Lin Ruoxi lifted her brows ever so slightly, clearly ignoring Wang An’s words. “How much did the medication cost, I’ll pay double. Anything more and I will take you to court.”

Mrs Wang sneered. “Are you deaf, wench? Did you hear a word my husband just said? Kneel and apologize! You think we’d want your useless money?!”

“How dare you yell at my wife!”

Yang Chen that was idly watching from the back was halfway through his yawn but had quickly found himself agitated by the insult towards Lin Ruoxi as he dashed forward and shot a leg towards Mrs Wang’s chest!



A heavy thud was heard as Mrs Wang slammed onto the office table!

Even with as little strength as he could muster, she was already sent flying!

Yang Chen had to restrain himself as he knew that killing her would only beget more trouble.

That act nevertheless left everyone in attendance stunned beyond all means. Who's that nuisance throwing a fit?

Lin Ruoxi was certain that Yang Chen's action was uncalled for as she glared at him. "Why'd you do that? Isn't it already messy enough?"

Yang Chen chuckled. "That's different. Talking about the kids is one thing. But she personally attacked you! As a husband, how can I let that slide? This is a matter of principle."

Lin Ruoxi was left speechless, finally coming to grasp of her husband's true intention of accompanying them!

"You...who the hell are you? How dare you kick me?!" Mrs Wang exploded as her husband lifted her up.

Yang Chen boastfully wrapped his arm around Lin Ruoxi's shoulder. "I'm the father to my daughter and the husband to my wife over here. You jealous little swine dare insult my wife so why wouldn't I dare return the favor?"

"Jealous?! I would never! Why'd I be jealous of her?!" Mrs Wang howled in rebuke. 

Everyone else in attendance was dumbfounded by the revelation! That's her husband?! I was certain he was just the driver or the assistant or something!

In terms of appearance and etiquette, the difference was drastic!

Lin Ruoxi pushed Lanlan towards Yang Chen as she ordered. "Stop messing around, this is a kindergarten. Take Lanlan to the car, let me handle this."

Yang Chen was reluctant, yet promptly picking up on Lin Ruoxi's solemn gaze, he held Lanlan by her petite hand as they made their way towards the door. 

"Run? You dare run, bastard?!"

Wang An was riled up as he roared. "I told you to kneel for an apology, but not only did you not do that, but you also assaulted my wife before me!"

Yang Chen turned back. "What, you want a taste too?"

Ms Hou hurried towards Wang An as she advised. "Mr Wang, let it go. We should have a civilized conversation…"

"Fuck off!"

Wang An shoved Ms Hou’s plump body aside as he sneered. “I thought I was going to let you live today, but I guess you’ve lived long enough!

He pulled out his phone and dialed a number. 

“Oi, A Hu, it’s me. I’m dealing with a little something right now, yes...Yunhua kindergarten. This bastard hurt my son and trampled on your sister-in-law. Bring your best, let’s wreck this school! I’ll make sure your men get paid handsomely!”

After a couple of pleasant chuckles, he hung up and winced towards Yang Chen. “If you got the balls, stick around. You can run, but I can assure you, my boys will find you and wreck your life! Nobody messes with me in Zhonghai, nobody!”

Yang Chen was jolly by the fact that in his consecutive absence from his home city, there seemed to be new warlords eyeing a fair share of territories to call their own. 

Lin Ruoxi was conflicted with the turn of events. The opposing side evidently invited some hostile men to create a scene and she was partially at fault, leaving her rather guilt-ridden if she had to abandon the teachers.

“Hubby, what should we do next?” Lin Ruoxi turned towards Yang Chen. After all, violence was his forte. 

Yang Chen shrugged in response. “We’ll wait, I’m honestly curious to see who he’d manage to gather for this.”

Wang An snorted. “I see you think you’re macho. I hope you don’t pee your pants when they get here.”

Wang An then boastfully led his wife and his son Wang Qiang as they marched towards the exit of the school building. 

Ms Hou and a few other kindergarten caretakers started getting anxious with time, notably Xiao Ya’s family who had secluded themselves by the corner.

In less than a quarter of an hour, right outside of Yunhua kindergarten came several Jinbei commercial use vehicles, tailing a black seven series Mercedes as they all simultaneously halted before the school gate. 

Down came two dozen men dressed in black clothes and armed with metal rods. They all had an eerie smirk on their face as they began to circle the kindergarten. Wang An proudly walked towards the front of the line of vehicles. From that one came a man, presumably their leader.

The setting left many educators terrified of the circumstances that they were in. It was Lanlan instead that was visibly excited by the turn of events. 

The leader was a bald but sturdy man, who appeared in all smiles at the sight of Wang An as they shared their greetings. 

“Mr Wang, why would you wait out here in the dark? I should be the one going to you.”

“It’s nothing. I called for your help. I should be the one to greet you.” Wang An polished his words well, but none of them with good intentions. 

The bald leader declared with a grin on his face. “Well, who dares offend Mr Wang and his family. I’ll snap their legs!”

Wang An agitatedly pointed at Yang Chen at the far corner. “It’s him! That son of a bitch over there!”

In the night sky, lit by only a mellow street light, Yang Chen was not clearly seen to most by the street.

After Wang An pointed towards his agitator, the bald leader took a good look and quickly noticed Yang Chen with an ominous smile. 

Right then, he would have sold his soul to rewind time for a couple of seconds to take back his words!


The bald man stuttered and trembled, with a cold snap riddling through his spine!

At that moment, Lin Ruoxi seemed to recognize the leader. Picking up on his reaction, he was clearly acquainted with Yang Chen. 

Yang Chen shook his head sarcastically. “Oh Zhang Hu, good to see you doing well for yourself. I was wondering who A Hu would be. It turned out to be you. A toothless stray cat. Well seeing you, can’t say I wasn’t at all surprised.”

Being called a ‘toothless stray cat’ in front of the people was humiliating. After all, he was called here to intimidate them. Yet he did not utter a single word! 

“Hubby, who’s this Zhang Hu? Looks kinda familiar to me.” Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but ask.

“You remember back when we first met when you were drugged by a bunch of thugs? Well, those were his men. Later on Rose boosted his attempt to infiltrate into the West Union Society, and subsequently, decimate them from within. Thereafter he replaced Chen Dehai’s position as the alpha.”

Lin Ruoxi was promptly reminded of that drowsy night, where everything was a blur. But in the bits and pieces, she managed to piece together a surge of hatred towards Zhang Hu. 

Nevertheless, it was that ill-fated event that led her to cross paths with Yang Chen in the first place. 

Zhang Hu eventually caught a good look at Lin Ruoxi and his heart stopped beating when Lin Ruoxi began calling out for her ‘hubby’ Yang Chen. Everything began to click in his head.

Wiping the cold sweat off his forehead, Zhang Hu chuckled bitterly. “Master Chen, Miss Lin, I wasn’t expecting you both to be here. This is a misunderstanding, I’m sure of it! If I knew it was you both I would never have brought myself here!”

Zhang Hu at that instant had clearly chosen the more sensible path. He was there to witness Yang Chen single-handedly wipe out the entire Western Union Society. It was only right for him to side with Yang Chen and choose the path of life. If he had known prior, he wouldn’t even come anywhere close!

He would never in his wildest imagination have considered that the issue he was sent to ‘handle’ was Yang Chen!

Wang An was confused at the lack of action as he glanced towards Yang Chen. “A Hu, what’s this? You know that savage?”

Zhang Hu was on the brink of an explosion. Yet when faced with Wang An, he kept his cool for the sake of his family background. He then mumbled. “Mr Wang, I think you should just let it slide and call it a day. That man over there is not one you’d want to mess with. Also, I owe him a great debt that I’ve yet to pay.”

“Well, why should I? Who the hell is he?” Wang An was unconvinced. 

“All you need to know is Master Chen here is the one person we, the Red Thorns Society, will never go against.”

Zhang Hu would have explained Yang Chen’s true identity if he could even wrap his head around it.

“Pfft, scurry off then! Bunch of chickens! Your society is but a little Southern gang. Do you dare challenge the power of the Wang clan? We’ll defend you if you mess up, you know who my boss is don’t you? Do you know what we do?” Wang An was furious. 

Zhang Hu knew he was thick-headed, so he couldn’t bother to further persuade Wang An as he blatantly rejected. “Mr Wang, if you want to go ahead and challenge this man I say you do what you want. I will not risk the lives of my men here and touch Yang Chen.”

Whilst speaking, Zhang Hu raised his hand to signal his men. 

“Boys, retreat!”

“Hold on now!”

Yang Chen halted, holding his index finger. “Leaving already? The situation isn’t settled yet.”