After laughing for a while, the family of three walked down the street and strolled around. 

Due to the size of the huge crowd, Yang Chen carried his daughter on his shoulders. It was not tiring for him anyway. 

Various shops along the street have been decorated quite gorgeously especially since its near to the end of the year. Although it was still a month away from Christmas, some shops had started selling Christmas accessories and products.

Lanlan fantasized a lot about Santa Claus and made Yang Chen tell her the story of Santa Claus. Yang Chen could only give in to her whims.

As they passed by a gift shop, a huge Christmas tree that was about four meters tall attracted many passersby.

Lin Ruoxi stopped by the tree and smiled as she looked at the dazzling gift boxes and various brilliant lights.

“What’s wrong? Still so fascinated to see a Christmas tree at this age?”

Lin Ruoxi sneered. “Can’t I? Christmas trees are beautiful. Grandmother said it was a waste of time decorating the tree. It was just for the sake of looking at the decorations. We might as well just buy gifts. That’s why we never had one at home. Now that I come to think of it, my Grandmother was quite strict back then.”

Yang Chen looked at the tree and smiled awkwardly, “I don’t like it anyway.”



“Shut it. Except for lacking in sentiment, what else can I say.” Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him.

Yang Chen laughed. “Don’t talk about sentiments when you marry a mutton skewer seller. Let’s go, shall we? Isn’t there a department stall under Yu Lei nearby? Pay a visit there and get our daughter some toys.”

“Yes yes! Lanlan wants a toy!” Lanlan immediately got excited and started clapping and laughing.

Lin Ruoxi sighed helplessly. “You little kid, you’ve brought so many toys back home. If this goes on, Mommy will have to buy another house for your toys.”

Lanlan chuckled, her innocent smile made Lin Ruoxi surrender.

After strolling around the department store, collecting some toys, and cute outfits, the three returned to their home.

On the way driving, Yang Chen received a phone call. It was from Cai Yan.

Looking at the mother and daughter behind, Yang Chen picked it up without hesitation.

“Yanyan, what’s wrong?”

Lin Ruoxi heard that the call was from Cai Yan, a slight grudge flashed through her eyes but she kept quiet.

Cai Yan sounded like she was having a headache. “Yang Chen, why did you anger the Shanxi Wang family?”

“Shanxi Wang family?”

“It’s Wang An, the guy who came here to do business this year and got elected as a committee in the CPPCC.” Cai Yan was upset. “He called the police station, saying that you asked the gangsters to beat him up and Lanlan injured his son heavily. He insisted that we handle it tomorrow or he will report this back to his family.”

Yang Chen smiled, this guy was really efficient. He actually went to the police. No wonder he mentioned that he had connections with the police station.

“The Wang family seemed to be arrogant.”

“His background was not as simple. Although the four most powerful families are the four from Beijing, this is only considered the central government. If we are talking about regions, there are many families that have existed for a long time. They all have deep roots and influential powers. After all, we are far away from home and the dragon can’t overwhelm the ground snake. Many of the Wang family ancestors were warlords at the central regions and the current patriarch of the family, Wang Yinglai is an old general during my grandfather’s era. Although many of the Wangs are doing business now, two years ago the eldest son of the Wangs became the deputy secretary despite his young age. Beijing will have to show courtliness to the Wang family now, as they have their own army. Even the Ning family and Li family can’t compare.”

Yang Chen whistled. “A strong background indeed.”

“How are you still whistling so leisurely? I am so depressed right now. The Wangs are not the ones that you can simply suppress. They actually have armed troops!” Cai Yan said angrily.

“Yo hasn't our Chief Cai always been hating criminals. You can just arrest such a scoundrel for me right?” Yang Chen teased.

“You think I don’t want to? That Wang An is here to gain some political achievements. But he has a strong background. He is blood-related to the Wang family and his cousin is the eldest son of the family. Our Cai family didn’t even have solid military power. What am I supposed to fight him with? If my father knows that I got into trouble with the Wang family, he will surely ask me to resign and return to Beijing. But then again, anyone can be a part of the political committee now. I don’t even know whether they represent music fans or movie fans.”

Yang Chen said weakly, “How can I understand all these? I am really not in the mood to play these idiotic games with them. Why don’t I pay Shanxi a visit and beat them up?”

“Are you crazy?! What if the Wang family got pissed and started a riot?! Will you be able to kill millions of people?”

Yang Chen thought about it and agreed. Looks like it would not be a good idea to push them to their wits end.

Although he was reluctant, Yang Chen felt that showing the identity of the Yang family and letting the issue pass in a small way, so he said, “Just tell that person fo my identity in the Yang family. I am not interested in breaking their official road. Just let them go their own way. Don't cause any trouble.”

Cai Yan thought about it and said, “I guess that will work. Since you agree in exposing your identity then I shall tell him. I know you do not like suppressing people with your background, hence, I did not mention the possibility.”

Yang Chen was about to say something, but Cai Yan seemed to be quite busy and said, “I guess I am done then. A friend has asked me out to eat and was waiting for some time. See you another day, bye-bye…”

Yang Chen had not even responded when the woman had already hung up the phone. 

Raising his eyebrows in confusion, Yang Chen had a bad feeling. A friend asked her out to eat at this time? Waiting for a long time? Could it be a man? Previously the surnamed Wei disguised as a person came for work cooperation but was actually trying to hook up with her.

Although he often met with the women, they did not have much time spent together. Yang Chen felt that he should get a deeper understanding of women’s social circles.

Lin Ruoxi behind then asked, “Is that the Wang An guy? Is their family that influential?”

Yang Chen turned around and said while smiling, “I am here if anything happens, rest assured.”

Back home, Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma knew what happened and both felt completely helpless. 

Guo Xuehua knew about the Wang family and felt worried, but she still thought about Lanlan’s condition first and asked, “Then will Lanlan still be going to Yun Hua kindergarten? If the kids there continue to ignore Lanlan, that’s so disappointing.”

“What does Lanlan think. Do you want to go to kindergarten tomorrow?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Lanlan tilted her head and thought for a while. Then she nodded seriously, “Yes, Lanlan cannot escape. Lanlan is a good child.”

Lin Ruoxi smiled comfortably, “If other children don't play with Lanlan, you should tell your teachers but no more crying, okay?”

Lanlan nodded her head and fiddled with her new barbie doll. She had already made peace with her past.

In the next two days, Lanlan went back to kindergarten but nothing much happened. After all, the children were not known to hold grudges.

It’s just that Xiao Ya and Lanlan’s closest friends did not dare to get in touch with her too much as they still had a faint shadow in their hearts.

Lin Ruoxi started working back as usual. New Year was approaching, the department stores under her were all extremely busy.

Yang Chen first went to Li Jingjing who was working in the education bureau and after bringing her back home to meet Guo Xuehua, then told everything about his true identity to the woman.

Li Jingjing never expected Yang Chen’s identity to change so quickly after a year without seeing him. What’s more unimaginable was, she herself would be starting the mysterious and profound ‘cultivation’!

However, Li Jingjing had witnessed many of Yang Chen’s extraordinary actions so she was not too surprised. But she started relatively late and was worried that she would not be able to catch up.

Yang Chen was planning to go to Li Jingjing’s house to pay Old Li and his wife a visit. After all, they were one of his father and mother-in-laws, so they should meet instead of hiding here and there.

But Li Jingjing did not want to rush things. She wanted to let them have some mental preparation before letting them know just in case they were against it. Yang Chen felt that it was reasonable as well so he let the woman arrange it herself.

After waiting for Li Jingjing to settle down, he returned to Yu Lei Entertainment Company. 

As a superior, Yang Chen walked into the office building and even made many employees feel uncomfortable.

After seeing Hannya in the office, she looked more and more accustomed to the urban lifestyle. Hannya wore a black and white uniform. Her beautiful body shape looked extremely eye-catching as she stood in the office and bowed respectfully. 

A feeling of guilt rushed into Yang Chen’s heart. He felt irresponsible, not just because he placed the beauty of the Yamaha Sect here as his secretary but also gave her all the work.

Hannya’s slave training since young had caused her to work hard and not be resentful. After seeing Yang Chen, there was only joy and a deep sense of nostalgia in her beautiful eyes. 

There wasn't any anger.