The next two days, although Guo Xuehua felt tempted, she didn’t dare call the women over for mahjong. She got a headache every time she thought about Lin Ruoxi’s mindset.

As a mother-in-law, how could she bring herself to tell her daughter-in-law for allowing her to win for enjoyment? Thus, she had to pretend everything was fine despite having some opinions.

On the other hand, Yang Chen concentrated on looking after the women’s cultivation and went for work. He spent two days peacefully as usual.

Surprisingly, the busiest person in the house was Lanlan, the chubby little girl. It was all because the kindergarten organized a visit to the Zhonghai Wild Zoo before the weather got too cold.

Lanlan had been waiting for a long time to visit the zoo as she was very eager to see the pandas in real life. It was also the first time she would travel with the kids.

To Lanlan, who missed the living pandas, she had been waiting long enough for the zoo visit, and it was also the first time for her to travel with the kids.

Lanlan had been waiting for a long time to visit the zoo after she missed seeing the wild pandas. It was also the first time she got to travel with the kids.

Although most kids don’t dare to go near Lanlan due to the assaulting incident, kids were still forgetful. Xiao Ya and the other girls closer to Lanlan before went back to normal after a few days, with the other kids slowly following suit.

However, the kid from the Wang family, because of whatever happened internally, followed his parents and left Zhonghai.

In the early morning, Guo Xuehua purposely packed a bigger sized backpack for Lanlan and stuffed many snacks inside. Taking her appetite in mind, it would not be a problem for her to finish everything.

Lanlan said goodbye to the adults with a sweet smile and got in a white BMW X5, especially for her transport along with Min Juan.

Lin Ruoxi prepared this car especially for Min Juan, and it was for conveniently bringing Lanlan out. A vehicle costing around seven or eighty hundred thousand was the cheapest car Lin Ruoxi could think of.

Min Juan did not waste time and quickly got her driving license by then. However, driving a car deemed expensive in the eyes of the regular person shortly after she got her license, she felt nervous. Yang Chen then assured her, “Lanlan is here, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” and Min Juan became less worried.

Lanlan was not any ordinary kid. Even if something would happen during the drive, she won't get hurt.

Although it sounded weird, at the end of the day, Lanlan was the one who would be protecting her guardian when they were together.

While they were on their way to the kindergarten, Lanlan, who was sitting in the backseat, kept on urging Min Juan with her lips pouting, “Aunt Min Juan, drive faster! Faster, faster! Lanlan wants to go to the zoo!” 

Min Juan turned around without knowing how to react. “My little ancestor, the transport to the zoo will wait in front of the kindergarten, and they won’t leave before the time’s up, we don’t have to reach that early.”

LanLan didn't bother about all these as she was getting anxious, so she kept on urging.

Driving from the western suburbs’ mansions, they passed over a long express highway in the middle sea suburb. Here, there were lots of branch roads. Usually, no one would start driving from here as it has been neglected for some time, but this happened to be the way nearest to Yun Hua Kindergarten.

Min Juan's palms would be sweating every time she drove on the highway. Thus, it was better to take the smaller roads where there were fewer cars.

Following Lanlan’s urge, Min Juan stepped more on the accelerator, and not long after, at the junction in front, a minivan rushed toward them!

Min Juan quickly pulled the brakes. The logic was to let the cars from the main road to pass first, but the minivan did not obey the traffic rules and just came out!


Min Juan gave a loud horn, but the minivan stopped in the middle of the road instead!

“What's all this, they don't do quality driving at all,” Min Juan started judging them like an auntie.

Lanlan pouted her lips and was dissatisfied about stopping the car.

By this moment, the minivan’s rear door opened, and three fierce men wearing silver chains with dyed hair hopped down.

They dashed towards the BMW, and one of them having red hair punched Min Juan’s driver’s seat door with his fist heavily!

“Bang bang bang!”

The man hooked his finger. “Open the door! Get down!!”

Min Juan got overly frightened, and her face paled as she started shivering. While she remained unaware of what should be done, she suddenly heard the rear door open!

Lanlan, who was mad, came down from the seat, opened the door, and jumped off the car!

The chubby little girl placed both her hands on her waist while her silky back fringes were waving along with the morning breeze, looking like a little elf in winter. 

“Why are you all blocking us! Lanlan wants to go to kindergarten! Quickly move your car away!!” Lanlan roared angrily.

The redhead and the two men were stunned; they did not expect the little girl to jump down herself.

Min Juan could not continue hiding. She quickly opened the door, ran down the car, hugged Lanlan’s body, and asked nervously, “Who are you all!? Why are you blocking us!?”

“Hehe, you don’t have to know about us. Sit behind nicely, and we will be driving this car!” The redhead smiled eerily.

Lanlan tilted her head and asked, “You guys are driving? Are you sending Lanlan to the kindergarten?”

“Haha, kindergarten? Little brats, make more noise, and I’ll slap you straight! Get in the car!!” The redhead said fiercely.

Min Juan saw the three of them showing their true colors and quickly protected Lanlan behind her. “Lanlan, run! Go find daddy and mommy!”


The redhead gave them a look. The guy beside quickly blocked her way and slapped Min Juan’s face!

“Pak!” Min Juan yelled in pain and fell onto the ground.

Lanlan got mad right away, “You guys hit aunt! You are bad guys!!!”

“This kid is so loud. Make her faint!” The redhead said.


The man grabbed Lanlan’s collar with one hand and pulled her over, then slapped the back of her neck!

It was quite a hard slap. Even if it were an adult, he or she would probably feel dizzy.

But nothing happened to Lanlan; she was completely fine!

The man who hit her was puzzled. “What, how can this be? How is she still all right?”

Lanlan’s face flushed with rage, and her pair of dark eyes filled with anger.

No one had expected her gaze to hold so much indifference to life, given that she was such an adorable little girl!

“You dare to hit Lanlan, even mommy wouldn’t hit me, you are all bad guys! Lanlan will kill all of you!!”

The redhead was frightened by Lanlan’s look, but then he thought, 'It is just a girl from the kindergarten, why should I be afraid?' 

“Hey, are you guys hearing this, this little kid says she will kill us?” The redhead snorted.

“Boss, just dump them into the car. People might come here if we drag on, and it will be troublesome. The boss is still waiting for the hostage,” the other man said.

The redhead nodded, “Dump both the big and small ones into the car and drive it away!”


The two other men answered and were ready to capture them.

But before they managed to touch Lanlan, she made a move first!

The chubby little girl was as fast as lightning. Her body’s strength was hidden in regular days, but it broke out at this moment, and nobody could see it!


There was a sound as if something had broken through a layer of paper.

Before the man who wanted to catch Lanlan reacted, he looked down on his stomach unbelievably… 

Lanlan’s small fist was just like a diamond drill, penetrated through the man’s stomach, and broke out from his kidney behind!


The man screamed as his eyes rolled over, but it did nothing to affect Lanlan’s next move.

As the little girl kicked out her thighs, her body jumped upwards like a small cannonball. She hooked up her left hand and hit the other man’s head!


Another sharp noise resounded; the man’s head was beaten upside down and turned around 180 degrees. His head sank by half with his neck broken!

The redhead, witnessing both his men dying within a mere span of three to four seconds. Suddenly, an urgency to pee struck him. His legs trembled, and he dared not move!

Lanlan did not have the intention to stop. She walked to the redhead and kicked him!


The redhead got tackled over by Lanlan, and even the sound of his leg cracking could be heard!

Min Juan wanted to stop Lanlan, but it was already too late by the time she reached her. After she reacted back in time, the three men who tried to kidnap Lanlan were done with, two killed, one severely injured.

Not far away, the driver left in the minivan saw the little girl finishing three of his associates and quickly turned his car and escaped as he sped up to the max!

Min Juan could not bother much even as she saw blood flowing on the road. She hurried forward and carried Lanlan, who was upset, and placed her back into the car.

“Lanlan, stay till and sit, wait for aunt to make a call.”

Min Juan knew that she could not make the decision. It was evident that someone wanted to kidnap Lanlan. She must tell Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi immediately, so she took out her phone and dialed.

“Mhmm,” Lanlan pouted her lips and nodded. She stared at the digital clock on the clock unhappily.

As for the blood on her body and the three kidnappers on the ground, Lanlan did not want to bother.

At that moment, as it was still early. Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi were still at home watching the morning news with Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma.

Yang Chen suddenly noticed his phone vibrating and took a look; a call came in from Min Juan. He was a little surprised as Min Juan would usually contact Lin Ruoxi if anything was going on. However, this time she called him instead.

He picked up the call, and before Yang Chen got to ask anything, Min Juan blabbered everything out and urged him. 

Yang Chen frowned immediately, and his eyes were filled with coldness now. He got up quickly and said calmly, “Stay there, I’ll be reaching in a moment.”