For almost half a month, Rose had closed herself off from the outside world and had been self-cultivating. Throughout her isolation period, all she said was that she had sensed something. That was why Yang Chen did not disturb her.

These days, that woman would either be hanging around the back mountains or meditating in her own room. Yang Chen thought that it would be better for her to think things through by herself. But of course, it was easier said than done.

An Xin seemed to not have fully woken up yet. She blinked a few times. Then slowly, a hint of delight appeared on her face.

“Really? How did you know honey?”

Yang Chen caressed the woman’s head. “Silly woman, how can the Soul Forming Stage be at the same level as the Xiantian Full Cycle? A Soul Forming Stage cultivator appeared out of nowhere. Of course, I would be alerted.”

A unique oppression had formed in Rose and Yang Chen clearly felt it. It is true that Rose already possessed a hint of the True Yuan since birth. However this time, her oppression had risen to a whole new level!

“I’m going to the mountains, you can continue to sleep for a bit,” Yang Chen kissed An Xin on her cheek with a smile. He quickly got dressed and jumped off the balcony.

In a blink of an eye, Yang Chen had reached the platform of the back mountains.

Rose stood by the cliff. She was in her blue sweater and skinny jeans.

The woman shut her beautiful eyes and held her arms wide open. Although the cold wind was hitting her straight on, she did not feel cold.

Compared to her usual seductive looks, Rose now looked to be a pure beautiful lady. Be it by her actions, her aura, or even the impression she gives through her exterior beauty.

All Yang Chen felt was that the woman in front of him was even more attractive.

Sensing Yang Chen’s presence behind her, Rose turned around. They stared into each other’s eyes. Without saying a word, they shared this joyful moment together. 

Yang Chen stood right in front of Rose in a flash. He raised a hand lightly and caressed the woman’s cheek.

“Doesn't it feel like you’ve just entered a whole new world?”

Rose pursed her lips smiling and shook her head. “No.”

“Then what is it?”

“It’s the same world, but something feels different.”

Yang Chen nodded. “Everyone is different, especially our sensing abilities. Even if it’s similar, the ‘Dao’ understood would be different. I will never understand your ‘Dao’, and neither will the others.”

After entering the Soul Forming Stage, Rose had also been reborn physically. Although her skin seemed to be fragile, in reality, it actually has the support and protection of the True Yuan.

At that moment, she felt Yang Chen’s hand passing over her face. It felt like a wave of unpredictable True Yuan shaking the quiet waters. 

Rose stayed quiet in that feeling for a moment. Then she smiled and said, “Although it’s been two years since we first met, this is the first time that I’ve felt so close to you. Although my cultivation base is far inferior to yours, I can finally understand some of your emotions and feelings. All of it is real and it’s the most truthful aspect of yourself. I just feel so happy.”

“You better not just focus on being happy. You’ve just entered the Soul Forming Stage but you can’t just stop now. I happen to have quite a few middle-grade elixirs with me. You couldn't use them since you hadn’t reached the Soul Forming Stage, but now you can.”

Yang Chen took out two small porcelain bottles from the Mustard Sumeru ring. This ring was purposely bought from a good porcelain shop in order to keep the medicine.

“There’s five Dragon cloud pills and one Heaven cloud pill here. You can take the Dragon cloud pill first to speed up the condensation process of Heaven and Earth Energy and the transformation of spiritual aura to the True Yuan. After that, you may take the high-grade Heaven cloud pill. It will improve your cultivation during the Soul Forming Stage. Zhiqing said that this Heaven cloud pill is considered a rare treasure in Hongmeng. If it wasn’t thanks to my excellent refining skills and my good luck in searching for materials, we could never get it.”

Rose accepted the two bottles without much thought. It had always been a blessing to accept the hard work of her man. Since she loved to cultivate, she would not mind getting her hands on a few more elixirs.

Looking at the woman’s joyful expression, Yang Chen pointed at his own lips, “Shouldn’t you be repaying me after taking all that good stuff? So much for treating you well. I even gave you the top grade elixir!”

Rose rolled her eyes at him and gently floated up. She wrapped her arms around Yang Chen’s neck and kissed him.

After entering the Soul Forming Stage, flying would no longer be a difficult task. She could naturally fly up with the help of Heaven and Earth Energy. 

“Honey, is it true that I’m not going to grow old from now on? Is it true that I can live for a few hundred years?” Rose asked excitedly.

Yang Chen nodded. He held the woman’s hand and started walking down the mountain.

“That’s right. From now on you won’t age. Living for two or three hundred years will not be a problem at all. However, you shouldn’t be too relaxed. Do try and reach the final level of the Soul Forming Stage. From the Soul Forming Stage to the Tribulation Passing Stage requires an accumulation of cultivation so sensing will not be that important by then.”

“Then if I reach the Tribulation Passing Stage, will I need to go through the Three Yang Fire Tribulation, the Six Frost Water, or the Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation?”

Yang Chen pondered for a while and shook his head. “I’m not too sure either, but I don’t think it would be the Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation. Due to your age and foundation factors, it’s too late to cultivate the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. This cultivation method is actually a modified and summarized version that I’ve made. I wasn’t sure what level this method could reach. After all, you’re the first one to reach the Soul Forming Stage. Before this, I was actually worried that this method would stop you all from reaching the Soul Forming Stage. Looking at things now, I am much more at ease.”

Two of them were talking and exchanging their experiences in cultivation. Both of them seemed calm as if nothing much was going on between them.

After Rose entered the Soul Forming Stage, her whole being became more disconnected from civilization. She did not have much interest in what Yang Chen was saying about the Red Thorns Society while they were walking down the slope. 

When she looked at the Red Thorns Society from the height of a Soul Forming Stage cultivator, all of it seemed completely ephemeral.

This had the same logic as Yang Chen’s attitude towards his mercenaries and assassins. Despite having a large number of mercenaries and assassins, he had already lost all interest in managing them.

Rose was more tranquil compared to Yang Chen during her Soul Forming Stage. That was why he even thought that it might be due to the different understanding of the ‘Dao’.

However, Yang Chen had already made up his mind to have a bit of fun with Rose either tonight or tomorrow night. His heart started to itch when he thought that he had never played with a Soul Forming Stage woman before.

If Rose knew what the man beside her was thinking, she would roll her eyes. What a pathetic fellow!

After he reached home with Rose, he saw Ma Guifang doing some exercises on a mat near the front door. She was stretching her limbs. 

She was already approaching her sixties. Although the charm of Ma Guifang remained the same, strands of white could already be seen in her hair.

Yang Chen was the one who taught seniors like her and Guo Xuehua these Tu Na methods and some exercises to keep fit. After all, it’s a bit too late for these seniors to catch up in cultivation. That was why it would be better for them to use elixirs to improve their health and appearance instead.

These days, Yang Chen stayed at home. He often saw Ma Guifang and Guo Xuehua having tea while talking with each other. Rose had isolated herself from the others so he started to somewhat miss her.

“Oh Rose, you’re finally back.” Ma Guifang smiled as she stepped forward. She looked up and down, thinking for a while. “This is quite weird. How did this girl become prettier after a few days.”

Rose started blushing, “How is that true Auntie Ma? I didn’t even go for plastic surgery.”

“It’s not about your looks. Maybe it's your temperament. Actually no, I can’t tell what it actually is. Is it because of your cultivation?”

Rose nodded. “There’s been a slight improvement.”

Ma Guifang waved her hand, “Forget it, I don’t know much about all that anyway. Come on in, Qianni is making breakfast. You too Yang Chen. If you were to eat at home, you’d have to fight your own daughter for food. There’s no point letting that happen.”

Yang Chen smiled wryly. He did not expect his image in his mother-in-law’s eyes to be like this.

When they entered the living room, the delicious aroma of omelets with a hint of green onions channeled around the whole room. Yang Chen immediately regained his appetite. 

Mo Qianni looked out of the kitchen while she was still wearing her apron. She was surprised at the sight of Yang Chen and Rose together and said, “It’ll be done soon, just wait a moment.”

Before long, Mo Qianni brought out a table of exquisite breakfast.

Regarding Rose’s change, Mo Qianni obviously knew that she already had a breakthrough. Mo Qianni asked Rose how she felt out of her own curiosity.

Mo Qianni was a little disappointed at herself at not being focused on cultivating after she saw Rose change into a completely new person. She had stopped at the peak of the Houtian stage. 

Yang Chen made a call back home to say that he was having breakfast at Mo Qianni’s place. However, the actual reason was that he noticed Rose’s breakthrough. 

After listening, Guo Xuehua said, “Really? Rose is such an amazing child. Yang Chen, this is good news. We should celebrate for Rose.”

Yang Chen was puzzled. “Celebrate? How did you intend to celebrate this?”

“Isn’t it the weekend? Since we don’t have much to do, why don’t we invite An Xin, Mingyu, Zhiqing, and all those girls over for a gathering?” Guo Xuehua said with much excitement.

Yang Chen still felt a little awkward about the entire thing. The way Guo Xuehua put it made it sound like it was not just a simple ‘gathering’.

However, Yang Chen had no reason to object to the suggestion and said, “Inform Ruoxi, let everyone come over after they’re done.”

Guo Xuehua agreed and hung up in a rush.

Yang Chen told Mo Qianni and Rose about the gathering. Rose felt a bit embarrassed but Mo Qianni and Ma Guifang just started laughing.

“Little Qianqian, Mother, what are you both laughing at?” Yang Chen was extremely confused. 

He felt like he had been fooled by them.