Cai Yan thought that Yang Chen didn't believe her words and pulled out a thin pocket-sized recording from the belt around her waist. She showed it off to Yang Chen as she pouted. “Look, I came here for the recording! The people of Lei Zhengfu saw us both, so I can't explain it to you just in case they suspect anything.”

Yang Chen already believed her from a long time ago and pushed the recorder back. "Okay, I believe you. But do you have too much time on your hands? Was it essential to do this by yourself? Can't you just send someone else instead?"

“Hehe,” Cai Yan cheerfully said, “‘Spying’ is fun, but those guys are from the underworld, I am afraid they will harm Xiao Ye. That’s why I have to protect him.”

Xiao Ye stood behind and asserted, “Yanyan, I’m a man, I should be protecting you instead.”

Yang Chen got goosebumps all over himself after listening to that. He frowned and said, “Hey, even though you are Yanyan’s classmate, you shouldn’t address her like that... Oh, and what did you say just now? Are you pursuing Yanyan? Do you take me as a dead person, or are you declaring war with me?”

Cai Yan instantly pulled onto Yang Chen’s sleeves. “Hey, don’t insult him, okay? I've told him not to call me like  that, and I’ve already rejected him, but he just doesn't listen.”

Xiao Ye reluctantly said, “Mr. Yang, since you haven't married Yanyan yet, I still have not lost, and I will work hard for my dream.”

“Dream?” Xiao Ye’s serious face utterly stunned Yang Chen.

Cai Yan blushed as if she knew something.

Xiao Ye glanced at the BMW X6 behind Yang Chen and sighed, “I can tell that Mr. Yang is a rich man by merely looking at your car, and I'm just a civil servant of a township. I’m from a peasant family with no money, power, and even my title is not as high as Yanyan. However, I’ve had a crush on her since the day I first entered university. Later on, after graduating and parting ways, I always thought I’d never get to see her again, but I did.”

“Although I am aware that I am not worthy enough of her, I also don’t want to regret it throughout my life that I didn't try my best. I won’t give up my pursuit for Yanyan just because Mr.Yang is a rich man. If you two marry each other, only then will I give my blessings to both of you and walk away.”

Those words were heartfelt. Although Cai Yan was leaning against Yang Chen, she bit her cherry lips. She was feeling a surge of complex emotions, and also she felt a bit guilty. 

Yang Chen could not bring himself to be compared with such a man. Although Xiao Ye made Yang Chen feel uncomfortable as he still wanted to pursue Cai Yan regardless, he was a bright and upright person. He was a man with self-esteem and respect. As for himself, although Yang Chen had genuine feelings for Cai Yan and truly loved her, he still couldn’t afford to give her a decent marriage.

Comparing himself to such a man, made him feel more abhorrent.

However, things like emotions were meant to be unfair, just like statuses in societies. 

Cai Yan herself knew very well that Xiao Ye was a man who would love her wholeheartedly, but that still wasn’t enough for her to choose him.

It was not because he lacked what Yang Chen had in terms of status, money, or reputation. Instead, after coming to understand Yang Chen, falling in love with him, and experiencing what he could give to her, she could not get fond of an ordinary man like Xiao Ye anymore.

Yang Chen sighed and asked Cai Yan, “That day, you said someone invited you out for dinner and hung up on my call. Was it him?”

Cai Yan didn’t try to hide anything and nodded. “Yeah, you won’t get mad, right? I’ve told Xiao Ye many times that I would never change my mind, but he was stubborn. Xiao Ye is a kind man, and I can’t treat him with cruelty, right.”

Cai Yan was a straightforward person and explained her thoughts once again in front of Xiao Ye.

There was a glimmer of sadness in Xiao Ye’s eyes as he smiled wryly. “Yanyan, I’ve always liked your straightforwardness and the fact that you’re never pretentious, but you are making me sad. I’ve always been curious about what kind of man will make Yanyan fall in love, and I even doubted whether Mr. Yang even existed, but it seems like it will be challenging for me to succeed.”

Yang Chen suddenly didn’t hate this guy anymore. He gave a gentle smile and said, “It’s not that it’s difficult, but it’s just impossible to succeed. Nonetheless, to be honest, I appreciate your honesty. As for letting Yanyan pretend to be your girlfriend and helping you find evidence to sue Lei Zhengfu, I will not let it pass next time. Even if she wants to help you, you guys must find out any other way than holding your hands and pretending to be a couple.”

Cai Yan pursed her lips and smiled. “Why, are you jealous?”

Yang Chen raised his brows. “Yes, I am jealous.”

Cai Yan hit Yang Chen's chest with her head happily. "Okay, don't be so sour anymore, I won't do this again. The few hours it took just to handle Lei Zhengfu with Xiao Ye was useless as we didn't get many materials. That old Fox was very mysterious and cautious of me, a strange girl he never heard of before. Thus he will not open his mouth that easily."

Yang Chen chuckled. “I advise you to be careful from now on. Since he can bribe people so blatantly and pollute enterprises, he must have many contacts in Zhonghai. He's definitely not that simple. You suddenly appeared today in such a private event, so he'll surely be suspicious of you. If he finds out that you are from the police station, he might lash out his anger on Xiao Ye, and he'll be in danger."

Cai Yan blinked her eyes. “Really? Then...then what should we do?”

“How am I supposed to know that?” Yang Chen shrugged.

Xiao Ye then said, “Yanyan, don’t worry, no matter how demanding Lei Zhengfu is, I am still a national civil official. What can he do to me? The election for the village chief will be at the end of this month. Let’s hurry and gather evidence. We must not let him get elected.”

A look of determination flashed through Cai Yan’s eyes. She was highly spirited.

Yang Chen looked at the pair of man and woman full of ‘anti-violence’ and suddenly thought, if he did not capture Cai Yan’s heart, they might have been a good match.

After chatting for a while, it was already late. Yang Chen asked Xiao Ye generously if he would need a ride back home.

But Xiao Ye insisted on taking a taxi back home and said he still had the money.

Yang Chen was polite, and after saying goodbye to Xiao Ye, he drove Cai Yan back to the women’s residence.

The Cai family was in Zhonghai, and they only had a young daughter, Cai Yan. The rest were security guards from the army and a few servants. Cai Yuncheng and his wife did not come often, so the days were quiet. 

Along the way, Yang Chen asked Cai Yan curiously if she had helped Xiao Ye arrest Lei Zhengfu. This curiosity was because Guo Xuehua mentioned her a few times, saying this daughter-in-law was not cooperative and never had the time for gatherings.

Cai Yan embarrassedly stuck out her tongue and said, “Honey, you didn’t know, but Lei Zhengfu is abhorrent to his home. The guests from the beginning of the year to be the chief of the village. He then asked every household in the town, not to mention it to the city’s related leaders. A table costs a minimum of two thousand or up to ten thousand for expensive ones. He specially built a warehouse for the guests’ gifts. The warehouse is full of Wuliangye and Maotai, and large cigarettes of The Big Panda and Yellow Crane Tower. These are all real, and the warehouse was behind his house. I’ve sent someone to investigate.”

“He also gave gifts to the villagers from each household so that no one would dare not vote for him. If anyone threatened to decline it, he would send his gangsters to beat them until they accepted. In this way, the villagers received the bribes and did not dare to report him until everyone was compromised. Xiao Ye’s father refused and was beaten to accept it. Xiao Ye later came home and learned that, but he could not fight with Lei Zhengfu. That’s why he’s asking for my help. It took millions every year for him to send out gifts and host events. Still, the reason he spent so much money is that when he became the head of the village, within a year, he could earn it back immediately by tinkering with the land in those villages and expanding the paper mill! If Lei Zhengfu were arrested, those underground criminals could also be captured along with those corrupted officials related to him!”

Yang Chen looked at Cai Yan, who was energetic, and smiled, “You are breaking one’s path to fortune. If you drag in too many officials, you will be in danger. Although father-in-law is a general, he won’t be able to withstand the pressure from all those officials.”

“You’re right about that,” Cai Yan held Yang Chen’s arm and smiled. “Before, I may not have dared to, but now that we have our dear Master Yang. If I can’t withstand it, you can save me!”

Yang Chen was so done. This woman was relying on him to help her and hoped to enforce the law with her own rules to serve justice on behalf of heaven!

“Just don’t lose track of your cultivation. Rose had just entered the Soul Forming Stage today. The rest should be keeping up.”

“What!? Sister Rose has entered the Soul Forming Stage?!” Cai Yan's jaw fell, and her mouth remained wide open in shock as she nodded weakly.

Although she enjoyed fighting and combat, she was not good enough to sense realms and other things. At the end of the day, she was a straight-minded person.

“Also,” Yang Chen glanced at the woman for a few moments and said in a kinkily, “Don’t be extravagant in front of me but dress more like a woman. Your lace dress today looks good on you.” 

Cai Yan was happy. It always felt amazingly sweet when you were praised by your own man about ‘your’ appearance. She pursed her lips smilingly and nodded while planning to get more feminine outfits in the future.

It was almost two o’clock in the morning by the time he sent Cai Yan back home. Yang Chen thought he hadn’t spent many nights at home for a few days, so he quickly went back without lingering with Cai Yan any further.

However, as soon as he got home, Yang Chen, who thought the lights in the house would already be dimmed entirely, found that it was still brightly lit!