Yang Chen was silent. He then turned towards her and began looking solemnly in her eyes for the next three minutes or so.

Lin Ruoxi was confused by his stern gaze as her cheeks started to blush.

“Did it click?” Lin Ruoxi ultimately broke the silence. 

Yang Chen shook his head. “I was just missing two spots.”

“Two spots...what spots?”

“Those spots before your chest…” Yang Chen cracked a sly grin as he stretched his neck to find the perfect angle.

Lin Ruoxi was confused for a moment before she robotically lowered her head. She then immediately turned as red as a tomato when she realized what he was staring at. 

It was because she had left the collar of her pajamas loosely buttoned, her voluptuous breasts were mushed together, coincidentally leaving a deep cleavage for Yang Chen to peek at!

Since the relationship between the married couple became gradually harmonious, Lin Ruoxi’s body figure had been progressively more beguiling as the days went by. Yet when her bosoms were muddled together, her ‘two spots’ were well hidden from his stray eyes!

“You...filthy man! Yang Chen, I’m gonna kill you!”

Lin Ruoxi reactively held her collar tight as she grabbed the nearest pillow and started vigorously whacking Yang Chen on the head. 

Yang Chen burst into laughter as he tossed his gorgeous wife on the bed. He gave her two tight smooches, before burying his face between her ample breasts, taking a deep breath of the faint fragrance of her skin. 

“Hmm...Babe. I wonder why I just couldn’t wrap my head around things when I most needed to…”

Yang Chen too was frustrated. He hated being so close yet not having complete comprehension!

To him, one other situation presented with similar circumstances was the alluring woman before him, thinly veiled yet effectively keeping him from fully indulging in her astonishing physique. 

Lin Ruoxi could feel Yang Chen’s fingers playfully fondling her areolas, stimulating them as they perked up like grapes.  

She coyly pouted in response. “No wonder you couldn’t find the answer. You were too focused on how to mess with me.”

Yang Chen sat upright, finger pointed at her as he sneered. “What’s this got to do with anything? Foreplay is essential for marriage. Even if I was messing with you, that doesn’t have anything to do with my cultivations. I need to be strong enough to protect all of you. I thought you already knew, naive little child.”

Lin Ruoxi ground on her teeth as she glared at him. “Pfft, stop with your nonsense. I couldn’t care less if you came to comprehend it or not. I’m going down for breakfast. You can come if you want. We’re going to bid farewell to CEO Park, then book tickets for our trip back to Zhonghai.”

“Why the hurry? Can’t we stay for a couple more days?” Yang Chen earnest asked. 

Lin Ruoxi brushed on her hair. “We’ve stayed long enough. I’m missing Lanlan. I haven’t called home for the past two days. I wonder what she’s doing right now. Oh yeah, I’m also planning a surprise for her.”

“Now that Lanlan is at kindergarten, I wonder if she’d even remember you as her mother.”

“If there’s anyone who’d forget about me it’s you! You soulless, heartless bastard, no wonder she was reluctantly to call you ‘Daddy’.” Lin Ruoxi rebuked. 

Yang Chen helplessly shrugged in response. It’s me against Ms Chubs. There’s no chance of me coming out on top. It’s best I take the loss right now I guess…

Throughout the past days in Korea, Lin Ruoxi had stockpiled on toys and snacks for Lanlan, all stored in the shamrock colored Sumeru sack, albeit leaving Yang Chen with no say in the matter as his prize possession became storage for his daughter. 

As they made their way downstairs, Park Cheon and Zhenxiu were already settled down for breakfast as it had been rather late in the morning.

Park Cheon invited the couple to take a seat and once again extended his gratitude to Yang Chen for saving his life. But he gradually became more curious about Yang Chen’s true background but had no means of making his inquiries clear. 

During the meal, Lin Ruoxi began explaining their intention to leave Korea now that their goal was accomplished. Having successfully witnessed the inauguration ceremony, they were satisfied leaving Zhenxiu in a loving family she could call her own.

Zhenxiu blankly watched as the couple announced their departure, longing for them to stay yet with no reason to keep them around any longer. 

Park Cheon however welcomed the idea as he offered. “Why don’t I prepare the plane tickets for both of you. When would the both of you prefer to depart, may I ask?”

Lin Ruoxi was just about to reply with her plan to leave the next morning but was promptly deterred by an incoming phone call. 

She respectfully pardoned herself as she picked up the call. It was from home. 

“Hello...oh it’s you, Mother. How’s everything? Lanlan? Did something happen to her? What? How could this be…?”

Lin Ruoxi appeared rather stirred by the call as she began frowning. She gave a few simple replies and hung up the call. 

Yang Chen was fully occupied with the food before him but was quickly taken aback by the dislodged look on his wife’s face. “What did Mom say?”

“It’s about Lanlan,” Lin Ruoxi frustratedly replied. “Lanlan isn’t going to kindergarten. The teacher said they want her parents there. Lanlan seemed to be in a squabble with other children…”

“Oh chubs, she wouldn’t have broken some other kids’ skull would she?” Yang Chen jokingly added. 

“What are you talking about? She’s not you, violent and gory all the time!” Lin Ruoxi raised her voice from dismay, yet promptly pictured flashbacks of her own daughter caving a man’s body in. 

Yang Chen made himself small as a showing of defeat while he grumbled. “It’s great if she didn’t, but you don’t have to yell like that, even if I’m the least important person in our household now.“ 

“Right, why don’t we leave later today?”

Lin Ruoxi grumpily sighed. “I guess we should now.”

Once she found out Lanlan was in trouble, Lin Ruoxi was no longer in the mood to stay any longer. 

That afternoon, the couple hurried back to Zhonghai, yet as soon as they arrived at their housing district, they could hear Lanlan’s fatuous voice from the far corner, clearly throwing a tantrum.

“I’m not going! Lanlan doesn’t wanna go!”

The young girl sat on the couch, her chubby little legs stumped and kicked as he pouted and resisted. 

“Come on now. Even if you’re avoiding school, you should at least tell Granny about it! Did something happen at school?” Guo Xuehua helplessly comforted her, yet to no avail.

Wang Ma and Mingjuan were anxious too as they stood by her side, watching the thick-headed child throw a fit. 

The moment the bell rang, everyone simultaneously faced the door. 

Upon noticing Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen’s return as they held their suitcases in, there was an instant collective sigh of relief. 

Lanlan was most obedient to Lin Ruoxi’s words, so this might be the long-sought answer to their misery. 


Lanlan’s face was instantly brightened as she hopped off the couch and straight towards her mother!

If it wasn’t for the recent cultivations, Lin Ruoxi might have staggered from the sheer physical strength of the child!

Lanlan wrapped her arms around Lin Ruoxi’s neck, her face grinding against her body, seemingly with much longing for her return. 

What came after caught everyone by surprise as Lanlan’s bubbly eyes began engulfed with tears!

“Aww, why are you crying?” Lin Ruoxi comforted her as she ran her fingers through the child’s silky smooth hair. “Lanlan, come on now, you can tell Mommy anything…”

“Oh praise the lord Ruoxi I’m so glad that you’ve returned. Lanlan has been making a fuss all morning. The preschool teacher just kept calling and calling, trying to persuade us to take Lanlan to school. Apparently the parents of the child that was beaten by Lanlan were making a huge deal out of this!”

“Is the child dead?” Yang Chen was straight to the point as always. 

“You idiot, if he’s dead what are we still doing here?” Guo Xuehua was irked by his blunt comment. 

Lin Ruoxi reached out as she dried the tears of her daughter’s cheeks, her silky smooth fingers caressing on Lanlan’s face. “Lanlan, tell Mommy what happened in school alright. I don’t believe you would just go around fighting with other children.”

Lanlan whilst wailing noticed the determined look on her mother’s face, as she sniffed and stuttered. “Lanlan saw that baddie Wang Qiang pulling Xiao Ya’s braid. So...so...Lanlan thought she wanted to protect Xiao Ya. But Wang Qiang brought all the kids to fight Lanlan, so Lanlan pulled all the hair off his head…”

Whilst speaking, the child guiltily lowered her head. 

Lin Ruoxi along with Guo Xuehua and the others were dumbfounded by the revelation.

Minjuan seemed to have recalled a certain something as she blurted. “That Xiaoya kid, seems to be Lanlan’s best friend, and that Wang Qiang is a school bully.” Naturally, Minjuan was the most accustomed to the condition in Lanlan’s class. After all, she was the one responsible for taking Lanlan to and from her kindergarten. 

Lin Ruoxi lovingly patted Lanlan on the back. “What’s done cannot be undone, if we were bound for a lawsuit then so be it. If the parents of the Wang Qiang kid want to sue, we’ll go with it.’

“Well then, what do you have in mind?” Guo Xuehua asked. “Should I make a phone call to the Education Ministry? I’ll give them a treat for a favor in return, how’s that sound?”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head from disapproval. “Lanlan’s our daughter. If she mess things up, we should be here to take responsibility as her parents. The teachers suggested we go to the kindergarten for a visit, didn’t they? Then we’ll go ahead with it.”