the most chaotic beasts among the four fierce beasts was sealed into this furnace by the ancient supernaturalists. The sealed beast soul was immortal and undistinguishable in the Xuanyin Nether Iron Furnace during the ancient times. Chaos was originally a ferocious beast bred by the heavens. It was immortal and had the ability to devour all things and refining anything that contained a spiritual aura. The thing is, no one could make the beast yield in fear of the backlash they might suffer. That’s why it got suppressed by the ancient supernaturalists somewhere and it was nowhere to be seen ever since then. It would seem that this is, without a doubt, the very same furnace. But as time passed, the chaotic beast soul in this furnace has become quite weak. It only has the brand of a mid-tier item…”

Yang Chen’s eyes brightened up after knowing his huge furnace was a legendary object. But he was still a bit blur. “The ancient times? You mean when the Gods landed on Earth?”

“Of course not! That was just ten thousand years ago. I’m talking about a time where mythical creatures still existed, though I’m not sure when exactly. It’s been too long. The supernaturalists at that time were the ones who moved the mountains and filled up the seas. Such a pity that we couldn’t get to see them ourselves. The Chinese cultivators, after that, gradually developed using the cave ruins left by the ancient gods. The highest level of cultivation was that until the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation.”

“Since you mentioned that no one dare to use this furnace ever since it got created and nobody had seen it before, how do you know that it’s the chaotic furnace?” Yang Chen felt suspicious.

Black Robe laughed softly. “I am not that talented. Although my cultivation level is insignificant, I still have still lived for ten thousand years. I have some knowledge of ancient times. In fact, this chaotic beast had always been rumoured to be two pairs of flesh wings with blurry facial features, four short legs, and an indescribable body. Besides, if it wasn’t the chaotic furnace, how is it possible for it to swallow the True Yuan and have the power to refine the souls…”

Yang Chen was shocked. “You had lived ten thousand years of life?!  What the hell are you?!”

In Yang Chen’s knowledge, the lifespan of a cultivator should not be that long despite reaching the Tribulation Passing Stage!

The gods had a maximum lifespan of ten thousand years and they had to rely on constant reincarnation. They also had to spare a few hundred years out to restore their divinity in order to achieve eternity. 

But this brat here had such a long lifespan as well?! Did he go through the battle between the old Chinese cultivators and the gods many years ago?


When it came to his own identity, Black Robe finally hesitated. He seemed to be afraid to speak.

“It’s a long story...why don’t Your Majesty Pluto release me, since I’ve already clarified your questions…”

Yang Chen vigorously exerted his force and sucked Black Robe’s black True Yuan once again into the furnace!

“Speak only when spoken to! You are in no position to bargain with me!”

Black Robe cried miserably and even had the intention to commit suicide. If he knew what was going to happen, he should’ve taken the advantage during the opportunity just now, and entangled Yang Chen with the ethereal spirit clouds and escaped!

With desperation, Black Robe could only speak up cautiously.

“I am actually…”

He was suddenly cut off by an external force!

It was like the burst of the nine heaven ice blades being plunged into Yang Chen and Black Robe’s bone marrow!

This pressure immediately changed Yang Chen’s colours like a chameleon!

Beneath the night sky, a cold and indifferent clear female voice came through.

“Hmph...can’t even settle such a small matter, useless prick…”

“Who dares?!” Yang Chen was drenched in a cold sweat. He had never felt this kind of oppression before!

This was way scarier than meeting the masked man before his ascension was cultivated! It was a world of difference!

Black Robe on the other hand stopped talking and shouted in excitement. “Your Majesty Athena! Please save me!”


Even Poseidon had not reached this realm, that’s why Yang Chen could not react properly!

With such divine power alone, Yang Chen once again realized that the same journey would lead to the same goal. Any kind of cultivation could achieve this strength given time!

Even if Athena did not do anything, her laws of space had already given him a great amount of pressure!

Looking up in amazement, he saw a woman dressed in a black silk dress, like a goddess of the night quietly standing high above in the sky! 

It was the first time for Yang Chen to meet the goddess of war who was known to be indistinguishable from Zeus. 

She had black smooth hair that reached her hips. She was also wearing a black silk skirt, showing out her perfect body figure. 

She was like an exquisite translucent figure, twirling around with her long skirt, just like the illusion of a delicate sculptured jade stone. 

Her appearance was indescribable as if a variety of delicate facial features got blended together with a sense of vague beauty. 

Yang Chen was confident about his resistance against beautiful women, given his proximity to Ruoxi, Jane, and Christen. His other soulmates were also unique and extraordinary. 

However, Athena’s beauty was not just physical but what you felt in her presence!

You could not tell how beautiful she was or describe it with words. But one look was enough to make your soul tremble!

Yang Chen even suspected that she was a beauty that you would recognize by just looking into her eyes.

The thing he could confirm was, beauty was definitely just an incidental product for this goddess. She was so powerful that she did not need to beautify more of herself!

However, what made Yang Chen surprised was the facial features of Athena, it actually turned out to be an Asian look!

This was his first time seeing a God reincarnating into a body of an Asian.

“Although I had been curious about meeting you, I can’t say that I am pleased to meet your acquaintance.” Yang Chen forced a smile. 

There weren't any emotions in Athena’s eyes. She looked at Yang Chen as if he was just thin air.

“Hades, since you have divinity in you, you are one of the Gods and I won’t kill you. As for that idiot, I sent him here to finish a mission, so just let him go…”

Yang Chen squinted his eyes and asked, “So, it was also your instructions to save me previously? Since you had taken me as one of the Gods, why did you have to save me secretly without letting me know?”

Athena, without any expression, said, “I do not want to answer your question. You’ll just have to follow my orders. You don’t have a choice.”