While hearing her daughter’s tearful cries, Lin Ruoxi’s heart tightened, making her feel suffocated. She stepped forward and hugged Lanlan and patted her back to comfort her.

“Lanlan, please don’t cry. Don’t cry my dear, you won’t look pretty if you cry…”

However, Lanlan did not seem to stop crying. She hugged Lin Ruoxi’s neck with her face so close while the tears kept flowing. 

Lin Ruoxi had no idea what to do. Why did Xiao Ya hide away from Lanlan? She felt that things were getting worse. 

Xiao Ya’s parents were full of guilt but their daughter still refused to speak up. They did not know what to do.

Teacher Hou, wearing a bitter smile, stepped forward and said, “Ms Lin, there is something you should know but may not want to hear. The reason why Lanlan did not come to school today was that the other children refused to play with her…”

“What do you mean? Why…” Lin Ruoxi was stunned.

Teacher Hou took a deep breath. He said, “It’s simple really. Even though the reason Lanlan got into a fight with Wang Qiang was that she wanted to help Xiao Ya, she still managed to beat up all the boys who challenged her to the fight. Unlike the other boys who are smaller in size, Wang Qiang injured his scalp while he was hit by Lanlan. His scalp bled. “Look at how a small-sized girl has such huge energy to fight so many boys. How could the kids not be afraid of this bloody scene?”

Lin Ruoxi stood there dumbfounded. Looking at Lanlan weeping in her arms, she felt heartbroken.

She could feel how sad Lanlan was at that moment.

Even though it was initially to help her good friend, it was still too much for the other children.

But little did she know that the outcome was other children started to be afraid of her and avoided playing with her. Even her good friend that she protected ignored her.

For Lanlan who always yearned to play with other children, it was difficult for her to blend into a group of friends. But now she was seen as a different kind of human being. 

The more you care, the easier it is to get hurt deeply.

Before this, other children might have opted to. But they were afraid of being bullied by Wang Qiang so they avoided playing with her.

But now, Wang Qiang’s situation was over, Xiao Ya still refused to look and talk to her.

No wonder Lanlan was crying so badly. 

Lin Ruoxi did not have many friends because of her cold personality. She has had her fair share of loneliness.

At this moment, she could especially feel how Lanlan felt isolated in her heart. For a young girl like her, it was extremely painful.

Lin Ruoxi had no choice but to ask Yang Chen for help, “Honey, what do we do, Lanlan is so sad…”

But Yang Chen seemed to be too immersed in his own thoughts. He did not seem to be aware of the situation around him.

Only after Lin Ruoxi’s incessant yelling, did Yang Chen come back to the present.

Looking at Lanlan crying loudly and then at Xiao Ya who was afraid to speak, Yang Chen said without any expressions. “Let her cry. A child who cries out is better than one who doesn’t.”

“What is this? Can’t you comfort your own child?” Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him. She then thought about it and said to Lanlan, “Baby, Let Mommy bring you to eat? What does Lanlan want today? Mommy will buy anything for Lanlan.”

The moment Lanlan heard about the food, her crying softened. “Meat…”

“Meat? What kind of meat?”


Lanlan finally stopped crying after the food was mentioned.

Lin Ruoxi let out a sigh of relief. 

After waving goodbye to Teacher Hou and the others, Xiao Ya’s family left as well. Yang Chen and the rest went to the nearest western restaurant to have steak.

Although Lanlan did not have a smile on, she finally stopped crying.

They reserved a table which was arranged in the corner of the restaurant upon their arrival. Lin Ruoxi even reserved all the tables around them so that Lanlan could eat freely.

The waiters in the restaurant knew that they were wealthy customers, so they did not say a word. Even when Lin Ruoxi ordered twenty steaks, they still remained quiet.

Lanlan sat on a high chair with forks in both her hands. She picked up one steak on each hand and started munching away. Her efficiency shocked the waiters from not far away.

Normally when Lin Ruoxi saw her daughter eating happily, she would also feel the same. But for today, Lanlan was eating while crying at the same time. 

Yang Chen looked the same as usual. He stopped eating after finishing five steaks. He looked at Lanlan gently as if something flowed through his eyes.

After the meal, Lin Ruoxi touched Lanlan’s head. “Is Lanlan full?”

“Yes.” Lanlan touched her round tummy and then asked, “Mommy, why are the children afraid of Lanlan? Did they dislike Lanlan?”

Looking at the child’s clear and innocent eyes, Lin Ruoxi scrunched up slightly. “Why would they? Lanlan is so cute and even protected Xiao Ya. You are a good girl.”

“But...Xiao Ya is not playing with Lanlan anymore…” Lanlan looked down sadly.

Lin Ruoxi looked away and wiped the corners of her eyes without saying anything.

She was worried about Lanlan’s unique physique that might cause her to be unable to get along well with the other children. But no matter how bad she anticipated it to be, she did not think it would be this bad. 

Yang Chen stood up and carried Lanlan up from the chair then spoke to Lin Ruoxi, “Settle the bill, I’ll wait for you outside.”

Yang Chen carried Lanlan alone and walked out of the restaurant.

At seven or eight in the evening, it was the time when the city was filled with neon lights and where busy nightlife started.

The weather in early November seemed rather cold, many couples passing by wore warm coats and hurried through the streets.

Yang Chen carried Lanlan and stopped by a resting area by the pedestrian street.

Behind them was a large flower bed, pedestrians passing by around them and the facade of the business was flashing in various colors. 

In this busy city, no one would notice the adult and child in the dark. 

Lin Ruoxi walked behind them and saw both of them sitting down so she sat on another bench near them. She took it as Yang Chen bringing Lanlan to look around more and did not ask further.

Lanlan widened her eyes and looked at the people coming to and fro around her. Curiosity about the world can be seen in her eyes. 

It was at that short moment that the girl forgot about her sadness.

Three of them were quiet for a moment and Yang Chen suddenly stretched out his waist and took a long breath.

He turned and looked at the little girl beside him and smiled. “Lanlan, do you want to hear a story from this bad uncle?”

Lanlan and Lin Ruoxi both looked toward Yang Chen, Lin Ruoxi was a little puzzled but Lanlan nodded seriously. “Lanlan likes to listen to stories.”

Touching the child’s hair, Yang Chen began to speak gently.

“Long ago, there was a little boy. Although he was young, he was stronger than many adults. He can run very fast and could break a rock with just one punch. Anyways...he was very strong.  The little boy lived in a place with all kinds of smart and powerful children. They were trained every day to kill people with guns, knives, fists, and poison. In that little boy’s world, it was kill or be killed.”

Listening to Yang Chen’s narrative, Lanlan was a little enchanted but Lin Ruoxi noticed that this was mostly Yang Chen’s own story. 

“Suddenly one day, the little boy went to an orphanage to kill someone who went there to donate money. Even though the person went to donate money, it was used to buy girls from the orphanage and bully them. The little boy killed the bad person and at the same time, he fell in love with the orphanage. There were many other children the same age as him. They played games, chased around and they didn't kill nor fight and all looked happy. The little boy also wanted to know how they got that kind of smile. He then appeared in front of them and said that he was a child from a nearby family, asking if they could play together because he has no friends. They were happy to accept the little boy and taught him how to play games, catch beetles, raise goldfishes, and a lot more kinds of activities. With that, the little boy occasionally killed people at night and played with those children during the day. Those children would also give him sweets to eat. The little boy suddenly knew that the world had many more things than just killing or being killed. There were other things that interested him as well. Until one day, someone went to the orphanage to buy a child again. The little boy was angry after knowing that several of his friends were locked up by the head and were ready to be transported by night. He did not want his friends to be sold. So, regardless of what his guardians said, he killed the dean and the bad guys. Initially, the little boy thought things would be over safely but the police came to arrest him the next day unexpectedly. The little boy then found out it was the girls he rescued who told the police that he was a boy who would kill.”

Hearing about it, Lanlan couldn’t help but ask tearfully, “Why did they call the police on the boy?”

Yang Chen shook his head and smiled bitterly. “ Yes, the little boy did save them but they were afraid that a boy would kill them. Although the bad guy wanted to sell them off, at least he wouldn’t have killed them. But the little boy was someone who could make them lose their lives. For them, the little boy was from another world and needed to be pushed away like an alien. No matter how close they were before, they would think of protecting themselves first instead of understanding who he really was.”

“Then what happened to the little boy?” Lanlan was confused, but she could roughly understand and asked curiously.

“At that time, the boy was stunned. He did not know why his good friends could not understand him. He saved them but they were hurting him and sold him out behind his back. As the police were about to shoot him, a girl just like the little boy appeared. She killed all the police there and walked towards the little boy. She said,  ‘‘You don’t belong here.”

Looking at Yang Chen’s faint thought, Lin Ruoxi immediately understood that it was the story that happened between him and Seventeen when they were young.

Lin Ruoxi felt sour all of a sudden but could still understand Yang Chen’s purpose in telling this story.

“And then…” Lanlan asked expectantly.

“Then, the little boy left. He never saw the children who he had fun with and never made the kind of friends anymore. He finally realized that only girls who kill and are not afraid of bleeding can understand him.”

“Then won’t he be very sad and lonely?”

“Nope,” Yang Chen said. “The little boy finally understood from the girl that he would feel lonely because he was stronger than the others. Why should he be sad when he is strong? People were afraid of him or even envied him. He should be proud, shouldn’t he?”

Lanlan looked at Yang Chen with her eyelids blinking and said, “Lanlan understands now. Because Lanlan is stronger than other children that’s why they are afraid of me. Lanlan is still a good child! I am just better than them!” 

Yang Chen finally smiled heartily and gave a thumbs up. “So smart. Lanlan must remember that your Mommy is way prettier than the others right? A beautiful Mommy can obviously have a powerful Lanlan right?”

Lanlan smiled sweetly and nodded hard. “Yes!”

Lin Ruoxi by the side, rubbed her eyes excitedly after seeing Lanlan smile. “What are you talking about, don’t teach your child this nonsense.”

Lanlan suddenly jumped into Yang Chen’s arms and hooked around Yang Chen’s neck. She planted a kiss on Yang Chen’s face which made him stunned.

“Also, Lanlan’s daddy is better than other children too!”

“Hehe, of course…”

Yang Chen just wanted to brag a few words, suddenly he felt a flash in his mind and his heart was fluttered. He spoke stutteringly, “Wait...Lanlan...you...what did you call me?”

Lanlan smiled like a flower, “Daddy, Grandmother said I should call my mommy’s husband as daddy.”

When Yang Chen heard that tender ‘daddy’, his eyes felt warm and his heart was melting.

He actually cared a lot!

He hugged Lanlan tightly in his arms, her meaty little body simply made him attached to her. He rubbed his face with a little mustache on the girl’s chubby face and laughed.

“Fat little girl, say it again!”

Lanlan pouted her lips, “Daddy is not allowed to call Lanlan fat little girl…”


Yang Chen hugged Lanlan and sat there laughing.

The passersby heard the uncovered laughter and finally looked over. They saw a chubby little girl pouting her lips and a silly man laughing. They would have thought there was a loose screw in his head

But for Lin Ruoxi, the father and daughter whom she was staring at, was laughing like a fool while another one was ranting slyly and there was an illusion in the trance. There was nothing in this huge world that made her feel warmer than this picture at the moment.