Perhaps it was due to the accumulated guilt or perhaps his heart was gradually growing warmer towards her. Yang Chen surprised himself as he found himself wanting to appease this female ninja. 

“You’ve worked hard these days.” Yang Chen smiled awkwardly. He stepped forward, patting Hannya’s back gently.

At that moment, Hannya looked as if an electric current had run down her back. She wasn’t sure what came over her as she stood there stiffly, eyes turning red and damp.

Yang Chen was shocked. Even he did not know what was happening. “What’s wrong with you?” Yang Chen asked.

“Sorry Master, I...I am touched…” said Hannya as she immediately lifted her head and bowed again. 

Yang Chen wasn't sure if he was supposed to laugh or cry as he said, “There's nothing touching about this. I’m the one who should apologize. Although I am your boss, you are still the great leader of the Yamaha Sect. You are above this.”

Hannya shook her head while smiling. “No, it’s not like that at all. My colleagues treat me as an ordinary woman, so I really enjoy working here. I can feel everyone’s genuineness and even experience the joy of ordinary people.”

“It’s good for you to experience this. I was worried that you might end up hating me, or think that I am torturing you on purpose. Actually, I’m quite a lazy person and anything I achieve is basically forced out of me. I certainly admire your concentration and dedication towards your work. I’m definitely not as good as you in managing the company,” Yang Chen laughed.

Hannya looked at Yang Chen and said softly, “ kind of you…”

A shudder ran through Yang Chen when he noticed the flirtiness in the girl’s eyes. “Don’t look at me that way. I’ll feel embarrassed.”

Hannya blushed and said with a smile, “No one has ever treated me with such gentleness. Ever since I met my master, I’ve finally experienced the joy of life.” 

“Enough with that, I am starting to get goosebumps.” Yang Chen smiled oddly and continued, “If you were to completely turn into an urban white-collar worker, I’ll have to find someone else to be the leader of the Yamaha Sect. I certainly don't want the Yamaha Sect to turn into a legal company.”

Hannya shook her head. “That’ll never happen. Working is fun but killing people excites me too.”

Yang Chen supposed that this woman had quite an interesting preference. He decided that it would be better to not invest in anyone else for now. He already had way too many women in his life.

A call arrived when Yang Chen was about to sit down.

Yang Chen took a quick glance at his phone and saw that it was a call from Beijing. He picked up the call. Indeed, it was a call from Yang Gongming.

“Hey old man, why have you called me this early?”

“Hmph, your attitude still hasn't changed. Can’t you be more respectful, you little prick,” Yang Gongming said with much dissatisfaction. 

“You might not like it if I were to speak in such a cheesy way,” Yang Chen said with a lopsided smile on his face.

Yang Gongming was not interested in continuing on about this matter and said, “That old man from the Wang family called me. Did you beat up his grandson?”

“Aish...I thought this matter had already been settled. I have asked Cai Yan to tell Wang An who I was. He still dared to report back home?”

“It’s not just about reporting back home. The Wang clan is accustomed to Shanxi and they’ve never bothered the families from Beijing. You might not know this but when the General Secretary went for an overseas interview, the surnamed Wang old man summoned the surrounding army and engaged in a military parade.”

“In that case, are they forcing me to make a statement?”

“Hey, Wang Yinglai called me personally. He sounded polite but he clearly pointed out that he wanted you to make a trip to Shanxi and pay him a visit. If we don’t give them face and apologize for your mistakes, their Wang clan will be another enemy of our Yang clan. It should have not been an issue but old Wang’s networks are very extensive. Many heavy industry companies are also in his territory. If he wants to ruin our Yang clan’s wealth and cause us trouble, he has many ways to do it.”

Yang Chen squinted and said, “So old man, what do you plan to do?”

“Me?” Yang Gongming snorted, “I am just a simple old man who has those few acres of land planting vegetables in his spare time. Catching small flies is fine, but running around to catch such big prey? Nah, I don’t have the time and effort for that.”

“That means I have to do the job?”

“You said it. I didn’t say anything. However...I should remind you that the entirety of the Wang clan is a minefield. You may choose to not touch it. But if you do touch it, you need to get rid of the entire piece completely. It’s best not to give it any more chances to explode back into your face…”

Yang Chen chuckled lightly and hung up the phone without listening any further.

After thinking for a while, Yang Chen said to Hannya who was beside him, “Hannya, pay a visit to Shanxi for me after this.”

Hannya was a bit puzzled. “Master, what’s there to do in Shanxi? That’s certainly not a place for a vacation.”

“It’s not for vacation. I need you to...secretly eliminate someone for me. I need his death to be inconspicuous and an accident, do you understand me?” Yang Chen said with his tone dripping with malice.

Hannya expressed a trace of excitement. “Understood…”

For Hannya, there were many different ways a person could ‘die by accident’. That was provided that there was enough backup. However, Yang Chen chose not to do it by himself. This was either because he didn’t care about it or it was inconvenient for him to do it. He needed his secret weapon to help him.

Yang Chen's thoughts were this exactly. Since it would be a lot of trouble to lay hands on the Wang clan from the outside, he might as well just send an assassin to do the trick. 

As for the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, they used to prevent the movements of the Yamaha Sect ninjas. However, their current general was Cai Yuncheng. He didn’t think his father in law would do anything to suppress him.

After telling Hannya the details of his request, she immediately left and went to prepare.

Yang Chen looked at the company’s recent operations and noticed that most of them were well executed. Their profit level had an obvious increase in the fourth quarter.

At noon, Zhao Teng brought some documents into the office. He said while smiling, “Director Yang, the film crew sent us a message and said that ’Jian Xian’ is about to wrap up. According to our usual tradition, we should host a celebration party for the crew and actors. Does the director have any thoughts on this matter?”

Yang Chen was stunned. “Is that the movie from Director Yu Shuo?”

“You’re right.”

Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel emotional. It was Hui Lin’s first movie. Without noticing, the filming had ended. Although the post-production would take another few months, it was as good as complete.

“You can go ahead and arrange it. When the time comes, do let me know. I’ll definitely be there,” Yang Chen felt that since he was already there to support Hui Lin, he should also reward the film crew.

Zhao Teng nodded. As he was about to go out, Yang Chen stopped him.

“Oh right, why didn’t I see Wang Jie?” Yang Chen did not see his other deputy assistant.

Zhao Teng blushed, “Wang Jie...she’s pregnant now and she’s at home.”

Yang Chen saw that his expression shifted slightly and laughed. “Did you two…”

Zhao Teng smiled stiffly. “Hehe, when Director Yang wasn’t here, we went back to our hometown to complete our marriage procedures.”

Yang Chen let out a long sigh. He was busy running around so he did not notice the many things happening around him. He congratulated Zhao Teng and promised to give both of them a bigger bonus by the end of the year.

The Ning residence, Beijing.

Ning Guangyao rarely had time to read newspapers or drink tea. He sat on a chair in his study while tapping the desk with one hand, with a slight frown on his face. It was as if he were pondering on something.

A member of the Ning clan stood at the door of the study. After he reported what he had to say, he retreated silently.

On the soft chair on both sides of Ning Guangyao’s study, here were two men in a navy blue and white coat respectively.

The two men seemed to be in their forties and had mediocre-looking features. However, they looked extremely arrogant. 

“Ning Guangyao, these men that you trained are all complete morons. After searching for so long, we still can’t find any trace of Ning Guodong, ” said the man in the navy blue coat.

Ning Guangyao smiled worriedly. “Elder Ning Xin is right. I must find some time to do something about it.”

Ning Xin snorted and said, “The Fourth Master asked me and Ning De to look after you. Next, he also wanted us to examine you and see if you can truly support this branch. If you can’t even find Ning Guodong, forget about your position. Then, our Ning clan will have to train a new inheritor to control the secular Ning clan.”