Yang Chen patted the waiter’s shoulder, “Thank you for your concern, but I think you should drag this guy away so that he doesn’t block the door.”

The two male subordinates were extremely mad. They checked to see if Lei Heng had suffered any life-threatening injuries and then carried him up.

“You brat, who do you think you are? Don’t think so highly of yourself just because of your strength! Do you know who Master Lei is? Don’t expect to get out of here safely tonight!”

Normally, Yang Chen would be indifferent to such provocation. But after he saw the people trembling in fear when he looked back into the cabin, he knew that the event was now over.

After giving some thought to it, Yang Chen waved his hand at Hui Lin and the others to indicate that there would be nothing to worry about. Then, he walked out of the cabin and closed the door behind him.

“Where’s your cabin, lead the way.”

The two men were stunned as they looked at Yang Chen.

“Hehe, we actually met a dumb brat that offered himself right to our doorstep! Come with us!”

The waiter saw Yang Chen leaving with the two men. He quickly went to inform the manager before anything worse happened.

Yang Chen followed the two men to their cabin. Once they opened the door, a strong wave of tobacco welcomed him.

The laughter of the men and women in the stuffy cabin was excruciatingly loud. No one was singing in the cabin. Instead, a group of people was playing cards. As they played, the men hugged and licked the women.

A chubby man with gray hair and a cigar in his mouth was seated on the innermost side. He was dressed in a white suit and he looked like he was in his fifties. 

The man was holding a petite woman in his arms. She looked twenty or so and was dressed in a black laced openwork tulle skirt. Her eyes were drawn in thick purple eyeshadow. She looked extremely flirtatious.

Everyone saw the unconscious Lei Heng being carried into the cabin by the two men and stopped all their movements. They looked at the two men puzzledly.

“Ah Zheng, what happened to Ah Heng?” A middle-aged man with thick brows stood up and asked.

One of the men grinned at Yang Chen who was behind him, “Third Master, Master Lei fell into this brat’s trap. He was knocked into the wall and then he fainted!”

“What?! Didn’t he say that he was going to find Hui Lin to sing for Elder Brother?! How did he get knocked out?!”

“Little brat who are you?! Are you tired of living?!” Someone stood up and yelled at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen reached out his hands and waved them. The smell of tobacco and perfume made him feel uncomfortable. 

Yang Chen glanced at everyone in the area and said flatly, “Who’s the father of this dude?”

“You bastard. How dare you come face to face with my Elder Brother?! I’ll flip you over for plotting against Ah Heng!” the Third Master said angrily.

The middle-aged man rushed forward towards Yang Chen. He was going to punch Yang Chen in the head!

Without looking, Yang Chen stretched out a hand and grabbed the man’s fist. Then, he threw the Third Master onto the ground!

“How dare you hit the Third master?!”

The few other men who were present were not stupid. They noticed that Yang Chen’s skills were far greater than themselves and they did not dare to rush in.

The man in the white suit who was sitting on the innermost sofa frowned slightly. He finally got up then said, “Kid, who are you? It’s not illegal for me to find a female singer to sing me a song to lighten up the mood.”

“I’m only going to say this once. Either obediently have fun by yourselves or get lost from my sight. If anyone causes me trouble again, I’ll make sure that the person faints and never wakes up again.”

Yang Chen said these words with a haughty glance. His murderous gaze was not something ordinary people could stand against. 

The ladies had goosebumps all over themselves after being stared at by those cold eyes. The few other men were rendered speechless as well.

The Third Master walked towards the boss and whispered, “Brother, what should we do? Should we call our men?”

The man in the white suit squinted his eyes and let out a sigh. “It’s fine. This is a very important month, we shouldn’t cause a scene. Next time, check before making a decision.”

“Elder brother is wise,” the Third Master nodded.

Both of them thought that their voices were really low but Yang Chen was still able to hear them. Though, he was the only one in the cabin who could hear them. However, he did not care. If it were not for the crew who were celebrating here today, these people would not have escaped so lightly.

“Young man, although I don’t know what’s your relationship with Hui Lin, we should have some dignity for each other. I know the owner of this place. If we were to cause a scene, it wouldn’t be good for his business as well. Looking at that fact, I won’t care further about today’s issue.” The man stood up and made a toast to Yang Chen. During this time, Melody’s manager finally hurried over to the scene. He heard what the man said and smiled, “You’re right Boss Lei. It’s best not to care about this small conflict. How about I treat you and your entire cabin to free wine tonight?”

Yang Chen ignored him. Seeing that the matter had been resolved, as long as the other party did not cause trouble, he did not want to mess with them either. He then turned and walked away.

The manager let out a sigh of relief and quickly flattered Boss Lei. “Boss Lei, my apologies for making you feel uncomfortable. Why don’t I call in a few more college chicks to spend time with your brothers?”

Boss Lei looked at his unconscious son and said, “It’s fine, no need for that. Send my son to the hospital for treatment.”

The manager wiped off his cold sweat as he smiled awkwardly. He quickly ordered the waiters to carry Lei Heng out of the cabin.

Yang Chen, who had left the cabin and was on his way back to his cabin turned around a corner and was stunned.

A man and woman were walking towards him.

The man was wearing a striped suit with a white shirt underneath. His facial features were quite clear and dignified while his body figure was tall and fit.

Yang Chen had no idea who this man was. Cai Yan had her short hair loosely tied up, with a crystal hair pin clipped in her hair. She wore a black layered lace dress that enhanced her feminine side and she did not look like the fierce policewoman she usually did.

At that moment, Cai Yan looked like a white-collared little woman who was holding the man’s arm while smiling.

When Cai Yan turned around and saw Yang Chen who was standing opposite her, the woman froze and could not bring herself to speak.

Yang Chen immediately recalled that Cai Yan was impatiently waiting to go out for dinner with someone else the other day. After seeing this scene, he could not separate the matters from each other.

His face darkened and he suppressed the urge to rip this man limb from limb. With a fierce light in his eyes, Yang Chen sneered, “What a coincidence.”