Lin Ruoxi saw Yang Chen’s severe face and inquired worriedly, “Honey, what’s wrong?”

Yang Chen hung up the call and said in a deep voice, “Min Juan brought Lanlan out, and a few strangers blocked their way, wanting to kidnap them.”

“What!?” Lin Ruoxi got up in a panic. “What now?!”

Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma looked over nervously.

Yang Chen smiled. “Our dear daughter finished them all. I’ll go and take care of the rest. Don’t worry, Lanlan is fine.”

Lin Ruoxi let out a sigh of relief and patted her chest. “Hurry up and go. You are fast enough to reach there, and I’ll also be there soon.”

Yang Chen did not waste time and chose not to drive. Instead, he flashed through and reached the junction. It was a path they passed by often, so it was easy to find Min Juan and Lanlan.

Yang Chen appeared on the scene in an instant.

“Mr. Yang, you are here!” Min Juan had seen worse, so she was not surprised to see Yang Chen appearing out of nowhere.

Yang Chen nodded and walked to the car. He reached into the car and carried Lanlan out. He patted the chubby little girl, who was unhappy, confirmed that she was fine, and then looked at the three men on the floor.

Two of them were killed directly by Lanlan. The redhead with the broken leg fainted from the pain.

Yang Chen looked at Lanlan’s ‘work.’ It was awe-inspiring. Fierceness could match him as the father, and he could see a sense of inheritance in her.

Although this outlook was somewhat insane, Yang Chen was delighted with his daughter’s decisive murders.

“Daddy… Lanlan wants to go to the zoo…” Lanlan teared up pitifully. After so long, the child was afraid that she could not catch up with the team.

“Awh, there’s blood everywhere on your clothes, how can you go to the kindergarten,” Min Juan said helplessly.

Yang Chen smiled. “Don’t worry. Daddy is fast enough. I’ll bring Lanlan back to change her clothes and fly to the kindergarten immediately. We will definitely make it!”

Lanlan immediately cheered up and clapped. “Oh! Daddy is the best!”

“Of course, but Lanlan, next time when you kill people, try to choose a way that won’t cause bleeding. That way, you won’t dirty your clothes, so you won’t have to change them.”

“How can you kill bad guys without making them bleed?” Lanlan asked curiously.

Yang Chen gave a light example. “For example, flatten the bad guy’s neck, spin his head around, or grab a stone somewhere and throw it at them! These are fine!”

Lanlan nodded in confusion, “Then Lanlan should try it the next time I kill bad guys.”

“Hehe, that’s right, you are my obedient daughter,” Yang Chen grinned.

Min Juan was speechless as she listened to the father and daughter. How could they still talk openly about those frightening topics when there were still three kidnappers lying on the ground! Although they could only ‘attempt to,’ we should keep in mind what they initially came for, right?

Yang Chen then turned around. “Min Juan, later on when Ruoxi arrives, asks her to contact Yanyan directly. There’s still one alive. It shouldn’t be too difficult to investigate. I’ll bring Lanlan back to change her clothes.”

As the women had been practicing, Yang Chen already sent the Sea Eagles back to Europe. After all, they had their own families, and they missed them as well.

That’s why he had to trouble Cai Yan for investigative matters.

Min Juan nodded and understood.

Yang Chen saw no one around and instantly moved back home. They ran into Min Juan’s room as Lanlan’s clothes were all in there.

Changing the little girl’s clothes, wiping off the bloodstains on her face, and spraying some perfume to mask the bloody smell took only ten minutes.

The next moment, Yang Chen carried Lanlan and moved to the rooftop of Yunhua Kindergarten, so it would not appear too abrupt and alert others.

Opening the rooftop door, Yang Chen sent Lanlan downstairs, and they made it just in time.

Lanlan was not affected by the killing at all, but felt particularly excited about this morning. She also begged Yang Chen to bring her to ‘fly’ around more.

How could Yang Chen listen to her? He patted the chubby girl’s buttocks and urged her into the classroom to meet up with the other children and secretly went back home.

Lin Ruoxi had followed up on what Yang Chen said, letting Cai Yan send a few police officers to the scene and deal with the perpetrators.

Two men were dead, with the redhead remaining arrested and sent to the hospital. After treating his broken leg briefly, his follow-up treatment was postponed.

Although Lanlan killed people, she was still a kid, and it was out of ‘self-defense’ anyway, so it didn’t matter.

Cai Yan was naturally very dissatisfied with her ‘goddaughter’ almost being kidnapped. She asked her men to find the information of those kidnappers quickly, and soon the ward became the interrogation room for the police.

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi stood inside the ward together. They were not in the mood to go to work anymore. Either way, they had to settle the actual culprit behind the scenes who had come straight up to their daughter.

“You don’t have to cover up in front of me. We’ve figured out that you are a member of the dismissed Dongxing Association, Meng Jun. Your two subordinates Ah Ze and Wang Fei had many records in our station as well. It filled all your information in our hands, so if you cooperate with our investigation and tell us the culprit behind all this, you might still get a more lenient sentence in court. If you dare hide anything from us, I guarantee you you will get at least ten years of imprisonment from attempted kidnapping alone. Even if we sentenced you to death, no one would dare to say anything.”

Cai Yan was interrogating Meng Jun, the redhead, with a stern face. Although there was sarcasm in her words, it was useful.

Meng Jun was still suffering from the pain in his legs. After hearing the beautiful policewoman being so strict in her words, he shivered. 

“I… police officer, I am just a little nobody trying to earn some extra money. A boss hired my brothers and me to kidnap that kid, so we hid there. We did the work for money, and we didn’t know who was the one who used us.”

“Then, after you kidnap the child, where will she be sent to, and what’s the purpose?” Cai Yan questioned.

Meng Jun quickly said, “The destination is an abandoned rice cake factory at Nanting Road of Xijiao. Our job is to send the kid there, and the boss will send someone to take over!”

“There’s one more associate of yours who ran away. Where is he now?”

Meng Jun clenched his teeth. “Oh, right, officer. His name is Ah Lu, and he’s not one of us. The employer sent him to monitor our work, and he would know who’s the one behind all this. Although he ran off, I can tell you his car plate number, and you should be able to find some traces!”

The redhead was anxious too. The most important thing now was to save himself. That’s why he spilled everything.

With the car plate number, Cai Yan used her connections and the cooperation of the other officers around the area, and she managed to find the direction the minivan went.

After they researched all information, Cai Yan immediately ordered her subordinates to find that minivan around the entire Zhonghai.

Not long after, a message came from below. The minivan was found by the roadside near Xijiao. However, no one could be found in the car.

Most gangsters had records in the police station, and this driver named Ah Lu was quickly found in the files.

After getting confirmation from Meng Jun that it was the Ah Lu they were looking for, Cai Yan issued a wanted order for the entire Zhonghai to search for this guy. As long as they found him, they could know who’s the employer.

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi looked at Ah Lu’s picture and could see that he did not look like a nice person. Nonetheless, they could do nothing but only wait for Cai Yan to arrest him.

Lin Ruoxi felt lucky that Lanlan differed from other kids, especially during these dangerous times. Having a ‘strong and fierce’ daughter was something to be happy about.

After settling all these issues, it was already noon.

As Cai Yan was planning to have lunch with Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi, a call from the police station came.

Cai Yan picked up her phone, and her face went straight pale after hearing a few words!

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi looked at each other and felt confused. She was beautiful before, but now she looked as if she lost her soul.

As Cai Yan put down her phone shakily, tears filled her eyes, glowing rosy as she started sobbing.

“Yanyan, what happened? You look scary…” Lin Ruoxi murmured.

Cai Yan covered her mouth, but she could not help it and started crying. Two streams of tears rolled down her face, as she said to Yang Chen, who was worried, “Xiao Ye...Xiao Ye is d-dead…”

Lin Ruoxi was full of confusion, as she did not know who Xiao Ye was, but it shocked Yang Chen. He could not believe what he just heard.