Mo Qianni and her mother laughed for quite a while. It seemed like they were enjoying themselves.

Ma Guifang sighed and said, “Yang Chen, while you were in Korea, Rose had been practicing with her doors closed. That is why both of you didn’t know of this. Xuehua has been restless these days. She’s now using Rose as an excuse to ask the girls to come to play Mahjong with her.”

“Play Mahjong?!”

“Yes, didn’t you know? You have a new Mahjong table in your house. When you and Ruoxi went to Korea, they played Mahjong every other day. They even used cash to play, each round starting from a thousand. I’ve been there twice and it was just like a casino.,” Ma Guifang laughed and shook her head.

Yang Chen then remembered that there was a table covered by a piece of black cloth at the side hall. He dismissed it as an extra table. How would he have expected it to be a Mahjong table?!

Yang Chen thought about this matter. He concluded that playing Mahjong would not be a big deal anyway. It would be a good way to improve his relationship with all the women.

“I’ve never heard about this from my mother. Why the big secret?” Yang Chen asked.

Ma Guifang rolled her eyes at her son-in-law. “Boys are just so thoughtless. A group of girls going to your house to play Mahjong. What’s more, Xuehua treats all of them like daughters-in-law. Think about it, what will Ruoxi think? No matter what, Ruoxi is the lady of the house. It would be better if the relationship between the in-laws remained good.”

Yang Chen nodded. Since Lin Ruoxi had always been reluctant about her mother-in-law getting too close with the other women, this may actually lead to conflict between both of them. Nevertheless, it was inevitable and he could not prevent this forever.

As breakfast was about to end, Yang Chen received another call. It was a call from Zhao Teng.

“Hey, Zhao Teng, why are you calling me on a weekend,” Yang Chen asked curiously.

Zhao Teng laughed through the phone. “Director Yang, I knew you would forget since you’re such a busy man. Do you remember that a few days ago, we mentioned that we would go to KTV to celebrate the wrap up of the shooting of the  ‘Sword Fairy’ drama?”

Yang Chen suddenly recalled about it/ “Which KTV?”

“You definitely know of The Melody at Shou An road right? Although it’s a place for splurging on women, the security there is still considered good. After all, Ms Hui Lin will be attending too so we can’t let the paparazzi get near us.”

Yang Chen had heard about that night club before. It was located in the prime area in Zhonghai city center. 

He did not have anything against the plan so he just followed through with their arrangements. His main focus was now on how to give some encouragement to Hui Lin. After all, the girl had been working hard in her acting for such a long time. It was definitely a must to congratulate her. 

After breakfast, Yang Chen returned home and found Lin Ruoxi playing building blocks with Lanlan. He told her that he was going to Melody KTV tonight for Hui Lin’s celebration. He asked her if she wanted to come along with him.

Lin Ruoxi seemed to know that the shooting had already ended and shook her head. “You can go ahead. The public media conference in two days away and they’ll officially announce the finishing of the drama then. I’ll attend that ceremony instead so count me out for today. I don’t like KTVs anyway.”

“Hui Lin might be sad if you don’t go.”

“Give me a break,” Lin Ruoxi said without looking up. “I’ve called Hui Lin earlier to congratulate her.  Did you really think that I would need to wait for your call?”

Yang Chen knew that he was asking to be snubbed when he asked her in the first place. He shrugged and then squatted down to play building blocks with Lanlan.

Yang Chen was definitely better than Lin Ruoxi in playing building blocks. He made Lanlan laugh and clap as he built an airplane and tank with her.

Lin Ruoxi felt a slight warmth in her heart when she saw them playing together. She caressed her daughter’s hair and asked softly, “Honey, will you...let Lanlan cultivate in the future?”

Yang Chen chuckled and stated naturally, “Obviously. How can our daughter have a shorter life than her own parents? Besides, Lanlan’s qualifications are high and she has more advantages compared to me when I was young. I’ve decided to teach her the ‘Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’...She’s our first child so I can’t be stingy with her.”

“Indeed…” Lin Ruoxi said with a complicated look on her face. “Then why haven't you taught her anything?”

“First off, Lanlan is still young. She won’t be able to understand the complexity at this age. We should at the very least wait until she finishes her kindergarten. Secondly, I don’t want her to rely on the elixirs for growth. This scripture is different from the methods I’ve created. It requires a strong and solid foundation or else she might turn evil. Thirdly, I’m not sure about the opponents we will face. There are people out there trying to get the scripture. Just in case, if I pass it down to Lanlan, they might go straight up to her to get it. Plus, she’ll have to put in a lot of hard work and effort if she starts cultivating. Let's let her enjoy her childhood.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded and sighed lightly. “I only hope that Lanlan will have a healthy body and that she can protect herself. However, I’m afraid that she’ll be like you and would go fighting everywhere after she starts cultivating. Even if she always wins, I’ll still be worried about her.”

Yang Chen could see the woman’s concerns but he could not do much as well. The most he could do was try his best to protect his family and children as much as possible and to reduce their contact with conflicts. 

Although it seemed to be calm for now, Hongmeng and the Hidden clan, even Athena, were all waiting for a chance to make a move. Who on earth knew what they were planning.

None of them were normal humans so they would not act if they did not have full confidence in their plan. Besides, they had plenty of time, so they might as well just take it slow.

Lin Ruoxi left Yang Chen behind to play with Lanlan and she went over to the kitchen to help. The women would be coming over in the afternoon. Although Lin Ruoxi was a little envious of Rose who had entered the Soul Forming Stage, she did not oppose the idea of having such a gathering.

At noon, Rose and Mo Qianni came to the house together. Next came An Xin, Xiao Zhiqing, Liu Mingyu, and Li Jingjing.

Tang Wan was older and had a daughter who was studying to take care of. They did not have many interactions so Guo Xuehua did not invite her.

As for Cai Yan, she had been rejecting invitations due to her work. Guo Xuehua was annoyed at this female police officer so she did not bother to call her either.

Out of a sudden, the whole house turned beautiful and colorful.

Lanlan saw her aunties coming into the house and happily ran up to hug and kiss them. The women did not disappoint the little girl as well. They brought a variety of food and toys for Lanlan and the chubby little girl was quite satisfied with it.

Today’s main spotlight was obviously Rose who had just entered the Soul Forming Stage. The women noticed the increase of her charisma and were all envious of her.

Without waiting for the women to ask Rose about her cultivation, Guo Xuehua clapped in excitement and said, “Let’s not ask her about it now. Which one of you is going to play a few rounds of Mahjong with me? My hands are getting itchy after not playing for a few days. Let’s play and talk together.”

An Xin immediately showed a bitter face after hearing that. “Mother...are we playing again? I didn’t bring money today…”

“Silly girl, who said that we must use money. It’s just for enjoyment,” Guo Xuehua replied.

Lin Ruoxi was carrying a plate of fruits from the kitchen. She was puzzled for a moment after hearing about Mahjong. “Mother, we have Mahjong at home?”

Guo Xuehua walked into the side hall, slightly embarrassed as she took off the black cloth on the Mahjong table. “I bought a Mahjong table when you and Yang Chen went overseas. I asked the girls to come over to fix my boredom. Ruoxi, you wouldn’t mind right?”

Lin Ruoxi had a clear mind. She could obviously tell that Guo Xuehua did not literally mean to ask the girls over for food today and she felt a little upset.

Due to the way she was educated since young, Lin Ruoxi thought that playing Mahjong was not a good thing. It was a waste of time and not to mention that it involved gambling. Despite her ways of thinking, her mother-in-law wanted to play so it was not appropriate for her to force her mother-in-law to stop.

“Yeah, go ahead. As long as Mother is happy,” Lin Ruoxi forced a smile.

Guo Xuehua quickly nodded and invited the women in.

There was only one Mahjong table. After a round of pushing and shoving, they decided to let today’s spotlight Rose, Anxin who is the best at flattering Guo Xuehua and Li Jingjing who recently joined the sister group to give it a go. 

However, Li Jingjing had never played Mahjong before and she liked Lanlan a lot so she wanted to play with the child instead.

Mo Qianni was smart enough and spoke to Lin Ruoxi who was expressionless. “Ruoxi, why don’t you join us.”

“Me?” Lin Ruoxi was stunned, she then frowned and said, “I don’t know how to play.”

“I can teach you, it’s very easy. You’re so smart, you’ll be able to learn it in a flash. If you’re able to learn it, you can play with our mother later on so she wouldn’t get bored,” Mo Qianni persuaded her.

Lin Ruoxi looked at the colored Mahjong tiles. She thought that it would be a bit embarrassing if all the women knew how to play except for her. She then nodded and agreed to join the game.