The words might not have seemed like a big deal but they entered Ning Guangyao’s ears like pricking needles.

Ning Guangyao broke out in cold sweat. He quickly got up and went to meet Ning Xin and Ning De. He cupped his hand in salute. “Yes yes...Guangyao understands. Rest assured, it will be fine. Please do convey my determination to the grandfathers in the Ning clan I will not fail the Ning clan.”

“There’s no use in boasting. You couldn’t even find a single trace of Ning Guodong. Do you still think it’s possible for you to marry again and have children at this age? You still have to train that heir should you have one. You are a premier and your wife has just passed away. The Ning clan in the secular world can’t have such a scandal on their heads,” Ning De said strictly.

Ning Guangyao smirked and said, “To be honest, Guangyao still has a daughter born in my early years. She can be considered as a half-sister of Guodong. My daughter is now a well-known female entrepreneur and she is definitely more talented than Guodong. I didn’t dare to recognize her as my daughter because I was afraid that Guodong would be upset. I was also worried about our clan’s reputation. However, if Guodong was nowhere to be found, I could treat her children as my grandchildren. I could even let her become my next successor. If I were to recognize her as my daughter, those rich families would never dare to say anything about it. By doing so, we can successfully solve the problem of finding a successor.”

“Nonsense! How can a daughter born to your lover not be criticized by other families?!” Ning De said angrily.

Ning Guangyao waved his hands and said, “In the past, my daughter could not be showcased in front of the others. However now, she is married to the eldest grandson of the Yang clan, Yang Chen. He is a person who isn’t afraid of anything at all. He also has a strong friendship with Li Dun of the Li clan, not to mention the support of the Tang clan. If she were to temporarily take over the Ning clan with her identity as the lady and the matron of the Yang clan, no one would dare to step out and question that matter. If anyone were to do so, Yang Chen would step in. When my daughter gives birth to a few children, as long as one of the children holds the surname Ning, then they can continue our bloodline, isn’t that so?”

Ning Xin and Ning De glanced at each other with great surprise.

“If things are as you’ve said, with this type of background, we can create an alliance with the Yang clan. It would be amazing if everything were to go well. The Fourth Master has told us to be careful of Yang Chen. However, if he could become one of us, that would be best. After all, the secular Ning clan needs to continuously expand our influential powers. I would need plenty of time and resources to establish a new branch of the clan anyway. If you could find a suitable successor, we would naturally not do anything to you,” Ning Xin said.

“But then, would your daughter be willing to acknowledge you? If they aren't willing to help you, wouldn’t all of these go to waste?”

Ning Guangyao quickly said, “ Please, don’t worry. I know my own daughter quite well. She is quite like her mother. ‘Family affection’ being their greatest weakness. I would only need to put in a little effort and somehow I’m sure she would change her mind.”

“Then you’d better be quick and act on it, just in case.”

Ning Guangyao confidently said, “Now, there’s something that can bring our relationship closer to the Yang clan. The Wang clan in Shanxi is having some trouble with the Yang clan. To my understanding, those people from the Wang clan are not a match for Yang Gongming and Yang Chen. However, the Wang clan has a strong organizational foundation. Even if their main force falls, their seedlings will thrive. That is why after the Yangs make a move, I’ve decided to provide some assistance to help the Yang clan get rid of the trouble. The Wang clan has been operating in Shanxi for many years with rich financial resources. The central government has wanted to do something about them for some time. However, they lack front strikers. Since the Yang clan is leading the way now, we can improve our relationship with them and share some of the benefits…”

Ning Xin and Ning De's eyes lit up after listening to what he said. They complimented him, “Ning Guangyao, we are much older than you but in terms of scheming, we are no match with you. Everything is still under your control despite seeming messy from the outside.”

Ning Guangyao shook his head humbly. “My elders are flattering me. I’m still hoping for you both to put in a few good words for me…”

A few days later, the end of November arrived.

These days Yang Chen has been spending a lot of time in the company. Although he was not managing many things, he still hosted a few meetings and participated in a few events. He saw it as a little spice in his leisure time.

Hannya had completed her mission in Shanxi. Without being noticed, she silently took the life of the Wang clan patriarch.

The result of the forensic report stated that it was a suicide case by gun. In reality, the truth was that Hannya injected a psychedelic drug into Wang Yinglai’s body. This caused his cerebral cortex to wrongly perceive that his entire body was in great pain. In the end, he could not bear the pain and killed himself.

Such a potion was nothing special in the underground world. The only problem was that not many people could administer the drug without being caught.

When Wang Yinglai collapsed, the Wang clan naturally thought that it was related to the Yang clan. Without even waiting for the Wang clan to mobilize their troops for a riot, the Ning clan had already severely beaten them in terms of politics!

The eldest grandson of the Wang clan is the Deputy Secretary of the Shanxi province. He was found to have received more than two billion worth of bribery. Even all the bribery in the property sector was exposed as well. He was condemned by the netizens on the internet. At the same time, he was also preparing himself to be sent to the criminal court.

It was a huge defeat for the Wang clan from the two-fold attack by the Yang and Ning clans. After the Wang clan lost their organizational core, they started spending money to eliminate various disasters. This caused the entire clan to become a chaotic mess. It seems that it would be difficult for them to restore their vitality in less than ten years.

Yang Chen was not really interested in knowing what would happen to the Wang clan. However, the attitude of the Ning clan puzzled both Yang Chen and Yang Gongming.

Although this time, the Ning clan’s assistance could not be counted as a major part, it was still a huge reason why the Wangs dismissed their idea of revenge. 

No matter what angle one sees it from, the Ning clan clearly stood at the side of the Yang clan this time. It was quite obvious that they were trying to please them. 

Ning Guangyao ended up called Yang Gongming privately. He even told him that they would try to cooperate with them as much as they could. This call made even the well experienced Yang Gongming puzzled. He could not see what he was trying to do at all.

After what happened with the Wang clan, the tit-for-tat between the Yang and Ning clan surprisingly calmed down. Many of the previously broken off connections were also reconnected.

If someone were to assist you and you did not repay them, people would have nothing else to do but to gossip. That was why although Yang Gongming and Yang Chen felt that things were not as simple as it seemed, they did not retaliate. 

After Hannya had completed her mission, Yang Chen gave her a vacation. Since she was no longer allowed to stay in Zhonghai, she could only head back to Japan. She could take this chance to meet her Yamaha Sect subordinates who she had not seen in quite a while.

During this period of time, Yang Chen urged the women to cultivate as usual and took some time to refine some Chinese elixirs. Most of them had steady improvements. That was other than Li Jingjing who just started cultivating. With the help of the elixirs, her True Qi reached the summit rapidly, but her overall change was not big. 

Yang Chen could not help but feel anxious when he saw such a situation. Despite feeling anxious, he was also helpless.

Heavy frost and fog covered the sky on an early winter morning. 

It was still dark outside although it was almost six o’clock.

In the bedroom of a woman in the Xijiao villa, a fascinating fragrance filled the air.

On a wide and soft bed, An Xin laid on Yang Chen’s chest like a kitten. Her snowy white shoulders were exposed on the silk quilt but she was not cold as the heater was turned on.

From the way her face was pressed against his chest, her lips puckered up to reveal a tiny gap in between. A thin, glistening thread of saliva hung from the corner of her lips onto Yang Chen's chest.

Yesterday’s storm made the woman extremely exhausted and she couldn’t care less about her sleeping posture. 

These days were peaceful. Lin Ruoxi still continued to sleep with Lanlan. Yang Chen could not bear the loneliness any longer and went out at midnight, going back and forth between the women’s residences.

Usually, Yang Chen would wake up and head back home for breakfast after an hour. It was as if nothing had ever happened.

He did expect his family to know something about what he does. The thing is, no one would have the audacity to comment on it.

However today, at this very moment, Yang Chen opened his eyes!

He sat up and shook off An Xin who was on his chest!


An Xin was disturbed while she was in a deep sleep. Although she was still in bed, she was very annoyed. She said in a tender yet resentful voice, “Honey what are you doing, I still want to sleep…”

Yang Chen turned his head over rigidly, staring at the charming goblin who was still. He smiled excitedly saying, “I can feel it! Rose has had a breakthrough!”