Seeing Lin Ruoxi and the other women playing mahjong, Yang Chen thought that the whole thing was a little weird. All in all, it was still better than the awkward atmosphere between the women before.

Xiao Zhiqing and Liu Mingyu did not play with the women. Instead, they chatted with Wang Ma. Wang Ma pampered her daughter like it was nobody’s business. Although they lived together, they would still have endless topics to talk about when they see each other again.

Yang Chen noticed that it was time for him to attend tonight’s event after looking at the harmonious sight between the young and old women for awhile.

After saying goodbye to Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua, Yang Chen drove towards Melody KTV in the city center.

Although it was called a KTV, it was comparable to a grand night club. The four black-suited bodyguards that guarded the entrance made countless passersby stop at their feet.

Yang Chen parked his car and entered the main hall. Zhao Teng was already there waiting for him.

“Director Yang, you’re finally here! Our own department staff and everyone from the film crew is already inside.” Zhao Teng looked extremely radiant. He was quite keen on these gatherings. 

“Is it really necessary to be this excited?” Yang Chen laughed.

Zhao Teng said joyfully, “Director Yang you may not know this but the price of a bottle of liquor is five times higher than other places. Us working-class people wouldn’t dare to come here to spend if it wasn’t for the help from the company.”

Yang Chen didn’t know much about this industry. As he followed Zhao Teng through the corridor, many customers were dressed in formal attire. Every movement they made showed that they were from the upper class or upstart levels in society.

On each door, the names of each cabin were all engraved in jade stones with various ancient styles. The floor was carpeted in soft Mediterranean fur. Not a single sound could be heard when people stepped on it.  

The lights were slightly dim, but the brightness was just enough for people to do certain small gestures without being afraid of getting caught.

The waitresses walking back and forth were all in outfits such as bunny girls and high slit cheongsams. Some looked mature while others looked youthful. There were even foreign women. There were women in various different styles.

They reached a cabin named ‘Luoxia Guwu” and pushed the door open. A huge area could be seen through the door.

Under the bright lights, the red sofa against the wall was awfully eye-catching. There were around twenty people drinking and chatting happily. 

A middle-aged man held a mic in his hands while he sang a fast song excitedly. Yang Chen thought that the song was quite familiar but he could not put a name to it. 

Everyone saw Yang Chen entering and stood up. Those that stood up included Director Yu Shuo who he had not met for quite some time and of course, Hui Lin too.

Hui Lin wanted to be as low key as possible so she wore a simple black trench coat. She looked refreshing and pleasant with minimal makeup and her naturally silky hair.

Yang Chen shook hands with everyone. However, in all honesty, he wasn’t familiar with the company’s employees. He would just smile and keep up his act

He chatted with Director Yu Shuo for a while and had a few toasts of wine with the crew.

When he finally sat beside Hui Lin, Yang Chen looked at the girl from top to bottom and asked caringly, “You’ve worked hard, did you encounter any problems while working?”

Hui Lin nodded gently. “Everyone has been treating me well but filming a movie is really tough. I guess I should just stick to singing in the future.”

“Haha, this will depend on the ticket sales of the movie. If the sales are good then just take it as helping your sister and film a few more,” Yang Chen teased her.

Hui Ling snorted lightly. “ My sister doesn’t need me to help her earn money anyway. She’s able to earn in any industry. If I don’t want to film any longer, she’ll definitely agree to it.”

"Look at your smugness." Yang Chen smiled. "After finishing this work, it’s time to take a break. You’ve been busy for almost a year.”

Hui Lin shook her head. “I can’t. It’s almost Chinese New Year. The Spring Festival Gala crew have contacted me multiple times. They’ve requested my presence and my team agrees with it. I would like to give it a try too.”

“You plan to go to the Spring Festival Gala?” Yang Chen saw many news reports about the gala and frowned. “It’s not a good job though. It’s said that the programs would be majorly modified by the censorship team. Why bother going?”

“What could they possibly change with my singing?” Hui Lin said, “I want to perform on a bigger stage. Also, I’d like to prove myself to my grandmother.” 

Looking at Hui Lin's confident look, Yang Chen realized that the girl had truly become a superstar by her own means. She was no longer in anyone’s shadow.

With a Hui Lin like this, it was getting more and more difficult to hide her dazzling glory.

After another guy finished throatily shouting a song, everyone applauded and asked Hui Lin to go up to sing a song.

Hui Lin didn't put up an attitude and she let everyone choose a song for her. In the end, they chose a fast-paced song. She sang it in her ethereal and graceful voice. It had a completely different style from the original song.

An intoxicated director Yu Shuo clapped and said, "I’ve heard people say that a real singer would be able to make a song bear their own trace, no matter what song they sing. Miss Hui Lin’s singing skills and use of emotion are exactly like a real singer."

Just as the crew and the company continued to cheer on, the door of the cabin was suddenly pushed open by someone.

A brawny short-haired man in a tight-fitting short white sleeved shirt dashed in. He had a square like a face and golden chains on him. Behind him were a few rough-looking men. A waiter tried to persuade him about something but was pushed aside by them.

The brawny man with the golden chain took a glance around the cabin. When he saw Hui Lin, he immediately rejoiced, "It really is the superstar, Hui Lin. Haha, today’s trip was not in vain!"

A waiter with gelled up hair quickly said, “Master Lei, Miss Hui Lin is our VIP. Please don’t disturb them.”

The brawny man with the surname Lei glared at him in dissatisfaction. “VIP? How can a person who sings for money be counted as a VIP? She’s only a superstar if I say so. If I say she’s a chick, then she’s one!”

Zhao Teng stood up and said angrily, “Waiters! Who are these people?! Why are you all simply letting people in here?!”

Zhao Teng was the one who organized the event today. He would obviously feel ashamed when a few guys came in to find trouble out of a sudden.

“This…” The waiter said awkwardly, “Sir please don’t be mad. Master Lei’s men saw Miss Hui Lin by accident just now. That's why he found his way here.”

“My name is Lei Heng. My dad likes listening to Miss Hui Lin’s singing. Since we’re all here today, why don’t you follow me to our cabin.” Lei Heng waved his hand.

Hui Lin frowned a little. As a public figure, it was inconvenient for her to deal with such trouble and she looked at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen touched his hair in annoyance. As he was about to get up, he saw two young managers from his company walk up to the front.

“Hey, who do you think you are?! Do you know who is sitting here?! Watch out or we’ll call the police!”

“Get out of here!”

Lei Heng looked at the two Yu Lei managers in suits and smiled disdainfully. He cocked his chin up slightly and two elite men rushed forward from behind him, pushing the two managers onto the floor!

Both of the workers were not experienced in fighting. They rolled over twice after falling on the ground and were kicked away!

“Little white face wants to call the police? Make another sound and you’ll be castrated!” Lei Heng laughed ruthlessly.

The waiter that stood at a side turned pale along with the rest in the cabin. Lei Heng’s tone did not sound like just a threat. 

Yang Chen finally got up and walked to the front. He helped both his employees up and checked if they were injured badly. Then, he allowed them to take a seat once more.

He then turned around and looked at Lei Heng, Yang Chen sighed, “Today’s a day for celebration so I guess it’s not appropriate to have bloodshed. I don’t care who you are. I’ll just assume that you’re a crazy dog that came out of nowhere. So just get lost now.”

Lei Heng laughed wildly. “I have no idea what’s all this nonsense. I’m just asking for a show person to come to my cabin for a performance. It seems like you want to be castrated first…”


Without waiting for Lei Heng to joke around, Yang Chen made his move.

He did a simple and firm push into Lei Heng’s chest. Although he did not use his true force, it still had Lei Heng flying out the door.

Lei Heng’sbody hit right onto the corridor wall. The back of his head rammed into it and he passed out on the spot!

Everyone was stunned. None of them even clearly saw how Yang Chen did it!

Yang Chen furrowed his eyebrows in annoyance. “ I told you to get lost and you still made a fuss. Are you stupid?”

The waiter who stood at the side gasped and shouted ‘Oh my’ with a headache. “Sir, you’re in big trouble! How could you hit Master Lei!”