Yang Chen shook his head in denial. Harnessing the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy, he was ready to break himself free from the grasp of her space laws.

“I know I might not be your opponent, but shouldn’t you at least tell me what you’ve retrieved?”

Yang Chen was convinced his passive-aggressive inquiry would at least make Athena reconsider her decision.

Yet the conceited woman replied with nothing but a sneer.

“Huh, bring that attitude somewhere else dimwit…”

Before she even finished, Yang Chen, who was channeling the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy found himself promptly frozen in mid-air. It felt as if he was within the confinement of a chamber thicker than steel!

Athena’s law of space was untraceable and unpredictable. It caught Yang Chen by surprise. 

Poseidon might be adept enough to stack hundreds of layers of space at once, but it required time for preparation. Athena had managed to suppress him in less than a second!

Before he could react, parallel spaces around Yang Chen rapidly stacked over one another to form a suffocatingly airtight spatial fortress!

Not only did Athena compress a quarter of a ton of parallel spaces by folding them one onto another, but she also managed to constrict its density!

Yang Chen’s Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy subsequently lost its senses, effectively breaking the connection between the spiritual qi and Yang Chen, causing the furnace to lose its functionality as it hovered stationarily in mid-air, awaiting the return of its owner’s commands. 

And as a result, after gathering the True Yuan of its surroundings, Black Robe liberated himself from the furnace’s grasp!

Watching Yang Chen helplessly incarcerated in mid-air, attempting to break free only to no avail, he burst into laughter.

“Haha! How dare you challenge the ability of Her Majesty Athena! Know your place!”

Yang Chen’s cheeks gradually became red as he gathered all forms of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy that he could muster, in hopes that an explosion of energy including the Samadhi True Fire and Kui water could disintegrate the spatial walls closing in upon him!

And it all stemmed towards the glaring disparity between Athena’s space laws and his own, to a level beyond his imagination!

Yang Chen could not help but note the resemblance of himself as a renaissance militant bringing a rifle to modern warfare. Same weapon on paper but with drastically different firepower!

“For one that has yet wrapped his head around the mastery of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, you sure have a huge ego. If it weren’t for the respect I still have for your predecessor, you were bound for severe punishment.”

Yang Chen, clear of where his own cultivations stood, could not culminate to a temper as he was clear of where her words drew evidence from. 

Yet Yang Chen was not insulted. I guess she’s right. She’s been alive for ten of thousands of years anyway, not to mention one of the twin pinnacles of the divine race. I can’t just pretend I’m the greatest in the world anymore. This wench. One day I’ll strip your butt naked and give you a fair whopping! But today, I guess there’s only one way out of this. You best be waiting!

“Alright alright! I surrender! I yield!”

Yang Chen raised both arms in a defeated position. 

Athena appeared rather disinterested with Yang Chen’s engagements as she reached out towards Black Robe. 

The dull cuboid box was retrieved by the pair of silky, smooth hands. 

Athena cracked her first smile visibly from long subdued anxiety!

Gently flipping the lock plate over as she meticulously opened the box, she was greeted by a subzero cushion of blue, and at its center a petite yellow sphere. 

“It’s her...it’s her all right! Astraeus, you pesky little brat. How masochistic of you to store it in the heart of Eurybia…”

Athena mumbled to herself, leaving Yang Chen baffled however by the unfamiliar names she had mentioned.

Yang Chen had taken the time to dwell into Greek mythology, but he was well aware that they were told by mortals, fantasizing on the truths that they fabricated to believe. 

Nonetheless, many of the gods were still left unknown and uncharacterized.

Astraeus must be the Titan that represented the constellation, and Eurybia should be his birth mother, rumored to bear a heart made of stone! From what Athena was mumbling about, this treasure must be related to the divine god’s tribe. If it’s true, it would mean Eurybia actually had a heart of stone!

Yet the reason it was so meticulously placed still left Yang Chen baffled. 

Before he could wrap his head around it, Athena had already wrapped her fingers over the frigid substance. 

“Alas, Selene is here…”

She then promptly removed the mysterious blue substance from within!

It radiated in a deep ocean blue as it hovered into mid-air and remained stagnant where it was.

Yang Chen continuously disintegrated layer after layer of spatial walls with Samadhi True Fire and finally broke free!

With a simple divine sense, he could feel the ball of blue light hovering in mid-air, and it resonated a familiar force.

This is…?

Before he could identify its presence, two identical powers emerged from the west!

Her platinum blonde hair fluttered in the air, dressed in a translucent silk dress was Alice, accompanied by Stern, her topless brother in only a plain brief. The siblings broke free of the seal enslaving them, and by initiating the space laws made their way to where Yang Chen and Athena were!

Alice was rather elated, albeit with hints of frustration as her attention was quickly drawn towards the floating blue cloud. “Selene? My Selene?”

Stern meanwhile was looking skeptically at Athena. “It’s you. It’s been over five hundred years since we met now, isn’t it? When did you break hibernation?”

He then promptly diverted his attention towards Yang Chen, who was rather dumbfounded as he noted. “Hades? You’re here too, what are…”

“Apollo cut the nonsense.” Athena cut him short. Rolling her eyes, he clarified. “Artemis, your Selene has been missing for the last twenty thousand years. From the evidence I have gathered, she was taken away by Astraeus. By utilizing Selene’s ability, he froze the Heart of Gaia, murdered his own mother Eurybia, and used her heart as a medium for storage. All this effectively halted my ‘Great Premonition technique’.

Even after much effort, I eventually managed to track down the Heart of Gaia.

Now, feel free to take Selene back. I shall leave with the Heart of Gaia.”

Alice, better known as Artemis was staggered by the revelation, staring at the petite illumination in the center. “That’s the Heart of Gaia?”

Whilst speaking, she waved her arm and in that instant. The cloud of blue illumination thrust out from the surroundings of the yellow pill.

Like a child missing its mother, it joyously hurled itself around Artemis as it took happy laps. Reunited, the gust of blue frost condensed into a longbow the height of a man!

This longbow was different from Apollo’s Helios, which was forged from the sun, with its structure molded from crystalized Xuan bing ice!

It was the famed weapon of the Moon Goddess herself at its true form, the Bow of Selene!

Yang Chen gasped at the longbow enviously, witnessing the face of a divine weapon of the utmost rarity. Its design and craftsmanship were beyond anything he had ever seen back home!

Apollo’s Helios was equally distinguished at its own right, but Selene was surely a beauty to behold.

What exactly is this Heart of Gaia they’ve been mentioning about?

Yang Chen naturally was accustomed to Gaia, the ancestral mother to the gods. Born of the Earth itself, she was believed to be synonymous with Mother Nature herself. 

According to legend, she would be Zeus’ grandmother and the great grandmother of Athena.

Yet right now, Yang Chen was adamant that the truth indeed deferred from the myths passed down through mortal generations. 

It was nonetheless due to the abrupt passing of the preceding Hades, without a proper handover, Yang Chen was left completely ignorant from the knowledge that spanned through history. 

Athena contentedly waved as she observed the release of the Heart of Gaia, before agilely storing it along with a warm and soothing glow into the sack that she held. 

Stern frowned in response. “Athena, Astraeus put in all that effort to hide the Heart of Gaia. Why’d you spare all this effort to track it down?”

“Why track it down, you ask? Are you out of your mind Apollo? We lost back then because we didn’t have the Heart in our possession!

Did you forget what we were capable of before all of this? Are you truly satisfied with just a third of your former capabilities Apollo?!”